Friday, January 29, 2016

Latest digitised RAAF UAS file

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One of the RAAF's base level,  unusual aerial sightings files, which I found on RecordSearch earlier this month, has just been digitised for me. I am waiting for two others to be digitised.

It is National Archives of Australia file series A9755 control symbol 10, barcode 3533543. It's status is "Open with exception." The file was formerly a Department of Defence file, simply titled "Unusual Aerial Sightings", number 5/113/AIR Part 10, held by number 82 bomber wing, Amberley RAAF base in Queensland.

The digitised version has 39 pages, but there is a standard blue mask on the file indicating that 2.5 cms thickness of other documents are on the file, but outside the Archive Act.

The only way to obtain these remaining papers is by submitting a request under the Freedom of Information Act to the Department of Defence. As this would cost around Aust$1,000 I am not going to do this. If any reader would like to go through this process, the Australian UFO community would be very grateful.

What is on this file?

The file contains:

1. A number of standard internal RAAF proformas, which are usually completed by RAAF personnel from incoming telephone calls from members of the public. In brief, these are:

a. 28 Aug 1991 Mt Isa, Qld 1905hrs duration 1 minute
A Mr Gough saw what appeared to be a rectangular sports parachute south-west over Mt Isa.

b. 27 Oct 1991 Mt Isa, Qld 1720hrs
Mr Gough reported a sighting. No details about what he saw was recorded.

c. 25 Dec 1991 Peregian Beach, Qld 2045hrs 15 mins
On a clear and calm night, looking east, a person saw an object travelling to the NNW. "A bright red top orange triangular shape object...moving moderately fast...A second object of similar colour and shape appeared 3 minutes after the first object and followed the same path and heading. No sound..."

d. 1 Jan 1991 Torquay, Qld 0400hrs 3 mins
During a severe electrical storm, looking at 30 degrees elevation north, a woman reported seeing "Bright lights 3 abreast travelling at a fast speed. 3 minutes viewing time before splitting then disappearing. Two went north, one turned south."'

2. A set of multiple documents, including telephone bills, newspaper cuttings, and notes about a plane crash, from an individual who had been in hospital.

3. A letter from the Queensland Police Service about a 27 Jul 1991 incident forwarding a video cassette of a UFO filmed by John and Elizabeth Chappell of Morven, Queensland.

The film is in two segments. First, taken 5 kms west of Mitchell, Queensland. The second, 10 kms west of Mitchell. There are no other papers on the file about this video.

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