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Four complex, Victorian, vehicular close encounter cases

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There are certain categories of UAP reports that do not seem to be occurring today, in the numbers of former years. One of these, is the close encounter between individuals in a motor vehicle and UAP. Undertaking a review of such Victorian reports, I noticed three such incidents happened in the years 1993 and 1994.

January 1993. Mansfield, Victoria. 2300hrs
Four people travelling by car noticed two lights in the distance which approached them. They got out of the car for a better look and saw a large horizontal cylindrical shaped object pass over the vehicle. They got back in the car and left the area. For more details click here.

8 August 1993. Belgrave, Melbourne, Victoria. 0000hrs.
The Kelly Cahill abduction case. A couple in a car saw an object descend into a paddock. A group of tall entities approached them. For further details click here.

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24 July 1994. 60kms NW of Melbourne, Victoria. 0430hrs
Four people in a car saw a large, orange coloured light close to their vehicle. A large diamond shaped object was seen close to the ground. They believed they had lost 75 minutes of unaccounted for time.

A "new" old event reported

Through Project Newsprint, I was contacted by a man from Victoria who recounted the following story to me.

"My first UFO encounter happened in the autumn/winter of 1994 I think. I didn't write the date down but my friend who was there did and I can ask him, so you might be able to tie it in with other sightings.

At that time I would have been 20. There were four of us in the car, musicians, coming home from a gig in Ruby, near Korumburra in Gippsland, probably 1 or 2 in the morning.

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Things got strange well before the encounter as there was  a real pea soup fog as we drove through a small town to the extent that we had to drive very slow, watching the white line to not run off the road and we nearly hit a pedestrian even at very slow speed. It was quite surreal.

After not too long the fog cleared and we were on the open road for maybe 10 or 20 minutes when off in the distance there was an orange glow lighting up the sky as if a bushfire was burning but it couldn't be in winter!

As we got close it still didn't make any sense until we rounded the hill and there it was. At this point our memories are slightly divergent but clear and even weirder, later I have three differing memories of the same event but I'll get to that later.

A large red ball in the sky

A blood red (my friend says orange red) ball of light about the size of a house, roughly 100 metres away, 30 or 50 metres high. Instantly we all knew this was not manmade! It was silent! I had the intense feeling that it was like a huge eye looking into the car, looking into us! This thing was so powerful and simply beyond human, the object itself seemed excruciatingly aware of us. No details were visible in its appearance. The instant feeling of our world being turned upside down, paradigm shattered us. It was if a dream was on us.

The car had slowed down and the driver pulled off to the side but I think after only 10 or 20 seconds (I can only guess at this stage) the thing simply vanished or shot into the sky so fast it seemed to vanish.

The driver was taking it ok but the front seat passenger panicked and said "get the f...out of here" so we drove off. I remember being stunned but not scared perhaps because I was a bit stoned, but my friend next to me in the back seat said "c'mon we might only see something like that once in our life, we have to go back."

So, the driver turned the car around and we went back. We didn't see anything. We drove slowly for another 4 or 5 minutes but it seemed to be gone, and then we came over the crest of a hill and there it was again, right over the road straight in front of us, lower and this time bluish-white light and much brighter. 

Fractured memories

Then came a point the others don't recall, but I have different memory of:

1. Is that orange red blobs of what looked like lava simply fell out of it and I can't remember anything after they hit the ground.

2. Is that several blood red perfect triangles of light came out of the sphere and descended to the ground with a gentle wavy motion. I can't remember anything after they went behind some trees and touched the ground.

3. Is that they weren't triangles but blood red lines that shot out at incredible speed tracing out perfect triangle angles as they shot towards the ground, after that I can't remember.

The next thing any of us remember we were on the road driving at speed on the highway towards Melbourne, the opposite direction to before we all blacked out.

The keyboard player from the band overtook us, he was later to tell us he had stayed back at the gig for at least another hour after us!

When we got back to the driver's girlfriend's house she was quite distressed as to what took us so long.

Another weird thing is that I had a vague memory of stopping at some servo on the way home after the encounter as we went in and sort of milled around but didn't buy anything. The other guys say we didn't stop."


I asked my informant a number of questions which he kindly responded to.

Q1. There were four of you in the car. Can you recall the people's first names for me, and where each was sitting in the car?

A1. "The driver was ...; front passenger ....; ... and myself in back seats."

Q2. Can you recall what day of the week the event was, ie. 1 or 2 o'clock on what day?

A2. "I can't be sure which day of the week, I would only be guessing, but probably Friday or Saturday."

Q3. By this time, 1 or 2 o'clock how long had you been awake?

A3. "I slept in late every day at this time (playing gigs 4 nights  a week) so I was most likely up for around 14 hours and definitely, not like 24 or anything like that."

Q4. Any clues as to exactly where you were when you saw the large sphere of light?

A4. "I looked at the map this morning and I clearly remember we weren't on the highway when we saw the object. It was a secondary road; 2 lanes. I would say we headed north to get to the Princes Highway instead of the South Gippsland Highway. I don't remember seeing any other cars before the encounter. We may have passed other cars but it was a lonely road with not much traffic. If we were on the highway we would have been passing plenty of traffic even late at night."

Q5. How long did you expect it to take to drive from Ruby to Melbourne?

A5. "The drive would be over 2 hours."

Q6. May I check if the driver's girlfriend's place was in Melbourne? If so do you recall which suburb?

A6. " I can't recall which suburb sorry."

Q7 Roughly what time would you have expected to arrive at her place?

A7. "We would expect to be there between 3 and 4am."

Q8. Any idea what time you actually arrived at her peace?

A8. " I think we were about an hour late so more like 4 or 5 at least."

Q9. The blood red sphere - how large was it compared to say the full moon seen on the horizon?

A9. "The blood red sphere was much bigger than a full moon, it was easy to make out that it was close as the car was moving and it was not on the far horizon. We came around a hill on a farm and there it was next to the hill. I am certain it was not in the distance."

Q10. Was the red light constant in brightness?

A10. "The light was featureless except that it seemed to have static to it like the static on an old tv not tuned in. It seemed fiery and full of energy. I can't really say it was in fact a sphere, either it was hard to define,its appearance as it could have been a cardboard cutout, like a hole in the sky with light shining through. It was utterly hypnotising. We could only stare in absolute awe."

Q11. Did the red light hurt your eyes to look at?

A11. "The light did not hurt to look at, it was a very intense colour but not painful or too bright to look at."

Q12. The second time, was the bluish-white light, how big was it compared to the full moon?

A12. The second time again it was the same size and at that close distance I would say it was 4 times the size of a full moon low on the horizon. The object was elevated and around 30 metres high off the ground. Also we had turned the car around and driven back on the same road well past the point where we saw it the first time.

The first time it was on the left side of the car as we came around the hill. Now it was quite some distance, perhaps 1 km further up the road, straight in front of the car. The first time it disappeared while we were watching it with a clear view."

Q13. Was there any associated noise the second time?

A13. "Again, it was silent."

Q14. I assume the keyboard player was in a second car? Did he tell you he saw anything unusual?

A14. 'The keyboard player did not see anything unusual except that he passed us after staying back for quite some time after us."

I am attempting to locate and interview the other three occupants of the vehicle.

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