Thursday, January 14, 2016

Project Newsprint - Queensland commences, and another old sighting from Victoria

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The President of UFO Research Queensland, Sheryl Gottschall, has joined me in Project Newsprint, by undertaking a search for both past and current sightings in that state.

So far, her appeal for Queensland sightings, has appeared in the 12 January 2016 issue of "The Morning Bulletin " (Rockhampton)

The Morning Bulletin
 and the 13 January 2016 issue of "The Gympie Times."

The Gympie Times
Mansfield, Victoria. January 1993.
One Friday night, at about 11pm, early in January 1993, four people were travelling by car from Melbourne to Mansfield, in Victoria. At a point nine kilometres out of Mansfield, one of them "...asked if anyone had noticed the two lights in the distance." They were both constant white lights. One appeared to be "...following the outline of the distant mountains and one following straight along the ground."
After watching them "...for a short time they appeared to come together and moving across the land..." towards them from the car's left hand side.
After watching for about a minute,  they decided to stop the car, and get out for a look. "Close to the road we could see a down light, which was switched off as it moved overhead, just above the gum trees."
Visible to them now, was " extremely large cylinder..." with white lights around the edge. "There was no sound and we stood and watched it pass over." The cylinder was in a horizontal position as it went over.
"I don't remember being interested in watching where it went, but we all got back in the car, with no comment from any of us. It wasn't spoken of over the weekend at the holiday house."
"I spoke to my friend years later (who had experienced UFOs before) asking if she or our two friends had remembered the experience, and she was just full of excuses why they wouldn't. Very strange to me."
"At around the same time my two sons saw the quick moving lights in the Mansfield area and sat on the side of the road to watch them."
When I read the above sighting this reminded me on an incident to four women travelling by car, again in Victoria, in 1994. I provide details below. I know of no one who investigated this 1994 incident.
24 Jul 1994 60Km NW of Melbourne Victoria 0430hrs CE4? Grace Kyriakidis, Tina Chatzibasile, Joy Bock and Victoria McGinley (37:15, 144:25)

Grace was driving the others home when oblong, glowing orange lights were seen parallel to the road.  A few moments later a large orange light was noted only twenty metres behind the car.  They stopped and got out of the vehicle and looked up to see a large, diamond shaped object, with writing on its tail, close to the ground.  A steady, droning sound seemed to come from it.  The object went sideways and disappeared behind trees.  They went on in the car, pulled into a driveway but were frightened to see a shadowy, human figure.  They left the scene.  They were followed by a bright orange light, before it finally vanished.  On arriving at Grace’s house they determined that seventy five minutes of time had been lost.  The next day all four suffered nosebleeds and headaches.  Victoria was charged with static electricity.  All experienced frequent memory lapses.  Them women later saw small, bright lights on the walls of Joy’s house.
Source:  Woman’s Day 26 Dec 1994.

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  1. I wonder whether any proper information can be pulled from storage about these incidents. There are so many sightings and "experiences" but no one can ever verify anything. It's just so mysterious and confounding!


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