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Tully physical trace case 1966 - RAAF papers now digitised

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Thanks to the recent efforts by Melbourne researcher Paul Dean and I, we are now getting to the point where we have requested the National Archives of Australia to digitise every known UAP file held by them. When finally complete in a little while, this will mean that close to 100 Australian Government UAP files are readily available for you to read, and more importantly, conduct research on their contents. Simply go to

and in the keyword box type in the words "flying saucers" or "Unusual Aerial Sightings" or "Unidentified Flying Objects" and follow the prompts to see the digital copies.

New file digitised:

Yet another previously known but undigitised UAP file, has now been digitised. It is file series J63, control symbol 5/40/Air Part 1, titled "Reports on UFOs." It originated with RAAF Base Townsville. It is a 227 page file, with a date range of 1957-1970, and contains numerous low interest lights in the sky type of report, but in places it has items of great interest to the researcher, such as:

1. A report by a RAAF pilot,,who's aircraft was sent to Millaa-Millaa in Queensland following reports of a UAP on 5 June 1961.

2. A report of a UAP by Detective Constable 1st Class Meskell, and others on 3 June 1965 in the Bowen/Proserpine area. (Click here for a previous post on Meskell's involvement in the Bougainville Reef case of May 1965.)

3. Observations of a UAP on 24 June 1965 from Daunia Station, near Nebo.

4. Numerous documents relating to the classic 19 January 1966 physical trace case near Tully. These papers include press clippings; internal RAAF minutes; local police papers, and a proforma completed by the witness himself, George Pedley. (Click here for a sample of the Internet based accounts of the event, but then take an opportunity to read the witness' own report form completed at the time.) It is worth noting the short duration of the event, as I had always thought it was of several minutes duration; it was not.

5. A precis of an address given to the Ballarat Astronomical Society, by Mr R G Roberts, Operational Research Officer, Department of Air, about the RAAF's take on UAP.

6. Papers relating to the finding, and examining by RAAF experts, of an "unidentified spherical object" on Inkerman Station.

All in all:

Quite an interesting file, and well worth your time taking a look at the digital copy.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Drury film - original papers now digitised

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Port Moresby:

Australian researchers have long been aware of official Australian government papers relating to the August 1953 8mm movie film, taken by T C Drury at Port Moresby.

Sydney based researcher Bill Chalker, saw some of these papers in 1982, while on a visit to the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) in Melbourne. Bill wrote about these papers and the case, in general, in two excellent articles in 2001 (see The Australasian UFOlogist Vol. 5 no. 1 pp22-29 and Vol. 5 N. 2 pp4-13.) These articles drew, in part, from papers on DCA file 99/1/78.

File 114/1/197:

National Archives of Australia (NAA) file series A705 control symbol 114/1/197 contains a number of Drury related documents. The file has been digitised and available to view on the NAA website for some years. It contains the following documents:

* A report on the incident, extracted from DCA file 99/1/478

* A letter dated 5 March 1954 from the United States Embassy, Melbourne to the Director of Air Force Intelligence. "Returned herewith is the 8mm film belonging to Mr Drury which you were kind enough to lend this office."

* A letter dated 24 February 1954 from Group Captain for Chief of Air Staff, to the Air Attache, US Embassy, Melbourne. "Request for copy of 8mm film taken by Mr Drury...Only place to get copy done is UK. Difficult to get a copy for your HQ...This would explain the apparent oversight by your own people in not making a copy when they had the film available."

* Letter from Department of Air to DCA Melbourne, dated 2 July 1954. "The 'flying saucer' film taken by Mr T C Drury at Port Moresby, in August 1953 and forwarded by you on the 22nd September is returned herewith....we have subjected the film to detailed study and processing but have been unable to establish anything more than the fact that a blur of light appears to move across the film."

* Extensive correspondence between early Australian researcher Edgar R Jarrold of the Australian Flying Saucer Bureau and the Department of Air between October 1953 and September 1954 about the film, and obtaining copies of still prints from  the film.

From the above, one can timeline the following:

23 Aug 1953 - Film taken
22 Sep 1953 - Film forwarded by DCA to DOA
Nov 1953 - Film sent by DAFI to the USA
5 Mar 1954 - Film returned to DAFI from the USA
12 Jul 1954 - File returned to DCA by DAFI.

The latest file digitised:

Now, NAA file series MP1279/1, control symbol 99/1/478 titled "New Guinea Flight Information Region.- Operation of Unidentified and Foreign Aircraft" has been digitised by the NAA at my request. The file, of 123 pages,  has a date range of 22 March 1948 to 1965 and reveals details on both 'unidentified' and 'foreign' aircraft in that region. There are also a number of documents on the file relating to the Drury film, which you can now read yourself by going to the NAA website (click here.) These include:

* A memorandum dated 31 August 1953 from Regional Director, DCA, Port Moresby, to Director-General DCA, Melbourne. "We do not know of any aircraft of the operational performance implied by this observation operating in the area..."

* A memorandum dated 5 September 1953 from Regional Director to Director-General, DCA, Melbourne. "Further to this office's secret memo of 31.8.53 reference to the above subject, herewith undeveloped film in which it is expected will be confirmed photographs of the alleged unidentified object."

* A memorandum dated 22 September 1953. Secret. "Forwarded herewith is a photographic film in which it is said there is a record of aerial phenomena..." From Director-General DCA to the Department of Air.

* A memorandum dated 12 July 1954 from the Department of Air to DCA. "The 'flying saucer' film taken by Mr T C Drury returned herewith."

It's great to be able to read these documents in digitised form.Why don't you go and take a look for yourself?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Project Hessdalen and the RAAF

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The National Archives of Australia (NAA) has just digitised, at my request, file series A9755 control symbol 1 titled "UAS Policy - Hessdalen." The file was originally held by the Chief of Staff, Headquarters, Support Command. It was originally RAAF file 5/6/4 Air Part 1 and consists of 149 pages, of which 50 pages have been withheld as they are outside the date range of the Archives Act.

The papers which have been made available fall into two categories. There are dozens of coloured and black and white images, apparently taken from six strips of negatives. These appear to be shots of lights and then computer enhancements of various types.

The other set of papers on the file are titled the "Project Hessdalen 1984: Final Technical Report Part one." These provide an overview of Project Hessdalen. Hessdalen is the name of a small; valley in Norway where mysterious lights were seen over several years. Instrumented research attempted to determine the nature of these lights. Click here for the Project Hessdalen website.

What was the RAAF's interest?

The RAAF has always maintained that its only interest in the subject of "Unusual Aerial Sightings" as they referred to UAP, was national security. They were not interested in conducting any scientific research on the reports which they classified as "unknown." So, the finding of this file, and particularly its contents, raises the question of who in the RAAF was in fact interested in this scientific research being conducted in Norway?

If any blog reader can throw any light on this question, I'd appreciate hearing from them.

Car effects case in newly available RAAF file

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The fifth and final Department of Defence UAP file, with a date range beyond 1984, which I originally requested under the Freedom of Information Act, has been received by me.This file is 5/3/1 Air Part 11, originating with Headquarters RAAF Base Pearce. Part of the file is viewable on the website of the National Archives of Australia as file series A9755 part 16 (57 pages) and the second part I received as a PDF file from the Department of Defence under Administrative Action.

What's on this file?

* A copy of the reports made by Special Air Services personnel, which I reported on in a previous post (click here.)  

* A number of observations of UAP recorded on the base's "Watch Log." These are all low interest reports of the lights in the sky variety.

Car effects case:

* However, there is also a very interesting report which Australian UAP researchers have long known, some of the details. However, for the first time on this file, we have a statement which the witness gave to the police, which provides full details. I provide the full text:

"Arthur John Barber states:

I am 43 years of age and reside at 18 Hinkman Road, Silver Sands. I am a self employed farrmer. My property being on Cosy Creek Road, Manjimup.

At about 0430hrs on 13/6/85 I left my residence at Silver Sands, whilst driving a Commodore Sedan WA3372. I travelled through the Mandurah town site and then entered onto the Old Coast Road and headed south. Whilst on that road at about 0500-0515hrs between the tavern and the B.P. store near Lake Clifton, I observed a bright orange light, in the middle of the road, behind me travelling south also.The light was estimated to be about 300-400 yards away and travelled at my speed, which was about 100-110kph.
I first thought it was a vehicle of sorts. I then travelled around a bend and the light disappeared.

When travelling along the road at the same speed for about 6-7 kilometres further, the light appeared again , when the road straightened. The light behaved in the same way, at the same distance. All of a sudden, my back became extremely hot and my stomach became churned up. A shadow came over the car which then started to smell as if something was smouldering. The shadow was accompanied with some sort of light which was similar to moon-light. The light was definitely not moon-light. I continued travelling at the same speed and the light behind me stayed there, but faded every now and again and then brightened. The light above me had gone by then.

There was other traffic passing in  the opposite direction whilst this was going on, there was no traffic travelling behind me or in the same direction. I came to another bend and the light disappeared.

Again about 6-7 kilometres further, the light re-appeared behind me and above me. Again my back became hot, my stomach upset and the car smelt of something smouldering. The lights then disappeared at a bend.

They again re-appeared without warning near Binninup near a service station on a straight but this time two lights appeared behind me. The colour was in between car lights and the orange lights that I had seen before.
 The lights behaved in the same manner. The lights dipped up and down once. They were there about a few minutes or less. When I had passed the Binninup cross roads I slowed down expecting these two lights to pass me, as I thought they belonged to another car. However the lights disappeared.  I don't think they turned off anywhere. They also didn't reach the top of the hill. I then travelled to Bunbury.

My car was not affected in any way whilst the lights were worrying me, nor was it affected after reaching Bunbury."

The night sky:

A web based star chart provided the following information for that night:

* Venus was in the ENE sky; elevation 10 degrees, magnitude -4.4.
* The Moon was in the ENE sky ; elevation 25 degrees.
* Jupiter was in the  NNW; elevation 73 degrees.
* Saturn was in the WSW; elevation 6 degrees. 
* The Sun did not rise until 0700hrs, thus it was dark at the time.

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Special Air Services personnel report UAP

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A fourth, post 1984 Department of Defence UAP file has been received by me. The file is 5/9/Air Part 7 and originated with Headquarters 86 Wing, RAAF Base Richmond. Its date range meant that I needed to have the National Archives of Australia digitise the earlier part of the file, but that I had to submit a Freedom of Information request to the DOD for the latter part of the file. Ultimately, I received the second part of the file under Administrative Action.

The file consists mainly of a number of UAP reports made by members of the public. Typical of these reports are:

1. A 31 year old woman, on 5 June 1989, at 1413hrs for 12 minutes, on a cloudy night, observed " oval shape...a definite black outline right around the oval shape..." It was initially seen at 30 degrees west and last seen at 30 degrees north-west. "When I last saw the object at 2.25pm it showed three round bright lights underneath, then rose in the air to about a 75 degree angle then down to about a 20 degree angle and then back to the 30 degree angle and disappeared behind the thick clouds." The RAAF's conclusion was "Nil suspicious events reported. Suggest landing lights around an aircraft in haze and smog."

2. In clear skies on 31 Jul 1987, at 8pm, for 3 1/2 hours a 28 year old woman reported a UAP. Initially seen at 60 degrees south-west and last seen at the same location. It was close to the Moon. "It had a few lights that seemed to me to be intermittent."

Sighting by SAS personnel:

This is the only UAP report in Government files where the observers were members of the Special Air Services.

The case came to light in a memo dated 7 August 1987 from Major R A Hill, Intelligence Officer, The Special Air Service Regiment, Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne, Western Australia, to the Senior Operations Officer, No. 3 Telecommunications Unit, RAAF Base Pearce. It simply enclosed two Unusual Sightings reports by two SAS personnel.

These reports were then on forwarded by Squadron Leader B Biddington to Airlift Group Headquarters, RAAF Richmond. The memo read:

"1. Attached is documentation of an unusual aerial sighting made by two members of SAS during recent exercises at RAAF Learmonth. Of interest, and these are points that INTELO RIC may decide to follow-up are:

a. air-ground VHF comms on the night of the sighting (and on that night alone) were not achieved, and

b. that at least some of the crew of the 36 Sqn aircraft also observed the light but decided not to report their sighting.

2. This headquarters has no explanation for the phenomenon observed..."

The file contains report forms by the two SAS personnel.

Observer one:

"The light approached from the East towards the airstrip (as airstrip lights were turned on). It was moving in a zig-zag to the left and right of the axis. It was at about 5,000 AGL at this time, as it arrived over the airstrip (northern end). It went into a hover and remained stationary for some 6-7 minutes. The light was changing colour from white to amber. I was not able to see a shape other than a round light. The object then moved upwards into the light cloud but was still visible with binoculars. It then  moved in the direction of NE slowly at first then at a great speed."

This person's report form says that the date of the event was 9 June 1987, and the time between 1900 and 1910hrs (i.e. 10 minutes duration.) The weather conditions were given as "Wispy thin clouds at 10,000 AGL, nil ground wind, visibility good." It was first reported at 1600 metres 45 degrees east, and last seen at 45 degrees north-east at 800 metres. The UAP was said to a one, white, round light about 5 metres diameter which changed from a white colour to amber. There was no associated sound. Its speed was estimated as 200 kms plus, slowed down to 80kms.

The investigating officer's evaluation included:

""(word redacted) in the (word redacted) he is an apparently stable personality and a most reliable SNCO."

The investigating officer's evaluation of possible cause read, "Cause is unknown; the light was too far away to observe size and shape accurately and was brought to attention by the speed of its erratic zig-zag movements and its light. It would not appear to have been an aircraft. It is worth noting that it was also observed by the RAAF pilots of the aircraft in support who refused to report the incident."

Attached to the form was the following statement:

"On the night of 9 June 1987 I was tasked with setting up the DZ at Learmonth airstrip for a night freefall descent. I was the DZSO and I had a medic (redacted word) to assist me on the DZ

At 1855hrs we were situated on the western side of the runway directly opposite the civilian terminal. At this time we commenced to place the DZ lights for the descent and at 1900hrs the light was observed on its approach from the east.

The C130 aircraft involved with the activity was still on the ground and did not become airborne until 1915hrs. The object had disappeared by this time.

Once the aircraft was airborne I tried to establish communication on VHF. Communications were not established both on primary or alternative frequency. Two VHF radios were used and both had a fresh battery fitted. The C130 was at 10,000 feet and event when it flew directly over the strip communication was non-existent.

On completion of the activity I spoke to the pilot who was FLLT Watts of 36 Sqn RAAF on what had occurred. He also explained to me that the aircraft had tried to establish communication on VHF primary and alternative frequencies with no success.

This was the first time during the period 3-9 June 87 that communication from ground to air with the C130 was not obtainable."

Observer two:

The second observer was aged 26 and gave the same details as observer one. He said there was one bright, white light, round in shape, taking zig-zag movements initially. His narrative read:

" We noticed it while awaiting a RAAF plane. It came over the horizon moving a very erratic course (zig-zagging across the sky) until it arrived over the airstrip and went into a hover above us, where it stayed for several minutes. Before accelerating straight up at extreme speed. It was high in the sky and size and shape were hard to determine."

The investigating officer wrote:

"(name redacted) is a medic in the SASR RAP. He has no connection with any UFO organisation and is a stable well balanced soldier."

For more information on RAAF Learmonth click here.

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UAP file 5/6/1/Air Part 15 - Department of Defence

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The third Department of Defence UAP file recently received by me is titled "UFO - reports" and was held by the Chief of Staff, Air Staff, Headquarters, Support Command. Its date range is 25 September 1985 to 6 August 1992. The PDF file is in four parts, totalling 170 pages.

Unusual radar contact:

There are several documents discussing and analysing an unusual radar contact which occurred on the 25 September 1985 at RAAF base Sale in Victoria. A contact was followed on a TPN - 802 radar. It was tracked 155 at 120kts. 2-3 sweeps 050/60 from Sale at 250007Z; 2-3 sweeps 060/60 at 250012z. 2-3 sweeps 065/58 at 250015z. The weather was fine and warm. A Department of Defence  document dated 9 October 1985 addressed to Commanding Officer, East Sale stated that it was possible that anomalous propagation was the cause, but "...anomalous propagation possibilities remain conjecture."

A very unusual close encounter:

A report made in 1985 by letter, about an event from Highton, Victoria  in June 1967 (near Geelong.) There was no Moon, and no wind. The site of the observation (as detailed in a very poorly scanned hand written letter from the witness) was at Mount Moriac on the Princes Highway at the 91kms post. The time was 0530 a.m."The craft was stationary for twenty minutes or more."

"I was in the dairy when the place lights up, thinking a vehicle had pulled up with its bright lights on. The milking machine cups fell from the cows all at once. Then I felt something was around. The whole place was brighter than day. There were no shadows. The cows were very agitated heads held high. It would not have taken much to scare them completely.

I washed the cups then I went to see what was going on. I got one hell of a shock, here was this craft on the paddock. My heart was beating at a fast rate.

What I saw (see diagrams herewith). This big craft it lit up the paddock. The light was similar to a fluorescent globe. The strongest light I have ever seen. It originated from the craft. One could count the wires in the farm gate. There were no visible lights, port holes, windows, antenna, only a large door opened. It operated from the top like  a hatch back

Around three feet from the ground, the floor below the floor. It had an apron or guard around it two feet wide visible...jet of flames not unlike a gas ring much larger in size upside down burning...

I observed it had an engine turning over not unlike a generator. Idly turning over. When it was about top take off the door was shut. Then it revved up to a high pitch. It seemed to lift similar to the English aircraft but at a faster took off as fast as a jet plane...Then it stopped and extinguished the flame..It moved parallel to the ground...

Later that morning I went to the site where the craft had  been. There was this circle of ground dry as a bone. The grass was still wet and the inner and outer of the circle burned and dry grass...PS I am a former member of the RAAF..."

The accompanying sketch shows an object 25 feet high and 96 feet wide. A diagram of the circle indicates it was a 90 foot circle with a 3 foot wide doughnut shaped burnt ring.

Other papers:

* A copy of VUFORS UFO Bulletin for September 1987.

* A copy of Richard Haines' analysis of the 1988 Mundrabilla ( click here) "dust" submitted by VUFORS.

* A Ground Saucer Watch ( click here) analysis of a UAP photograph from Victoria, September 1985.

* A multi page report on the Zimbabwe object of 22 July 1985 ( click here.)

* A copy of a "New Scientist" article of 10 February 1983 "The neglected science of UFOs" by Jenny Randles and Peter Warrington.

* A multi page article on the photographic analysis process used by Ground Saucer Watch.

* A letter dated 25 May 1983 to the RAAF from the Australian Skeptics organisation about the Bendigo 'flap.'

* A copy of the UFO Research Australian Mar/Apr 1982 article by Bill Chalker titled "UFOs and the Royal Australian Air Force - The Inside Story."

* A copy of an article by G J Kirby, Admiralty Underwater Weapons Establishment titled "UFOs -Evidence of Alien Visitation?" J.N.S. Vol. 7 No. 4, 1982.

UAP file 5/113/Air Part 10 - Department of Defence

Hi all,

The second Department of Defence file I recently received, was titled "Unusual Aerial Sightings" and has a date range of 28 Aug 1991 and 23 Dec 1992 and was originally held by Headquarters No. 82 Wing RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland. I received the file in four part PDFs, which together total 171 pages.

The file contains numerous completed "Report of Unusual Aerial Sighting" RAAF forms. These include reports of lights in the sky. Of most interest are the following observations:

* A letter dated 30 July 1991 from the Eurella Street, Morven, Queensland police station to Amberley. "Please find enclosed one video cassette on which is recorded the 'UFO'...the filming took place at two different locations along the Warrego Highway. The first was approximately 5kms west of Mitchell near Boringo Downs station entrance and the second approximately 10kms west of Mitchell at a truck stop. The owners of the video would like it returned when you have finished. Hope you find it interesting..." There are no other documents on the file which seem to relate to the video.

* A 1 January 1991 Hervey Bay, Queensland, at 0400hrs for 10 seconds. During a severe electrical storm at 30 degrees north, last seen  30 degrees east. Witness reported one, white light, size of a  small plane/Cessna, no engine noise. "Heard the UAS 2 seconds before she actually saw it. Oval shape with "More then 20 white lights on edge (bottom)." "Extraordinary fast." "Whooshing noise as it past, similar to car on a wet road." The form says "Reported to CAA late 01 Jan 92 then rang RAAF base."

* A 25 Dec 1991 2045hrs 15 minutes observation from Peregian Beach, Queensland. On a clear, calm, dark night witness reported an object seen in the east heading north-north-west. "A bright red to orange triangular shape object appeared in the east heading NNW. A second object of similar colour and shape appeared approx 3 minutes after the first object and followed the same path and heading. No sound or noise accompanied these sightings."

UAP file 5/6/Air Part 3 - Department of Defence

Hi all,

As mentioned in a recent post I have been fortunate to obtain copies of several Department of Defence UAP files from the period 1985-1994. These files have only once before been seen by UAP researchers, namely by Dominic McNamara and myself at RAAF Base Edinburgh, in 2004. However, no one, until now, has received copies of the entire files.

5/6/Air Part 3:

The first file is titled "[RAAF Headquarters Support Command, Victoria Barracks, Victoria] UAS [Unusual Aerial Sightings] policy [UFO, Unidentified Flying Objects]" according to the National Archives of Australia's RecordSearch database. Although the contents of the file are outside the date range accessible via the Archives Act, the RAAF sent the file to the NAA in 1994.

Its title, according to our 2004 examination, was simply "Unidentified Aerial Sightings." The file cover indicated it belonged to Chief of Air Staff, Headquarters Support Command. It is 65 pages long.

The most interesting paper on the file is a copy of a Support Command "Air Staff Instruction No. 3/A/3 on Unusual Aerial Sightings, reference AF84/3508 Part 1, of 12 April 1984. It includes the following text:

"1. The RAAF is often the first point of contact for reports of Unusual Aerial Sightings (UAS) which are popularly referred to as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). However, the term UFO is emotive and inaccurate, and its use by RAAF personnel should be avoided because:

a. the term is often loosely applied to lights, sounds and objects which have not been airborne, and

b. most sightings are easily and rapidly identifiable as natural or man-made objects seen or heard in unusual conditions.

2. Most UAS reports from members of the public have been found by the RAAF to be based on the observation of natural or man-made phenomena. Nevertheless, most reports are made by responsible people who:

a. are seeking an intelligent assessment of an experience which they have not previously encountered or

b. believe that their sighting may be concerned with the defence or security of Australia.

The RAAF accepts reports on UAS and attempts an allocation of reliability. However, few reports are of any direct interest to the RAAF."

It goes on to talk about USAF Project Blue Book and the Condon report and cites the report's conclusion "Experience in the RAAF since the early 1950's supports the Condon Report conclusion."

The Instruction then sets out "Responsibilities." "The RAAF is responsible for the acceptance and evaluation of UAS reports. Those which suggest a defence or national security implication are further investigated..." Under "Execution" "Officers commanding are to appoint UAS Investigation Officers..." A questionnaire is attached to the Instruction - the one we are all familiar with.

The Instruction contains one odd sentence:

"In general terms, further investigation is to be confined to sightings of a terrestrial, rather than an extra-terrestrial nature. Sightings of interest to the RAAF would involve incursions, into Australian airspace by man-made objects, and particularly include sightings near defence or other sensitive establishments."

My reading of this is that the RAAF would not investigate if a 'genuine' UAP close encounter occurred which was caused by a 'genuine' extra-terrestrial object!

Other papers on the file:

* Copies of material relating to the 1983 Bendigo, Victoria UFO 'flap," which includes the findings of the RAAF's investigating officer.

* Newspaper clippings such as an undated article titled "Man's robot envoys to the stars," and "An evening of the absurd kind" (Sunday Times 13 Feb 1985.)

* Prediction sheets of visible satellite passes.

* Correspondence between the Victorian UFO Research Society and Command Intelligence Officer, Headquarters, dated September 1987. VUFORS was asked to verify a list of civilian UFO organisations. The VUFORS letter was signed by Secretary Mark Sawyers.

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Australian Department of Defence - UAP files from 1985-1994

Hi all,

UAP files 1951-1984:

Due to the efforts of a number of Australian researchers, namely Sydney based Bill Chalker in the 1980's; the Disclosure Australia Project team in the period 2003-2008,and lately the efforts of Melbourne based researcher Paul Dean and myself, almost all of the known Department of Defence UAP files for the period 1951-1984, have now been digitised and are available for you to view on the website of the National Archives of Australia.

UAP files 1985-1994:

This leaves Defence Department UAP files for the period 1985-1994 (the DOD ceased taking UAP reports for the public in 1994, rounded up all its UAP files and deposited them in the National Archives under file series A9755.)

Under an arrangement with the Department of Defence, Dominic McNamara and myself, as part of the Disclosure Australia Project had an opportunity to examine these 1985-1994 UAP files at RAAF Base Edinburgh in the year 2004. Under the watchful eyes of RAAF Military Police we were allowed to take notes, but not to record personal details of witnesses. We reported our findings on these files in Newsletter 15 of the Disclosure Australia Newsletter. Although I submitted an FOI request for copies of all these files, the request was denied on the grounds that it would take too much effort on behalf of the DOD to photocopy the several thousand pages, redact personal details and re-photocopy and supply me with these documents.

Times change:

I  decided recently, to test the waters again, and submitted an FOI request to the DOD for two DOD UAP files which were recorded on the NAA's RecordSearch but lay partly outside the dates accessible by the Archives Act. I was pleasantly surprised to be advised by the DOD that, yes I could have copies of the documents held on these two files. I have now received them.

I also had details of three more files held by the NAA that lay partly or totally outside the dates accessible by the Archives Act and so submitted a second FOI Act request for these files. Yesterday I received PDF copies of them, making five new files, the contents of which have not been previously available in full.

I will report on the contents of these files in a future blog post, when I have had time to digest them.

To read the Disclosure Project Newsletters please go to

Project Galileo

Project Galileo Or to give it its full name, "The Galileo project for the Systematic Scientific Search for Evidence of Extraterrestrial...