Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Project Newsprint - Victoria - more sightings

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Project Newsprint is underway in the state of Victoria, Australia. Articles about the Project, and my search for both past and current sightings, continue to appear in regional newspapers. The two latest newspapers to carry articles have been the "Wangaratta Chronicle" and the "Mansfield Courier."

I have received two more accounts from readers of the various articles which have now appeared.

Mildura, Victoria. December 2015.

A man telephoned me to advise me that around the first week of December 2015, he and his wife had been in the backyard of their house in Mildura at about 2145hrs. They noticed an unusual object in the sky, on a clear night. It was perfectly round in shape, plate shaped, was noiseless, and gave off a golden yellow light. It was visible for about 30 seconds and then titled to one side and shot off into the sky. When asked his estimate of its angular size he said the size of a fifty cent coin at arms length.
As it sped away, he said that the centre area of light dimmed.

Wangaratta, Victoria. 1997.

Chris telephoned me to tell me about an old observation from around 2000hrs, one clear night in 1997. He was riding his bike near Wangaratta, when he viewed a large, white coloured light on the outskirts of the town. The main light went out and several smaller lights appeared, then sped away. The whole incident lasted perhaps 20-30 seconds. There was no associated noise, and when asked the estimated size of the light he felt it was about moon sized. He recalls that a video, of the light,  appeared on local television at the time. This may have been a meteor.

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