Tuesday, January 19, 2016

More reports from Project Newsprint - Victoria

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Project Newsprint - Victoria, continues to appear in Victorian newspapers. The latest to feature the Project was today's edition of the "Gippsland Times" (Sale) in hard copy version only.

So far, today, I have heard about the following sightings:

November 2005, Mildura

"I was driving home one night on the Calder Highway between Mildura and Merbein West. I noticed in the north west region of the sky , at what I estimated to be a 45 degree angle four bright orange/red stationary orbs of light, estimated three times the brightness of a star or planet.

What struck me immediately was the quality of light they produced unlike any aircraft light I have ever seen. They gave me the impression of being more of an energy or a plasma, than an ordinary electric light if that makes sense.

I pulled over to the side of the road and got out of my car to get a better grasp of what I was seeing. As I watched, at different times to one another they would slowly fade in brightness to a small point of white light, barely visible. Within seconds they would start to gain brightness and intensity again, glowing back to a bright orange/red orb.

Courtesy Google maps.
This went on for a while, fading in and out at different times. Right when I thought that was strange enough I noticed that two of the balls of light had positioned themselves horizontally to one another, quite close together, with a third to the left of them creating a formation resembling something close to a right angled triangle.

This is when I really began to wonder what I was looking at. It gave me the impression I was seeing something intelligent, or a display of intelligence as crazy as that sounds. One by one the balls of light had faded out to not return, while one seemed to stay visible and slowly move off into the horizon before disappearing.

The whole sighting lasted around 10-15 minutes. I've always been baffled by what they were. If they were Chinese Lanterns they were incredibly;y bright, and I couldn't imagine these to fade out to near invisibility, only to become brighter again over and over, one by one. They were also rather stationary in terms of their position in the sky throughout the sighting, not moving with the wind."

17 January 2016
Andrew of Mildura telephoned to tell me that at about 2215 hrs, he and three other people were in his backyard when they saw two objects in the night sky. One was a bright orange colour, and noiselessly slowly moved across the sky. The other was a white light which had at one point, turned across the path of the orange light. This one was also silent.
Unknown date
A man from Sale telephoned me to advise that when he was age 19, he lived in Dargo, Victoria. His dog had become disturbed and looking up he had seen a cigar shaped light in the sky, hovering above them. It made no sound.

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