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Three more vehicular close encounters from Victoria

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I have now found out details about three more close encounter cases from Victoria, which involved objects approaching motor vehicles travelling along the road.

Paradise Beach - 2003/2004

Following the appearance of a piece about Project Newsprint, in a recent issue of the "Gippsland Times" I received a telephone call from a man, who told me about yet another close encounter.

22 January 2016 edition
He was 6-7 kilometres out of Paradise Beach in Victoria, heading westwards towards Longford in a car. At about 3pm, so in broad daylight, he saw a small, bright, white light off in the distance through his windscreen. This bright light became larger, and brighter as if approaching the vehicle. As it came even closer he saw no shape, or structure, to the light since it was so bright. There was no associated noise at any stage.

Image courtesy whereis?
He began to become alarmed as the light seemed to be heading directly towards his car, coming down at a forty-five degree angle. He had wound down the driver's window as the object approached him. He thought for a moment that it was going to crash into the vehicle and he might die. The duration up to this point he estimated at ten seconds. At closest approach it seemed to veer to one side and moved away from the car, became smaller and then was gone.

He continued to drive on towards Longford, and about 2 kilometres further on, saw a car pulled up at the side of the road and a man was outside looking up. My witness says he decided not to stop. There was no air pressure effects on the car from the object.

Coongulla  - Around 1997
UFO Research NSW Inc. received a fascinating report on 27 April 2015 from a 71 year old man from Coongulla, Victoria to advise them about a personal experience. Their report notes are as follows.

"...lives in Coongulla, a small town close to lake Glenmaggie in southern Victoria, 160 kilometres east of Melbourne. He worked at the Glenmaggie reservoir doing maintenance on the dame and allocating water irrigation to the local farms.

Eighteen years ago he was travelling home one night at about 10pm along Upper Mafra Road, when he became aware of a bank of 6 lights appearing suddenly behind his car and shining so brightly, they almost blinded him. It was like daylight. He said to himself "you bastard" before pulling over to let the vehicle pass. However, the lights were suddenly gone, vanished into thin air.

Image courtesy whereis?

He started driving again but found himself on a different road and he had no idea where he was or how he got there. He said to himself "I don't remember this road." He drove for some time before noticing the Coongulla sign and arrived home at midnight, 2 hours later than expected.

He had no recollection what happened in those two hours and he felt as if his memory had been blanked out. He felt awful, tired and confused. When he tried to make a cup of tea, he had to think how to do it and he felt weak and shaken. The next day he went to work but didn't feel good and his supervisor asked him what was wrong. For most of the day he continued to feel shaken and confused but the feeling eventually went away. He had no further memories about that incident and what could have happened to him that night, but he wondered if he'd been picked up by a UFO and whether they had also taken his car up into a craft. He said, other people have seen strange lights in that area and one fellow he spoke to believed there is a portal in that area."

Jam Jerrup, Victoria - Around late 1980's
An Internet search located the third case, from a copy of the "South Gippsland Sentinel Times" dated 18 February 2014. This was an article titled "Close Encounters of the South Gippy Kind." Included in the article, was the following.
"...with one particularly disturbing account dating back to the late 1980's. 'A woman was abducted near Jam Jerrup as she was driving down South Gippsland Highway to pick her husband up at Tooradin one night' Steve explained.
Image courtesy whereis?
'While driving she was blinded by a bright white light and the next thing she remembered was driving down the highway still, but highly confused and disoriented.
'Half an hour has passed and she had no idea how or why. Her husband went mental at her for being late but she couldn't explain what had happened. The next day she hopped into the shower and found a triangular pattern on her stomach she couldn't explain."

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