Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Port Augusta, South Australia - "flying eggs" - 1947 - witness deceased

Hi all,

Thanks to an observant Adelaide individual, I have now found out that Ronald Ernest Ellis, the main witness of the pre Kenneth Arnold, "flying eggs", at Port Augusta in 1947, passed away on 15 July 2008, aged 87 years. He is buried in the Stirling North Garden Cemetery.

The same Adelaide man, also directed my attention to a photograph of Ellis, which I reproduce below.


In another previous post, I advised that I was aware that an Adelaide researcher, whose first name was Mishelle, managed to locate and interview Ellis in 2006. Although a preliminary report was available of this interview, no final report is known. I believe that Adelaide researcher Jeff Fausch, has now located Mishelle. Jeff is awaiting direct contact with Mishelle, to see if we can obtain a more detailed report of her interview with Ellis.

Update 10 February 2016.

I have now established email communications with Mishelle. She confirms that she did conduct an interview in 2006 with Ron Ellis. In addition, she advises that she may still have her interview notes and even an audio recording, at her home. However, she is away from home at the moment and it will be some time before she returns there. She says, when she gets home she will look for this material and advise me further. I will update this blog when I know more.

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