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Clarification given by Pentagon re that AATIP $M10 or $M22?

In my last post, I noted that there was an apparent discrepancy as to the amount of dollars spent on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP.) Was it US$M10 or US$M22? I now have an answer, which came out of the Pentagon, in May of this year.

Roger Glassel

Swedish researcher Roger Glassel has shared a series of email communications between himself, and Pentagon spokesperson Susan L Gough. Part of that series was one particularly relevant email. I thank Roger for his permission to cite the contents of that email. The email was dated 25 May 2019 and was sent from Gough (Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Relations) to Roger Glassel, in response to Roger requesting a copy of the statement which the DoD had given to Steven Greenstreet (see Greenstreet's New York Post article dated 22 May 2019.) I quote the email in its entirety.

" The purpose of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was to investigate foreign advanced aerospace weapons system applications with future technology projections over the next 40 years and to create a center of expertise on advanced aerospace technologies. The goal was to help understand the threat posed by unconventional or leap ahead aerospace vehicles/technology that could have national security implications for the United States.

The program commenced in FY2008 with $10 million appropriated in the Defense Supplemental Appropriations Act. DIA awarded a contract to a sole bidder [Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, LLC.]

The contract goal was to study 12 technical areas, lift, propulsion, control, armament, signatures reduction, materials, configuration, power generation, temporal translation, human effects, human interface and technology integration.

The contractor identified and worked with academics and scientists to produce technical reports.

The first 26 reports were compiled in late 2008. The FY2010 Defense Appropriations Act (NDAA) included an additional $12 million for the program and 12 additional reports were produced. A total of 38 technical reports were delivered.

After an OSD/DIA review in late 2009, it was determined the reports were of limited value to DIA and there was a recommendation that upon completion of the contract the project could be transited to an agency or component better suited to oversee it. Funding for the program at the DIA ended in 2012 and DoD elected not to continue the program after the work contracted under the FY2010 NDAA was completed."

A comment:

I am not aware of anyone who has found the budget line relevant to the AATIP in either the FY2008 Defense Supplemental Appropriations Act or the FY2010 Defense Appropriations Act. I have spent quite a bit of time looking for this budget line, but have never found it. A challenge for blog readers?

Thursday, December 12, 2019

BAASS - transcript of, and commentary on, a 2008 interview with Robert Bigelow

I have previously published much material on the subject of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS.) For an index of those article, click here. However, one thing which I had not done, until now, was to listen to a 28 September 2008 Coast2Coast radio interview between Las Vegas journalist George Knapp, and Las Vegas businessman Robert T Bigelow. In this interview, Bigelow himself describes the establishment and mission of BAASS.

After listening to the interview, I decided that due to the amount of interesting information it contains, I would prepare a transcript for those blog readers who like to hear things directly from the source. Here is that transcript, at the end of which I will add some comments of mine.

GK “Let’s transition into the other topic, and I’ll do it this way. The logo of Bigelow Aerospace; you’ve got an alien on it. Your interest in these topics is well known. I’m curious about whether it causes you trouble in aerospace circles, and government circles, when you are dealing with folks from NASA or whether there is a secret level of interest among folks like that? Just as there is in your company.”

BB “It’s the latter. There has never been a conference I’ve attended, or some kind of forum that I’ve been involved in, where the people didn’t want to talk about that subject. They come up to me; they would come up to me after the talk or lecture or whatever, and break into a discussion on that topic. So there is a huge subterranean kind of interest in the science community, of at least the folks who are interested in space and the engineering community. A significant percentage of those people that follow the ET/UFO topic very closely.”

GK “But not publicly?”

BB “But not publicly. That is, that has always been a problem. I think it is because the media has unfortunately made fun of that topic until recent times. I see a little bit of a change in the media’s attitude lately, in the last few years. A little bit on that topic. And then people are concerned for their careers. So there is a sub-rosa type of thing. They do this very quietly and secretly. It’s like walking out with a brown paper; you put something on a brown paper bag coming out of a bar so people don’t see what you have; and it’s that kind of feeling it has; that kind of a stigma to it. But I think it’s changed over the last ten, twenty years that I have been involved with it. I see a significant change for the better that has occurred.”

GK “Well, you’ve done; you’ve initiated some of that change yourself. You founded something called NIDS some years ago. National Institute for Discovery Science. You put together a world class science advisory board. You approached really strange topics as a scientist would; trying to get some answers and we’ll go into some of that work, in a moment, because now you’re ready to take another step. Why don’t you tell us what your announcement is?”

BB “Well, you know we have had fun with the ET topic for years. When someone writes a new book I usually buy about 100 copies and distribute them among our staff on a first come first served bases. It is no secret that I have been a student of this, and a researchers of this topic for many years, and if people take the time and trouble to do the research then you realize just how authentic this topic is, and how real it is, and how phenomenally interesting this topic is. It is the most; I have never, ever, been involved in anything remotely close to this level of fun and mystery as this topic. I mean it is far greater than any kind of business I’ve ever been in; including the aerospace world. And the aerospace business. This topic is, oh, 50 times, perhaps 50 times…”

GK “Hey, you’re preaching to the choir man. When it gets under your skin it’s hard to shake it.”

BB “It really is. You need to keep one foot solidly anchored, you know, in the real world. In the world of whatever it is you’re involved in in life, and then the other foot can dabble into this other strange reality, and it is, when you start to do the research. Almost anybody can come away with a conclusion this is real; this isn’t fantasy. This, this is absolutely true.”

GK “And that’s a fundamental. It’s a given of what your new endeavour is going to be, right?”

BB “Well, the new endeavour has to do with a new company; a sister company to Bigelow Aerospace, and the acronym is BAASS, Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies. The mission for this company is to pursue exotic, novel technologies. We would like to come across something that levitates for example; or somebody that’s working on something that looks promising.
We have sponsors. We have partners, in this effort. So that’s new for me, and I’m very pleased about that. And these sponsors and partners do not need to be convinced, at all, that this topic is real. So that’s nice also. So, we are going after this is a very serious way. This is intended to be a global effort, not just something for consumption here in the States. But we intend to try to pursue this challenge, wherever we are able to discover something, around the world. So, basically, we’re trying to get away from things that puff smoke and require a combustion in order to provide the locomotion for something, and there are other kinds of characteristics we’re looking for as well. So Bigelow Aerospace is the more practical side to things using conventional kinds of; we don’t use anything that’s an unobtainium., we don’t need that. There’s nothing in our architecture that incorporates the need for some unobtainium. We’re using very ordinary kinds of materials and things to produce an unordinary result. A result that could see a sea change in terms of cost and access to space for humans.

This other company is focused on, what might be seventy five years or a hundred years away, or maybe 50 years away, who knows, in terms of the kind of technologies that we wish we had at our disposal.”

GK “Meaning that something that someone is tinkering away with in their garage, or that some other intelligence has developed. When we come back…A couple of minutes ago you heard my guest Bob Bigelow announce the creation of something called BAASS which is being created in order to uncover, discover, create exotic propulsion technologies that might change life on Earth as we know it.

Bob, this is a sort of a bridge between your two areas of interest. I mean, your spacecraft will need a way to get up into space. You’re not quite sure how that is going to work in the future what the options will be. I suppose this could help. But also, it could shed light on your other interests; other intelligences; ETs, whatever."

BB “Well, if you are making a sincere effort to explore novel technologies, the last thing you want to do is draw a line in the sand and say we will not look beyond here. So, if you are convinced, as I am, that anomalous phenomena exist, in many different ways. You have the validity of UFOs; the validity of ETs being here, then naturally, that’s an area that is not off limits. I mean, you’d be kind of foolish to have these global displays of close encounters of spacecraft manifesting themselves within a few hundred feet of many witnesses. Tens, or hundreds even thousands of witnesses depending on where you want to talk about; which area, and which part of the world; and in what year. You’ve had all these expositions and you’re trying to say to yourself, gee isn’t it real. I’m just going to ignore that these expositions have occurred and somehow all these people are crazy and so on.

You have to go to a ridiculous extent to try and tell yourself this is an area you should pursue. So it’s just the opposite. We understand the validity of the phenomenon. We understand that it’s here. It has been here for a long time.

So, we are intrigued with the behaviour. We admire. We respect and admire the performances of these crafts, so much, that we would just give anything to try and obtain something that would perform and have these kinds of characteristics.”

GK “Give me some kind of timetable. How does it work? You’re going to set up this organization; hire some people, and then what happens?”

BB “Well, that actually the first year is a formative situation. The first years we are going to be hiring a number of people that are; that have diverse backgrounds; that are all experts in a variety of fields. We have to organize offices and office facilities. We are going to initiate contact with a lot of other organizations. We look at BAASS as being a networking facility. So, we’re going to be initiating relationships and contracts with various organizations and people, so we can outreach and network with folks, domestically and overseas.

We will not have a website. It’s not a public organization per se. We don’t really have, we don’t have an entertainment value. There’s no way that we can have a website and stay true to our mission and our sponsors and to the confidentiality that we are probably going to be engaged in. So we just don’t have a venue of that type. It may be difficult for anyone to try to reach us and so on. So, we’re going to be very private.

So, I’m wanting, and interested in speaking about this, so that your listeners can hear from me, what the intent here rather than from some blogger as to what it is we’re all about.
So, the first year is an organizational year, trying to find out who we can work with around the United States, and then overseas, and try to establish a base of operations.”

GK “Well, on one hand you’re going to want input from people out there, whoever they are, who might have some ideas on this. You’re going to have to have some kind of a way for them to get hold of you, right?”

BB “Well, we hope to; we’re going to try to explore working through other organizations first, and see how that goes.”

GK “OK.”

BB “We are going to have field people. We will have a combination of folks who may seldom leave their offices and do an awful lot of research, and other folks who, will travel around the country or around the world; go to other countries where something is happening that looks promising; or someone is doing something that looks promising, or they have information about some performance of a spacecraft that is very novel and unique, and we can sniff down whatever trail we can find.”

GK “So, on the one hand you would be, you’re reaching out to the backyard inventor who’s got a flying saucer in his garage or something like that…”

BB “Yes. Right.”

GK “…and has made a discovery. I mean, these people could be out there.”

BB “Absolutely. It’s possible.”

GK “Would you be, I guess I’m trading on some thin ice here. Wouldn’t it be tempting for people who are in the government, who might have inside information, or have access to technology that many of us suspect has been there for a long time; inviting them to step over a line?”

BB “Well, we are hopeful that we may be able to have a relationship with governments. We’re hopeful that you know, other governments aren’t necessarily as closed as US agencies are. Other governments have been more forthright and open about things. We’ve heard recently about the British releasing files and information. The French are more open and of course Belgium is very famous for how open they were in 89/90 when they had a year and a half of extraordinary encounters and sent a lot of F16s to go chase them; and locked on, and so forth, with the UFOs. With the F16s, but I think we are probably going to process our folks with having clearances so that, if we have an opportunity to engage a government, or engaging a company, that might have information, we can be respected as keeping a confidence, and we would be behaving in a responsible way.

So, this is significantly different, George, than the NIDS operation was. We always did respond and behave responsibly in NIDS. If fact, we were successful in discovering a lot of information and doing what we could on our website, to expose some of that while still keeping things private, that people relied on us to keep private. So, this is an effort that is very serious in trying to make some progress in this area.

As you know, George, there’s probably nothing more difficult, that you could tackle, than this kind of a problem.”

GK “Our friend and colleague Stan Friedman sent me an email as a news story prior to this program beginning that you might find it interesting. There is some kind of conference on the SETI, Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence, and is underway in Europe. I guess there was a proposal today, put on the floor, in essence those guys need to study UFO evidence because the possibility just listening to space is missing a tremendously important body of literature and the European SETI folks are much more open to that than the Americans are. The Americans, as you know, those guys don’t want to have anything to do with UFOs.”

BB “I can vouch for that. I was sitting at an AIAA conference last year and Jill Tarter was sitting on my right, and I started to bring up the topic of UFOs. I thought she was going to throw up on my lap. It abruptly shut off like that and she was not receptive at all to discussing it. So, that is the signature of the kind of power; the kind of intimidation again, that this, blankets the whole community with. That’s unfortunate because if we could collectively take it seriously and go after this, and look; take what we see with our own eyes and pursue this; and say my god these things are real. How do they do it?

Where do they; do they have to fabricate something in micro gravity in order to get the strength; in order to get the purity of conductivity through the crystal or nanotube or whatever structure it was, in order to integrate that in a one g environment. Maybe, that’s why. Maybe, there are two kinds of species in the universe. Those that have large robust facilities, both in micro gravity and on a planet to make their advanced technology; and then those like us that essentially have only what we can do on Earth, you know in a one g environment.”

GK “Again, it sort of bridges your two interest. What I’m curious is, if in fact they do have a different attitude among the British and some of the other governments have opened up this technology or their files about the subject. Do you think it’s possible that they have technology over there from a crashed disc, or some other place, and do you in fact, think we have it?”

BB “Here’s the thing. You know a number of the crashes here, are bona fide. We know that. We know Roswell is bona fide. I don’t care what all the other people say. That if you do the research, it’s bona fide. Other crashes are bona fide here as well, as crashes that have occurred overseas; and I think you have done a lot of research yourself, in Russia. You probably have opinions on crashes there as well, so they just haven’t occurred here in the States. So the questions might be, if other folks are working on things, other places, what kind of progress are they making?”

GK “I’m going to have to take a short break… Bob Bigelow, President and Founder of Bigelow Aerospace, just announced a couple of minutes ago on this program that he is creating something new called BAASS to go after and find and locate; develop, exotic propulsion systems, exotic technology, even alien type stuff. You’re digging it because a lot of you are sending in emails. A couple of you even suggested that Bob should run for President. And if you like the guy, I don’t know why you’d condemn him to that sort of job. When we come back, we’ll get more details as to how the new organization will work, and I’ll save a couple of minutes for questions. Stick around.”

GK “Bob, before the break we were talking about the possible existence of these exotic technology in some government vault or something. So, you believe it may very well be there?”

BB “Oh, I do. I definitely do. I think though that probably there’s, there’s quite a diversity of who and where; hardware located around the world. I think it exists in a number of other places; other countries overseas and I think it also is bifurcated between the corporate world, because you can’t; you know, gain access through traditional FOIA efforts and so forth, and through government sources as well. So, it’s a very complex, very serious kind of subject and you can understand why those that do have custody of hardware or information feel so determined to maintain the sanctity and privacy of, and the custody of that information.”

GK “Well, I’ve always suspected that one reason for the cover-up if you want to call it that, is that a lot of people would go to jail if it ever came out that what they did in the lies they’d told and the money they’d spent on this program; the secrecy and keeping it from the public and I think you’re right if that technology exists, there was possibility it was taken out of a government vault, or warehouse and put into a private one as another buffer so we wouldn’t find it.”

BB “I suspect that the threat of incarceration is probably not…”

GK “The main reason?”

BB “I don’t think it is valid any more. That would be an extremely difficult case to try to prosecute. I really don’t think that would be something if I was a prosecuting attorney. I would have a difficult time because it is a catch 22. You know, I’m admitting by the prosecution that this is valid. And I don’t know I would want to be doing that. If I’m trying to argue at the same time, this is just crazy. This stuff doesn’t exist.”

GK “Well, in that case, what is the reason for the cover-up?”

BB “Well, there are a lot of reasons and you can appreciate, I think, when you start to get into this topic. You can kind of feel like the, how patriotic a lot of these folks have been, and I know that doesn’t resonate with a lot of your listeners, but the fact is you’ve a huge responsibility for the possibility of social turmoil. This is a very psychological/sociological issue, and you know, it’s not just events like Katrina that haven’t been handled well by the government. This is a topic that is much, much worse in the potential for how well the information would be digested and I think in some communities, some geographical communities would digest confirmation much better than others.

It’s possible that many other countries wouldn’t have that big of a problem with it, but it’s also possible that the industrialized parts of the world would start to have; especially the military industrial complex folks and when you try to argue that, gee, we can protect our citizenry from whatever. It has always been the experience of mankind that you’re doing it, the threat is coming from another human or group of humans. This is not the same kind of subject.

This is something entirely different. You don’t want people to start to think, gee are these godlike? Do we start to revere these people, in a reverent kind of position? How do we think about interacting or what’s our method of behaviour? If we start to think this is real, no government on Earth could prevent or stop the activities if they wanted to, and no collective group of governments could. What does that do to the psyche of the human race?

How far do we have to advance or how desperate do we have to get to nuclear war among ourselves, before we finally decided hey enough. Maybe this is a good thing. Confirmation would be a good thing. May be if it starts to give us a collectivism as a species. Hey, we are all together in this and we need to start to grow up. We need to behave differently. We need to stop conducting wars. We need to stop spending the money we do on just this kind of activity, and there’s something more to life than just that.”

GK “You and I have spoken privately many times, about the importance of preparing for confirmation. You know, if that day ever comes, we’re not ready for it. There could be substantial…”

BB “Well, I have thought of that. I have bought a fast car, George, so, I’m ready to get the hell out of town if necessary.”

GK “You know what I mean. There could be some substantial upheavals. The people listening to this program think we’re ready. We want to know, but man, the world may not be ready. Plus we don’t know what the ultimate truth is, who they are? Why they’re here? Or what their ultimate goals are? It could be very disturbing information when it comes out.”

BB “It’s a really interesting, very, very, very interesting problem, and I tend to think more, that confirmation wouldn’t be a bad thing. I used to be very much against it, going back 15 or 20 years ago. I was, I thought, oh geez, this isn’t great. Ok, there’s all kind of bad things that could happen. It’s not as though our future is so rosy, as it is, you know. Look at the prominence that Al Gore has reached in the efforts to bring awareness of saving the planet and the environment and that’s a  real; a very real problem; a real issue. We’re very capable of screwing things up big time as a species on this ball called Earth. So, we are very capable of really messing things up and you wonder what have thousands of other societies and species done in history? Did they snuff themselves out before there was a chance for them to survive for long term, or did they finally evolve someway to recognize and embrace advanced intelligences into their life and somehow cope with it?”

GK “I tell you what Bob, let’s talk about how exactly it might work, in this context. Let’s say somebody comes forward with some technology that’s been stashed away. They’ve had it all the time. How would it work? I’m making it in this context we’re talking about confirmation or preparing for confirmation. Could in fact, this proposal of yours, this creation of BAASS, sort of help that along? If somebody comes forward with this technology. I mean you’re a private entity. You could keep it secret. And I can see, right now, the bloggers and the email guys on the Internet would be saying, ha ha, Bob Bigelow, trying to confer the market on ET technology to keep it secret.”

BB “Well, not really. And the reason is that you don’t really know where the technology came from. It could just as well evolve from someone’s garage. Or it could evolve from some of the other countries activity and they didn’t have enough money to bring it forward and they were missing, missing financial assistance. They were missing may be some other scientist’s participation. So, on the face of it, just because BAASS would maybe be able to demonstrate something that levitated a large object; by in itself, wouldn’t lead you down that trail of conclusion.

I think there’s another way that would though. There’s another way that would. I’ve thought about this and you know other countries as we said before, have been much more forthcoming. These would be, there could very well be this scenario. Where there comes a point in time where a number of other countries, and the number would be fewer or less, depending on the magnitude of importance of each of the countries. If they were countries that were very low profile it would take a lot of them. But if they were countries that had international prominence, and really were recognized in the United Nations, so forth, it would take fewer.

So, if you have a number of countries that actually confirmed the existence of ET and I think this is very possible that, it would be the confirmation, not necessarily to be looked at that would emanate from the United States.

But it could just as well emanate from some place overseas, through a group of countries. Could say, you know, we’re open minded than the Americans are; yes, we don’t mind admitting that this is all true. These things are real.

Well, that’s interesting, because then, that starts to migrate outside of that group of countries. People then start to take things more seriously, especially the media. The media is a large influence of power.”

GK “In that sense, I guess BAASS could be a tool in the ultimate confirmation that this is real, if those other governments or individuals contacted you and told you that it’s real. You check it out. I means how would that work? How would that part of it work? Are you telling us now, that you would eventually make it public?”

BB “You know. I don’t think; I don’t think our role, our role isn’t really to think in those terms. I think our role is to…”

GK “Find it?”

BB “Find advanced technology; recognize that the behaviours and performance of UFOs are real. We’ve done the research. We know they are. Other people have, outside the United States, overseas; and so we know it’s real. I, we don’t have an agenda that’s more than that. We’re sticking to trying to discover these kinds of technology. See if we are able to help other people evolve them, and collectively, as a species, hopefully use them.”

GK “Ok. We’ll go to the phones.”


Firstly, it would be useful to provide some context to the above transcript. I will do this by using previously available documentation which relates to BAASS.

1. Nevada state records show that business id NV20081214349, entity number E0056412008-7 named Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies LLC was filed on 29 January 2008; that is almost eight months before the above Bigelow interview.

2. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) put out a solicitation for bids on the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP) on the 18 August 2008.

3. The closing date for bids for the AAWSAP was 5 September 2008.

4. Around 5 September 2008 the DIA  selected BAASS as the successful bidder for the AAWSAP contract.

5. On 28 September 2008 Bigelow announced the establishment of BAASS.

6. According to the DIA AAWSAP solicitation, the contract commenced 29 September 2008.

The BAASS Mission

In describing the mission for BAASS, Bigelow, during the Knapp interview, stated:

"The mission for this company is to pursue exotic, novel technologies." And:

"This other company is focused on what might be, 75 years away, or 100 years away, or maybe 50 years away, who knows, in terms of the kind of technologies that we wish we had at our disposal."

The statement of objectives for the AAWSAP as set out in the solicitation attachment 1, dated 18 July 2008 included:

"The objective of the program is to understand the physics and engineering of these applications as they apply to the foreign threat out to the far term, i.e. from now through the year 2050." It goes on to say "Primary focus is on breakthrough technologies."

The BAASS mission, and the AAWSAP contract appear to have been looking at the same thing, another confirmation that the DIA contract went to BAASS.


Bigelow stated at one point "We have sponsors. We have partners in this effort."

We know that the DIA sponsored BAASS by way of the AAWSAP contract. As part of a Las Vegas KLAS-TV news item about the contract; there appeared as copy of part of a document which appeared to be a completed solicitation/contract document. Section 17a had the name of BAASS; and section 26 showed "Total Award Amount - For Govt. use only $10,000,000.00." Thus indicating that the AAWSAP contract to BAASS was for ten million US dollars. I have screenshots in an earlier post.  This amount is different from the often quoted $M22 for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.


Bigelow stated "The first years we are going to be hiring a number of people that are; that have diverse backgrounds; that are all expert in a variety of fields...we re going to have field people..."

A check, via the Wayback machine, of the September 2008 website for Bigelow Aerospace found that BAASS was advertising for such personnel.  One section of the advertisement read "...focuses on the identification, evaluation, and acquisition of novel and emerging future technologies worldwide as this specifically relates to spacecraft..." When I first read that, I wondered what "spacecraft" was being referred to? Having now listened to the 2008 Bigelow interview it would appear to refer to UFOs.

In conclusion

I found this interview to be extremely useful in putting some more pieces of the BAASS puzzle together. No doubt, blog readers will be able to extract other pieces of data from the interview for themselves. If you do, please share your insights.

Update: 13 December 2019

I received a communication from the Scientific Research of the UFO Phenomenon, Victoria UFO Museum, Entre Rios, Buenos Aires. When translated it read:

"I don't remember the year, but on behalf of BAASS we contacted our team, Mrs Melissa Godoy. She wanted that from Argentina, we would inform about objects falling from the sky, cases of UAPs and power plants and nuclear power plants.

In return we were offered to train our researchers and finance the work. After that, he never communicated again and we received an email from BAASS that she now longer worked. I think it was in that year."

Back from a "fishing trip" - research foci

The "fishing" was great!

Well, after several weeks on a break from UAP research, I can report that there is indeed life outside spending time researching the phenomenon. During my "mental health" absence of not daily browsing numerous Facebook pages; Twitter, email's and other incoming sources of information, I found that my mainstream Australian media, reported almost nothing on the topic. I found myself in a "non phenomenon" environment.

During my absence, I avoided hours of fruitless discussions and debates between a variety of individuals on Twitter and Face Book; didn't have to spend time fact checking what I already knew to be false information; and instead went back to my roots in such interests as astronomy and satellite observing. That's not to say that UAP research didn't occupy my subconscious thinking from time to time.

So, it is time to re submerge myself in the topic, once again. However, I have decided that, initially, I will focus my research time, and reporting via this blog, in several specific areas of interest to me.

1. The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS)

I have not seen a comprehensive look at the material available on the former website of the now defunct NIDS. So, I will be presenting a series of blog posts about what was on that site. I know NIDS looked into UAP. animal "mutilations;" "Day After" scenarios; occasionally chased bigfoot, and conducted research into the subject of consciousness. NIDS, of course, was a forerunner to Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS). So, a look at the methodology of, and reports by, NIDS, can tell us a lot about how BAASS operated.

2. Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS)

Although I have written extensively on this blog about BAASS, the recent emergence of two former BAASS employees, Chris Marx and Chris Bartel; together with their contacts with other former BAASS employees, promises to provide further details on how BAASS operated. I hope to add to this knowledge base.

3. The Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP)

The recent Pentagon statements that the big "secret" UAP program was titled the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) and that AAWSAP was simply the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) contract component on AATIP; opens up several avenues of inquiry.

Some time ago, when the AAWSAP was revealed; I submitted an application under the US FOIA (27 March 2018) asking for copies of "Mission statements; aims and objectives; and annual reports of AAWSAP." Like many others, I sent this off to the DIA (no response yet.) Unlike others I also submitted the same request to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) thinking along the lines that they might have been part of the program. It took until 25 October 2019 to received a response from the CIA. It simnply said "We did not locate any records responsive to your request."

I hope to dig a little deeper into both the AATIP and AAWSAP.

4. To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA)

Like many others, I intend to continue following, and commenting on the work of TTSA. Information from them is accessible, both via their own website and also their periodical submissions to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

So, that's a brief overview of what will be occupying my time in coming weeks.

Monday, October 28, 2019

"Gone fishing" - on a break

In September 2017, I wrote a blog post "How to Research the UFO Phenomenon and Stay Sane." I laid out my philosophy in eight points:

1. Have some guiding principles.

2. Tackle diverse research projects.

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8. Don't be afraid to respectfully disagree with other researchers.

I value those individuals who have contributed to this blog, by supplying leads to information; providing comments etc. I do also appreciate the opportunity to engage in peer discussion. However, it is time for me to take another break. So, as from 1 November 2019, I will not be publishing any new posts on this blog for the duration of this latest break.

The length of breaks has varied from three months to four years. After each previous break, I have returned refreshed, to the topic; with a clearer capacity to undertake research and again contribute to the debate.

I will catch up with you in due course. In the meantime please enjoy reading some of the other 1,051 posts on the blog.


Sunday, October 20, 2019

TTSA - US Army Agreement - quantum communications, and camouflage

To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science

On 17 October 2019, the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science announced that they had entered into an agreement; to be specific,  "A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement" (CRADA) with the US Army's Combat Capabilities Development Command.

On 18 October 2019, US researcher John Greenewald posted a piece about this agreement, and in addition provided a PDF copy of the agreement, obtained from the US Army. John is to be congratulated for his quick investigative research on this agreement.

This blog post is about two specific items, mentioned in the CRADA, namely "quantum communications," and camouflage.

On  page 22 of the CRADA, Article D  is headed "Technical Tasks and Associated Resources." D1 Government Activity. "1. The Government is interested in a variety of the Collaborator's technologies, such as, but not limited to ... quantum communications..."

"D2 Collaborator Activity.
Collaborator shall...3. Provide the agreed upon materiel technologies for USG testing and evaluation...3 c) Quantum communication 1) Related research to-date on theories, studies, mathematical formulas, and prototypes 2) future developments, prototypes, and hardware associated with the specific quantum product."

What do we know of TTSA's work on quantum communications?

In one of TTSA's filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, there was a mention of plans for 2019 which included "continuing evaluation of quantum communication technology."

On 10 March 2019, Twitter user "dregs" posted a tweet which included a link to a relevant US patent application. This application, US20180062765A1, was submitted by Harold E Puthoff and Christopher A Eusebi, assigned to EarthTech International Inc, filed on 31 August 2016 and granted 23 July 2019.

The patent is headed "Communications system." The abstract reads:

" A communication system using vector and scalar potential is disclosed. The system uses field-free potentials signaling for many applications where the absence of shielding effects in sea water, plasma or other dense media due to the fact that the absence of (E,B) fields eliminates the possibility of induced charge and current response in the media being transited."

Under the section headed "Claims" on page 17 of the downloadable PDF is:

"What is claimed is:

1. A system for communication with a submarine disposed beneath saltwater:

An antenna disposed outside of the submarine, the antenna being configure to produce an EM field having a frequency greater than 100Mhz, said EM field having a vector potential A and a scalar potential phi;

A receiver disposed within the submarine, the received configured to receive the A and Phi fields and convert the A and Phi fields into an electromagnetic signal; and

A cooling system configured to cool a portion of the received to below liquid nitrogen temperature."

My comments:

1. The patent specifically speaks of a "system for communications with a submarine" under the water. What would be the interest to the US Army's Ground Vehicle Systems Center? I cannot see a connection.

2. The patent is assigned to EarthTech International Inc., and not the TTSA.


A second notable item in the CRADA is again be found on page 22, under section "D2 Collaborator Activity."

"Collaborator shall...
3. provide the agreed upon materiel technologies for USG testing and evaluation...
e) Active Camouflage and Directed Photon Projection
1) Projection system
2) Technology associated with these systems
3) Materiel projection surfaces
4) Proposed applications of these systems"

What do we know of TTSA's work on "Active Camouflage and Directed Photon Projection?"

A search of the TTSA's filings with the US government's Securities and Exchange Commission failed to locate any mention of "Active Camouflage and Directed Photon Projection." It appears that this particular project has never been mentioned by TTSA on any previous occasion, as far as I can determine. 

I did however, find a connection between the patent for quantum communication, and work on camouflage which would be relevant to the US Army's Ground Vehicle Systems Center. You will note above, that one of the names mentioned in the quantum communication patent was Christopher A Eusebi. Well, it turns our that Christopher A Eusibi is one of the to names on a patent concerning "System for producing camouflage pattern based on perception machine vision." 

Patent number 10282628, dated 7 May 2019, has an abstract with reads:

"A method and system for evaluating camouflage pattern with statistically significant effectiveness in various environments and for using a generic algorithm to produce an improved camouflage patterns."

However, I failed to find any mention of Eusebi and "active camouflage and directed photon projection." Hopefully, a reader of this blog post may be able to assist with further information.

Update 21 October 2019

Blog reader "aboveUAV" left a comment on the blog yesterday which provided additional insight. "above UAV" wrote, in part:

"The wording in section e has some striking parallels with the TTSA/TruClear partnership wording."

On 6 August 2019, the news section of the TTSA website announced that they had signed a "Cooperative Marketing Agreement" with a US company named TruClear Global.   Part of the TTSA announcement read:

"TruClear Global has developed an industry-leading proprietary technology platform for providing next-generation vertically integrated materials, hardware,software, data collection, and data analytics solutions for interactive imaging technology and immersive experience environments...TruClear's proprietary nanoscale material based optical and imaging systems...TruClear's proven track record as an industry leader in photon projection technology and adaptive optical sensor technology..."

The TruClear website also states, in part:

"Our proprietary range of Nano-Optical coatings creates a new marketing reality by making any surface an HD storytelling opportunity..."

Monday, October 14, 2019

BAASS - "the human body as a readout system"

KLAS-TV report

On 4 May 2018, as part of a Las Vegas KLAS-TV news report, by George Knapp and Matt Adams, on "a treasure trove" of Pentagon documents relating to the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP,) the piece included the following:

"The agreement with DIA did not mention UFOs at all. It used more generic terms such a future threats and breakthrough technologies and specified 12 focal points including lift, propulsion, materials, versions of stealth as well as human interface and human effects, meaning Bigelow's team would study people who reported unusual experiences beyond seeing UFOs."

The successful company who were granted the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) AAWSAP contract was Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) of Las Vegas.

There was a hyper link in the online story to a "Statement from a Senior Manager of BAASS." In full the statement read:

"Statement from a Senior Manager of BAASS
By Caroline Bleakley
Updated May 04, 2018 05:28PM PDT

LAS VEGAS - BAASS broke new ground in professionalism by hiring, training and deploying 50 full-time staff comprising retired military intelligence and law enforcement officers, PhD level scientists, engineers, technicians, analysts, translators, and project managers to create the largest multi-disciplinary full-time team in history to investigate the UFO topic.

The investigation by BAASS provided new lines of evidence showing that the UFO phenomenon was a lot more then nuts and bolts machines that interacted with military aircraft. The phenomenon also involved a whole panoply of diverse activity that included bizarre creatures, poltergeist activity, invisible entities, orbs of light, animal and human injuries and more. The exclusive focus on nuts and bolts machines could be considered myopic and unproductive in solving the larger mystery of UFOs.

One of the major successes of BAASS was in adopting the novel approach of utilizing the human body as a readout system for dissecting interactions with the UFO phenomenon. This novel approach aimed to circumvent the increasing evidence of deception and subterfuge by the UFO phenomenon in that multiple eyewitnesses co-located in the same vicinity frequently reported seeing widely different events. The evidence was multiplying that the UFO phenomenon was capable of manipulating and distorting human perception and therefore witness testimony of UFO activity was becoming increasingly trustworthy.

The BAASS approach was to view the human body as a readout system for UFO effects by utilizing forensic technology, the tools of immunology, cell biology, genomics and neuroanatomy for in depth study of the effects of UFOs on humans. This approach marked a dramatic shift away from the traditional norms of relying on eyewitness testimony as the central evidentiary arm in UFO investigations. The approach aimed to bypass UFO deception and manipulation of human perception by utilizing molecular forensics to decipher the biological consequences of the phenomenon.

The result of applying this new approach was a revolution in delineating the threat level of UFOs."

Defense Intelligence Reference Documents

As part of the AAWSAP, a series of documents were commissioned from a range of scientists, where each contributor was asked to prepare a paper on one aspect or another of the 12 focal points as defined in the DIA AAWSAP solicitation of August 2008. The DIA, in responding to an FOIA request submitted by Steve Aftergood, Federation of American Scientists, in a letter dated 16 January 2019 attached a copy of "the list that was recently transmitted to Congress of all DIA products produced under the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program contract." This list contained the titles and authors of 38 documents. Some of the documents have been publicly revealed in the format of Defense Intelligence Reference Documents, dated 2010.

One of the documents listed in the official DIA response was:

"Field Effects on Biological Tissues, Dr Kit Green, Wayne State Univ. (Product is classified UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY.)"

This document, to date, has not surfaced in the public domain, so we are unaware of its date or contents.

BAASS positions

By September 2008, BAASS were advertising for scientists in multiple disciplines including, in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, biological cognitive interaction, electromagnetic fields, and forensic pathology.

Three former BAASS employees

On 2 September 2012, the Paracast Internet radio show carried an extensive interview with an anonymous individual whom Paracast named "Chip." The hosts of the show stated that they had checked "Chip's" credentials and believed he was, who he said he was. "Chip" informed the audience that he was recruited as a security guard for the Utah ranch owned by Robert Bigelow, and worked there for a total of about eight weeks around 2009/2010. He stated that he held a secret, military security clearance. He described being told that if he felt anything unusual while at the ranch he should used supplied night vision; thermal imaging equipment, and cameras to record the event/after the event, "because there is an unexplained energy out there." His job ended when a US government sponsored contract ran out. "Chip" also told of producing periodical urine samples which went to a lab in Las Vegas. He was also aware that some BAASS security guards were sent to Reno for medical tests which included MRI. A direct quote from "Chip" is "It almost looks like we were the guinea pigs - they were testing us."

In July and August 2019, three episodes of the Internet radio show "UFO Classified" hosted by Utah researcher Erica Lukes, featured interviews with an individual named Chris J Marx, who Lukes had verified worked at Bigelow's Utah ranch between 2010 and 2016. He was recruited by BAASS following an interview. Marx revealed that he had a military background, and holds a secret DOD clearance. He stated that while employed at the Utah ranch, he was sent for a comprehensive set of medical tests in Reno. These tests included  urine, blood, ECG, EKG and MRI. He said these sort of tests were conducted at random intervals on him and others who served at the ranch. He was never made aware of the results of these tests.

On 20 September 2019, on another "UFO Classified" show, Erica Lukes interviewed an individual named Christopher Bartel. I have know, from publicly available LinkedIn website profile data that Bartel stated that he had been employed by Bigelow Aerospace. On the show he advised that he was in fact employed by BAASS as a security guard, and served on the Utah ranch between 2010 and 2016. Bartel stated he was ex USAF, had worked at the Nevada Test site, and was now privately employed. He told host Lukes that when engaged by BAASS he was told very little about the ranch, and provided with basic equipment; i.e. night vision equipment; thermal imaging gear and cameras. He also spoke about going to Reno to undergo medical tests including an MRI, the results of which he was never given.

Back to the BAASS statement

Included in the BAASS senior manager's statement above, was the sentence:

"The phenomenon also involved a whole panoply of diverse activity that included bizarre creatures, poltergeist activity, invisible entities, orbs of light, animal and human injury and more."

This list of aspects of the phenomenon, would fit exactly the range of unusual experiences reported to have taken place at Bigelow's Utah ranch, as described in the 2005 book "Hunt for the Skinwalker" by Colm A Kelleher and George Knapp (Paraview, New York), and by the above three former BAASS employees. However, BAASS undertook investigations in locations other than the Utah ranch, and so the list of aspects of the phenomenon may, in part, refer to these other locations, e.g. Bigelow's "other UFO ranch."  

National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS)

Robert Bigelow's NIDS placed scientific teams out at the ranch between 1996 and 2004. On page 144 of the, "Hunt for the Skinwalker," there appears:

"NIDS carefully investigated the wide variety of eyewitnesses to the incidents at the ranch and interviewed neighbors and locals who also experienced very similar events. Although in addition to psychological profiles, multiple discussions took place on the need to monitor stress hormones and other blood chemistry profiles of all researchers on the ranch, the initiative never went beyond the discussion phase."


The above pieces of information are like a jigsaw puzzle, where you don't know the total number of pieces; you don't know the picture which will be revealed after all the pieces are in place; and you can't be sure the pieces you have, belong to only one puzzle. More questions are raised, than have been answered. 

Saturday, October 12, 2019

A third former BAASS employee spoke out in 2012


Recent posts have provided details of the testimony of two former Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) employees (click here and here to read,) both of whom worked on the Bigelow Utah ranch between 2010 and 2016. This has provided us with a perspective on the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP) that we have not previously had.

However, a number of readers of this blog, including Di Irwolf, have reminded me that, back in 2012, an individual identified only as "Chip," had provided his own testimony about being a former BAASS security guard, at the Utah Ranch. Thus bringing to three, the number of such individuals who have come forward.

On 2 September 2012, The Paracast Internet radio show, carried an extensive interview with "Chip." The hosts of that show stated that they had checked "Chip's" credentials and that he wouldn't have appeared on the show unless they were satisfied he was who he said he was. For those blog readers who are time poor, I will provide my notes made after listening to the interview. However, I would urge you to take the time and listen to the complete interview.

In addition, based on the information which "Chip" revealed, I believe I have identified his name, but at this time, choose not to give it here.

His engagement at the ranch

"Chip"was recruited as a security guard for the Utah ranch, and spent a total of approximately eight weeks there, on and off for two weeks at a time. This was around 2009/2010. He was based in Las Vegas, and would initially be flown to the ranch. This practice then stopped, and he drove to the property in a hire car from Las Vegas, which was an eight hour trip. He had a secret, military security clearance.

BAASS did not provide him with much information about the ranch at all, when he went there to work. He was told that his role was as a security guard, patrolling and keeping people off the ranch.

Equipment wise, he was issued with a camera, night vision equipment and thermal imaging gear. He was told that if he felt anything different about his body, e.g. hair standing on end, that he should stop and immediately scan around with a thermal imager and night vision equipment, plus take photographs, "because there is an unexplained energy out there." Asked how many surveillance cameras there were on the property, "Chip" stated that when he was there, there were no working cameras.

Noting that he was engaged for just eight weeks, a show host asked "Chip" if the job was a short term hire only? "Chip" responded that "they did a mass hire, not just the guards. They hired investigators. They hired doctors. They had all sorts of, like, doctors. I mean nuclear physicists and all that."

In 2010, he said, they laid everyone off, stating that they had lost their contract.


Following up "Chip's" statement re taking photographs, one of the hosts asked him if anything showed up in his pictures? He said that he, and others, got things called "orbs" in photographs. They were said to be balls of energy, though he first thought they might be dust/pollen in the air. However, he noted that in a series of consecutive photographs, these orbs might show up in one picture, but not the next, and so he was unsure if it was dust/pollen.


He mentioned that they had three dogs with them. These were ordinary house dogs and not specially trained in any way. He said there were times when the dogs would unexpectedly start barking, or would just lie down on the ground. At times like that, he would take photographs. Although on such occasions he didn't feel anything himself at all; orbs would turn up in such pictures. To his knowledge, BAASS did not conduct any medical tests on the dogs.


"Chip" was asked if he had any interaction with BAASS scientists? He replied that scientists only came there once in his time on the ranch. To him, it just seemed like they were there simply to collect their pay checks and "figure out, go out and do this..."

Military visitors

Guest/host Ryan Skinner said he'd heard rumours about high ranking military people visiting the property, did "Chip" know anything about this? "Chip" responded that although military people had not visited during his times there, he was aware from talking to others, that high ranking military people had indeed visited the ranch. His recollection of what he was told, was that one was a general and there were three altogether, with one being female. There was an incident of some sort, and the military people freaked out. They "saw something." Freaked out, and asked to be immediately escorted off the property.

Medical tests

Ryan Skinner said he had heard that urine tests were conducted on people who had "experiences" at the ranch? Did "Chip" know of this? "Chip" confirmed that this was true. "They made you do a pee test. You had to pee in these little jars and you had to bring them back with you when you went out, after two weeks stay. You had to bring it down to Las Vegas where they had their little lab. I don't know what they did with it."

"They also had some guys, after they went through as security, guys that went to the ranch; a few guys that hadn't been to the ranch yet. They sent these guys, they paid for the trip, to Reno, on a weekend. Paid for the facility to be opened and did brain scans on all the individuals...MRI and they would not let you look at it. They said the only information you will get is if you have a brain tumour, or something life threatening you know, wrong with your brain and they'll give you some information on it..."

"It almost looks like we were the guinea pigs - they were testing us."


"They said we lost our contract and I actually saw some paperwork at the office in Las Vegas there. They were actually under contract by the government. All of our pay, everything..."

One of the hosts asked "What branch of government?" "Chip" replied, "The NSA."

At this point in the show, one of the hosts asked "Chip" if he could produce documents to prove he was actually employed by these people? "Chip" first answered, "Yes," then clarified whether the host "meant employed by NSA or BAASS?" Another host cut in and stated that "Chip's" credentials had been checked or he would not have been on the show. So the question of who "Chip" was ultimately through BAASS, employed by, was lost.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Skinwalker Ranch - a second BAASS employee speaks out

Christopher Bartel

A while ago, I compiled a list of individuals whom I believed, based on their own profiles on the LinkedIn website, worked for Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS,) the firm which was the successful bidder for the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP) contract. One of these individuals was named Christopher Bartel.

Bartel's LinkedIn profile includes the following details:

"Security Officer
Bigelow Aerospace
Sep 2010 - Present - 9years 2mos.
1899 West Brooks Ave, Las Vegas NV
Security Officer/Investigator. Responsible for protecting multi-million dollar equipment and assets
Expert in investigative writing and detailed reports.
Holds a Department of Defense active T/S clearance.
Small arms expert and secondary defense tactics.
Security professional with over 14 years experience.
Effectively operate all CCTV equipment.
Provide a safe work environment for all Aerospace employees."

"Nevada Test Site
June 2006 -Nov 2009 - 3yrs 6mos
Security Police Officer -Level II.
Physical security specialist certified for duties in sensitive areas....

United States Air Force
May 1998- June 2006 8 yrs 4mos
Nellis AFB Las Vegas NV."

Chris J Marx

In a recent blog post, I discussed the account of a former BAASS employee, Chris J Marx, who worked at the Utah ranch between 2010 and 2016.  Chris Marx was employed by BAASS as a security guard for Robert Bigelow's Utah ranch, commonly known as the Skinwalker Ranch. In that prior post, I provided details of Marx's experiences at that ranch, as relayed to Erica Lukes, a Utah researcher, who hosts an Internet radio show named "UFO Classified."

New show

On 20 September 2019, Erica Lukes, as host of "UFO Classified" interviewed both Chris J Marx and Christopher Bartel. Below I give details from this interview. My thanks go to Erica, Chris Marx and Christopher Bartel for being willing to discuss this matter.

Bartel had heard Chris Marx on a previous edition of "UFO Classified" and got in touch with him. Bartel said he was a former USAF security officer for ten years, stationed at Nellis Air Force Base, and living in Las Vegas. After he left the USAF he took a job at the Nevada Test site and worked there for a couple of years, during which he obtained a Q clearance.  His wife was also a USAF security guard, but later left the USAF.

In 2009, Bartel got a message from a friend whom he had known from the USAF. That individual was working for BAASS and asked Bartel if he was interested in a job with BAASS? Bartel said yes, and in due course was interviewed by Colm Kelleher of BAASS. During that interview, Kelleher asked Bartel if he (Bartel) had had any unusual experiences? Bartel responded that he had. Before the USAF, in around 1996/1997 he had been in Kansas, and explored a house which had paranormal experiences occurring there. In 2008, he conducted investigations into a Nevada hotel where odd things happened. Bartel was then offered a job with BAASS, and he accepted.


Erica Lukes asked Bartel about his induction to the ranch, specifically how much information he was given by BAASS about the ranch? Bartel responded that he was told very, very little about it. He bought a book about the ranch but decided not to look at it until he had been at the ranch for a couple of months.

During his first week of his initial two week rotation/tour, nothing unusual happened. In the second week at the ranch he was joined there by Chris Marx. They formed a team which lasted between 2010 and 2016, when the ranch was sold by Bigelow.


Lukes asked Bartel what equipment had BAASS provided to them for use at the ranch? Bartel replied that it was night vision equipment; thermal imaging gear; EMF detectors, and cameras. However, that the cameras were in such poor condition, especially dusty, that when photographs were taken with a flash, dust particles would show up in the pictures, as "orbs." They bought their own high definition cameras to use.

Bartel also mentioned that a couple of the ranch surveillance cameras were just fake ones. At one time, when there was a fear of outsiders talking about shooting "hybrids" at the ranch, they bought additional surveillance cameras out of their own money.


On the associated question of how much training did BAASS provide to them, Bartel said he didn't recall any. It was more like a "shoot from the hip" style introduction to the job.


Lukes asked Bartel if at any time he felt threatened while at the ranch? He responded that there were times when he had felt scared, as you were putting yourself into the unknown. The ranch was isolated and there was no cell phone service. However, he never felt threatened, although he did elaborate that there were some ranch locations, e.g. the west side of the property, where he felt uneasy.

Paranormal episodes

Over the six years at the ranch, between 2010 and 2016, there were the following occurrences:

1. He often felt a sense that he was "being watched."

2. In October one year, Marx had found some wolf prints during the day when he was out for a run. He and Marx went out that night, during a full Moon, "to capture the wolf." They found a set of huge prints. They walked around for hours, then decided to backtrack their own prints to the trailer. They found wolf prints by their original outgoing tracks, as if the wolf had been following them. About 1/4 mile from the trailer, with flashlights in use, Marx heard a noise. Bartel turned around and out of a ditch came a deep growl. Then he suddenly saw a wolf appear, "the size of a donkey." It headed westwards. They and their dogs went after the animal. Bartel then said, he blinked his eyes and the wolf disappeared in front of him, and that the wolf's tracks simply stopped.

3. He experienced disembodied footsteps near the trailer.

4. Unusual sounds, e.g. close by, drum-like sounds for 6-7 seconds duration, heard on the east side of the property.

5. Something followed him home once. After about 3-4 rotations at the ranch he was at home. He was in his living room, and beside him, his 1-2 month old baby son was sound asleep. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a billowing, black smoke, in the form of a small ball. He looked directly at it, and it shot across the room. In the hallway, he saw what appeared to be the shadow figure of a man sitting there. His son suddenly woke up with a scream of terror. Bartel felt scared but not threatened, and told the thing to go back to the ranch, as it didn't belong in the house. His wife had separately seen something standing in the hallway.

6. Asked by Lukes if he'd ever seen any UFOs at the ranch, Bartel said no classic UFO sightings. Once, at 3am, at the east gate he had seen a glittering gold coloured light above the trailer. He turned the car around, but by then there was nothing to see. He recorded it in a report. Another time there was another low key sighting.


He noted that if an individual who had an arrogant approach, visited the ranch, then some things would happen to that person. It was better not to have an ego, and he had remained open minded. His mother had raised him as a Buddhist. He went to the ranch "showed up'" "told the truth" and saw what happened. He practiced meditation.

His approach

He saw the ranch as a "crime scene" and his job was to gather data and evidence. That was hard to do, as things happened at random, and they had to document them. They wrote reports about incidents which occurred. Sometimes they would phone in their reports. He felt he was thrown into the environment to see what happened to him. A typical military-like mission.

Medical tests

Like Marx, Bartel spoke about going to Reno to have an MRI. He said he never received any results, although he would have liked to have known them.


1. During his six years there, between 2010 and 2016, he never once saw Colm Kelleher or Robert Bigelow at the ranch. He has respect for both men. Kelleher was into gathering data.

2. Bartel said that the narrative about the ranch, from the start, had featured such things as cattle mutilations. He said this might have happened during the 1990's but during his time there, although there were some cattle on the property at times, nothing like that happened of which he was aware. In talking to the locals, the manager of another property told him that the mutilations had been conducted by locals, sourcing food.

3. Marx and himself had found evidence of native American occupancy of the property at some time in the past. He thought that the property should be treated with respect because of this.

4. Asked by Lukes about his feelings about the ranch, Bartel said that he felt he was missing part of the puzzle; and that the ranch had become a "second home" to him. He appreciated his time there; had a good relationship with the caretakers on the ranch, and had a great time while there.

My comments

1. My congratulations to Christopher Bartel for coming forward to tell his experiences.

2. Both Chris Marx and Christopher Bartel tell of being recruited to work for BAASS. Colm Kelleher was their supervisor. Both Marx and Bartel said they were unaware at the time about the USM$22.5 Defense Intelligence Agency AAWSAP contract.

3. Bartel's description of BAASS recruitment; and experiences while at the ranch, dovetail nicely with those previously described by Marx during his three interviews with Erica Lukes.

4. There seems little doubt that investigations at the ranch somehow fitted into the overall BAASS operation. We know from former Senator Harry Reid, that DIA officials visited the ranch. Whether DIA AAWSAP contract money was used for ranch research remains unclear.

5. Colm Kelleher's LinkedIn profile contains the following details:

"Deputy Administrator
2008 - 2012 4 years
* Interviewed and hired and trained a team of 50 scientists, engineers, analysts, and created the classified infrastructure for an IC contract to study proprietary advanced aerospace technology and threat analysis
* Briefed government department undersecretary and senior United States senators on threat analysis and advanced technology programs.
* Worked closely with IC to develop and execute multiple programs involving advanced aerospace  technology including negotiating  and executing multi-disciplinary subcontracts for database creation, physics and engineering analysis and medical science studies
* Led in the creation of all scientific programs and strategic initiatives  for the company
* Interfaced with Congressional staff, political consultants, Washington DC think tanks and other organizations in the furtherance of company goals.
* COMSEC Custodian and Facility Security Officer for IC latter contract period."

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

TTSA's metamaterials acquisition - some details revealed


On 25 July 2019, the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA) website carried a post titled "To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science makes groundbreaking metamaterials acquisition." The text of the announcement was:

"San Diego, CA (July 25, 2019) - To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA) has acquired multiple pieces of metamaterials and an archive of initial analysis and research for their controversial ADAM Research Project. ADAM an acronym for Acquisition and  Data Analysis of Materials, is an academic research program focused on the exploitation of exotic materials for technological innovation.

The ownership of these assets, which were previously retained and  studied by investigative journalist  Linda Moulton Howe and are reported to have come from an  advanced aerospace vehicle of unknown origin, allows TTSA to conduct rigorous scientific evaluation to determine its  function and possible applications.

'The structure and composition of  these materials are not from any known existing military or  commercial application,' says Steve Justice, current COO of To The Stars Academy and former  head of Advanced Systems at Lockheed Martin's "Skunk Works."

'They've been collected from  sources of varying levels of chain-of-custody documentation, so we are focusing on verifiable facts and working to develop independent scientific proof of the materials' properties and attributes. In some cases, the manufacturing technology required to fabricate the material is only now becoming available, but the material has been  in documented possession since the mid-1990's. We currently have multiple material samples being analyzed by contracted laboratories and have plans to extend the scope of the study.' TTSA will also seek to engage the potential partners who have expressed interest in  helping accelerate ADAM research and development.

'If the claims associated with these assets can be validated and substantiated, then we can initiate work to transition them from being  a technology to commercial and military capabilities,' adds Justice. 'As noted in out October 2017 TTSA kickoff webcast, technologies that would allow us to engineer the spacetime metric would bring capabilities that would fundamentally alter civilization, with revolutionary changes to transportation, communication, and computation.'

A Public Benefit Corporation, To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science is a consortium of scientists, aerospace engineers, and creatives working collectively to empower gifted researchers the freedom to explore exotic science and technologies with the support to rapidly transition innovative ideas into world-changing products and services."

The image which was used in association with the above text is shown below:

Further details available

On 29 September 2019, TTSA filed a number of documents with the US government's Securities and Exchange Commission.  One of these documents, was "Form 1-SA." Item 4  to this form is a list of "exhibits," one of which is labelled "6.22 Asset Purchase Agreement dated July 15, 2019." It is this one which was of particularly interest to me, in relation to the 25 July 2019 announcement by TTSA concerning the acquisition of metamaterials.

This "Confidential" Asset Purchase Agreement is an agreement between TTSA as the buyer and Thomas DeLonge as the seller. Section 1.03 tells us that the purchase price for the Assets was $35,000.

What was purchased?

Section 3.04 advises:

"The Purchased Assets are in good condition. The Metal Pieces included in the Purchased Assets are (i) one 1.75" x 1.25" x 0.25" piece of micron-layered Bismuth/Magnesium-Zinc metal; (ii) six small pieces of Bismuth/Magnesium-Zinc metal; (iii) one piece of Aluminum that TTSA physicist Hal Puthoff already has in his possession  and currently on loan from Seller; and (iv) one round black and silver metal flake that physicist Puthoff already has in his possession and currently on loan from seller,; and (iv) one round black and silver metal flake. The Binder Archive and Documentation includes all records, documents, correspondence, analyses, tests and test results relating to or regarding the Metal Pieces."

[Note by KB - the repetition of (iv) is in the original document. Schedule A to the document has the same text except it does not repeat item (iv). This appears indicative that there was the initial listing of the assets was for four (i - iv) only.]

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Skinwalker Ranch - 2010-2016

Background 1 - AAWSAP

The 16 December 2017 edition of the New York Times featured an article written by Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean, which revealed the fact that the US Department of Defense had spent $M22.5 on a program titled the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. One particular paragraph of the article caught my eye. There was mention of former Senator Harry Reid, and Las Vegas businessman Robert Bigelow.

"Mr Reid said his interest in U.F.O.s came from Mr Bigelow. In 2007 Mr Reid said in the interview, Mr Bigelow told him that an official with the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA -KB] had approached him wanting to visit Mr Bigelow's ranch in Utah, where he conducted research."

"Mr Reid said he met with agency officials shortly after his meeting with Mr Bigelow and learned that they wanted to start a research program on U.F.O.s."

This all led to the establishment of the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP.) You can read the DIA's solicitation for companies to work on the AAWSAP, here.

As far as I can determine, the main DIA official in all of this, was one James T Lacatski, who was the manger of the AAWSAP. This program ran from late 2008 to 2011.

Although not confirmed, as Lacatski has never been interviewed by any researcher on this matter, it seems reasonable to conclude that Lacatski was the DIA individual who wished to visit the Utah ranch.

Blackground 2 - Robert Bigelow

The so called "Skinwalker Ranch," in Utah, was purchased in 1996 by Las Vegas billionaire Robert Bigelow. In the book "Forbidden Science: Volume Four" researcher Jacques Vallee writes about his knowledge of the ranch and its activities, from Vallee's perspective as a member of the Science Advisory Board of the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), established by Robert Bigelow, to look into both UFOs and aspects of the paranormal.

A number of  books have been written about the ranch, including one by Las Vegas journalist George Knapp, and NIDS scientist Colm Kelleher. Their book was titled "Hunt for the Skinwalker" (2005. Paraview Pocket Books.)  However, there has, until recently, been a lack of good information about the research activities at the ranch in the period of the AAWSAP contract [2008-2011] and beyond. Bigelow sold the ranch in 2016.

Chris J Marx

In July and August 2019, three episodes of the radio show "UFO Classified" hosted by Utah researcher Erica Lukes featured extensive interviews with an individual named Chris J Marx and his time at the ranch between 2010 and 2016.

Erica provided a summary of Marx's background. He was born in Germany and at 21 years of age moved to the USA to further his interest in music. He was, for 10 years, a deputy sheriff in New Mexico, then on a small protection team in Los Angeles. Then he undertook three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Chris revealed that he is still in the military and holds a secret DOD clearance.

He was a member of Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), a company Robert Bigelow established in January 2008, which undertook the AAWSAP contract for the DIA. Chris was a BAASS member until 2016, then further employed by the parent company Bigelow Aerospace, until he resigned in February 2019 to again pursue a career in music. He states that he worked at the Skinwalker Ranch between 2010 and 2016.

How was he recruited by BAASS? He saw an email in the Nevada National Guard where BAASS was advertising for staff. He applied for a position and was interviewed in Las Vegas and subsequently hired by BAASS. 

Is he bound by a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? Erica pointed out to Marx that he had signed a non disclosure agreement with BAASS. Marx stated that the ranch was sold three years ago, and that the NDA no longer applied, and therefore he could talk about the topic.

Why is he speaking out now? Chris had recently seen a documentary on the topic of the Skinwalker Ranch and became dissatisfied with it for commercializing the ranch. He stated that this was the reason for getting in touch with Erica Lukes as he wished to "put the record straight."

One of the items mentioned in the interview with Chris was that he retains copies of some of the reports he prepared about his stay at the ranch, and a variety of unusual events which occurred while he was there. He said that one copy of the reports went to Bigelow and one copy to the Pentagon. He mentioned that the chief of security for Bigelow at the time was someone named Bob King. Another statement by Chris was that BAASS monitored the website of enthusiasts interested in the ranch.

Late, in the interviews he also mentioned the fact that when he was recruited for Bigelow he had the usual job related medical testing before being accepted for employment. However, he also periodically underwent more comprehensive medical tests in Reno, for which he was never given the results. These tests included urine, blood, ECG and EKG. These tests were conducted at random intervals, on him and others who served at the ranch.

Asked by Erica if he had ever experienced any negative medical conditions while at the ranch, his response was no. However, he went on to say, that in fact, he had experienced several medical episodes where he recovered more quickly than you would expect. In addition he didn't get the flu, headaches or other medical conditions.

His documentation

Marx wrote a number of reports while at the ranch, some as frequently as every day. There were also reports about specific incidences which occurred on the ranch. He said that when the government was sponsoring research, one copy of each report went to the sponsor out in the Pentagon, and one copy to Bigelow. Marx carbon copied some of the reports to himself. He still has these copies, which he has shown to Erica Lukes, who confirms their existence. He also retains hundreds of photographs which he took while at the ranch.

One of Chris' reports

Paranormal episodes while at the ranch

What kinds of unusual experiences did he report while at the ranch? 

1. On his first night at the ranch he placed his gear on a bunk bed in one of the bedrooms, then was taken for a tour of the ranch. After being shown around the ranch he returned to his bedroom to find that his gear had been tossed all over the place, yet there could not have been anyone who could have done that.

2. Electrical malfunctions - e.g. at Homestead two with a nuclear physicist present, they had eight laptops connected together and all their batteries drained in seconds.

3. Apparitions - e.g. they had game cameras on the property. One captured images of transparent type things, including images of a human shape in 1860's garb.

4. Unusual sensations - e.g. At 10 o'clock one night he was standing at a gate when his three dogs ran off. He then saw eyes in nearby trees which turned out to be squirrels. He noted that there was an unusual lack of sound. All natural noise was muted. He felt sick and left the area.

5. Unusual odors - e.g. often there was the smell of tobacco as if from a pipe or a cigarette, but there had been no one present smoking. At other times, there was smell of sulphur. In the early, BAASS days, he had a BAASS checklist for unusual experiences. One of the check boxes concerned the observation of a sulphur smell. Marx once spoke to Dr Eric Davis who had an experience of an unusual odor in the bedroom which Marx had occupied.

6. Unusual lights - e.g. Marx and a partner were at the east gate. It was snowing, and they saw a bright light in the canal area near homestead one. They ran there to investigate but found nothing to account for the light. At other times a super bright light would light up his bedroom. However, nothing was ever found to account for its origin.

7. Photographic images - e.g. At one stage he set up a camera and took maybe 1000 images over five days in black and white. In some photographs there were light spots which weren't caused by dust particles. In some images there was a transparent human like silhouette.

8. Ouija board experiment - e.g. Seven individuals sat around a ouija board. It was a BAASS approved experiment and was videoed and sound recorded. Before anyone touched the planchette, it lifted up and flew across and hit Chris int he chest. He changed chairs but the same thing happened again.

9. Unusual animals - e.g. during a jog, Chris and another individual named John, were opening irrigation canals whey they saw a very different type of frog which had the snout of a cayman.

10. The skinwalker? Once, when patrolling the west gate with his dogs, late one afternoon, and walking past homestead two, he had a strong sense of being watched. Up on the mesa he saw a person. It was just after sunset. The person was looking in Chris' direction, facing southwards. 

Chris thought it was a trespasser, and called out to the man, but the man did not respond. Chris could see that person's head, legs and arms, but not the face. The mesa runs east/west, and the person then turned eastwards, and started bending at the waist with arms straight out, and fell forward. As he touched the ground he turned into a wolf. This animal then walked behind a rock formation and was lost to view.

Due to an approaching electrical storm Marx returned to the ranch caretakers and reported the incident up the chain of command. He wrote it all up in detail, and still has a copy of that documentation.

Footprints left by the "man on the ridge"

Next day, he went up to the mesa and there in the mud, found human tracks then canine tracks that walked away. He took photographs, measured the tracks, took DNA scrapings off the tracks and collected soil samples in case there were hairs present. All these went off for analysis. Two vets responded that the tracks were most likely those of a wolf. Chris never do hear the results of any of the other tests.

Footprints left by the "man on the ridge"

Closing comments 

Firstly, I wish to thank both Erica Lukes and Chris J Marx for sharing his story, and for sharing three images from his collection from his time at the Skinwalker ranch between 2010-2016.

Secondly, as I mentioned in a recent interview on "UFO Classified" I think that the UFO phenomenon and what is termed "the paranormal" are intimately intertwined. My investigatory research over the years has found that many individuals who report experiencing a close encounter with the UFO phenomenon, also self report personal paranormal experiences at a higher rate than the general population.

I look forward to seeing many more of Chris' Skinwalker Ranch documentation, the first available for the period 2010-2016, when he is ready to do so.

I also look forward to the day when James T Lacatski is ready to tell us what he knows of both the Skinwalker ranch and the AAWSAP/AATIP.

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