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Dr Hal Puthoff and the Soviet project "Thread-3"


A constant part of the message, that Luis Elizondo has been spreading about what he refers to as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) is that, if the phenomena itself is not a threat; then a threat might exist if the Russians or Chinese learn the secrets of the phenomena, in terms of military applications that might follow this discovery.

This theme of a threat from the Russians was repeated in the recent speech by Dr Hal Puthoff at the  Society for Scientific Exploration's recent conference, in Las Vegas, Dr Hal Puthoff mentioned that "...the Soviet Union had a massive program also trying to get to the root of all this...of course they had the same concerns we did. Is there a threat from the phenomena or might the Americans make headway before us and that be a threat?" In his talk, Puthoff referred to a document about a Soviet research program named "Thread-3." I searched around to see what I could find out about this Project. 


The October 1993 edition of the MUFON Journal carried an article titled 'Soviet UFO Secrets' authored by one Bryan Gresh (The English Flying Saucer Review, volume 39, number 2, Summer 1994 also carried a reprint of the MUFON Journal article.) It is a report based on a trip, undertaken in March 1993, to Russia with a view to seek out 'a new layer of information about Russian research into the phenomenon.'

They interviewed a retired Russian Colonel, Boris Sokolov, who between 1980 and 1990 ran a UFO study program. 'Solokov says the military was interested in UFOs for a number of reasons, including the belief if the secrets of the UFO could be discovered, the Soviets would be able to win the competition against prospective enemies by incorporating what extraterrestrials knew of velocity, materials - and stealth. Sokolov told us the search for stealth technology was prompted by the capabilities of UFOs.'

Gresh's article then moves on to 'The Ministry of Defense official who is in charge of the current program...we can give the name of the study 'Thred-3...' In the documents obtained by Gresh and Knapp, there is mention of sightings by Cosmonauts.

I reached out to the UFO community to see if anyone had a scanned copy of any 'Thread-3' documents. Researcher Mikhail Gershtein responded that in the 1994 MUFON Symposium Proceedings, there were three relevant pages, which he provided to me. I reproduce these below:

Relevant portions are:

'...we obtained several dozen pages of still-classified documents and managed to get these out of the country..'

'The documents outline a fairly specific timetable for the study to be concluded in 1995.'

Other highlights of the 'Thread-3' documents were:

* Information on the Roswell crash
* Another UFO crash in Nov 1950 on the Texas/Mexico border
* Contactees
* US government efforts to maintain a UFO cover up
* Sightings by cosmonauts and astronauts.

Open Minds TV

In a 30 November 2009 blog post on the "Open Minds" TV website, an article appeared titled 'Russian Cosmonauts' UFO sightings and statements.'

'Las Vegas KLAS-TV journalist George Knapp brought back from Moscow in 1992 a thick UFO dossier from the old Soviet Ministry of Defense, and a then recent project called "Thread-3" from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

A few of the "Thread-3" documents discuss some cosmonaut sightings, although it must be clarified that they are based on public statements by Marina Popovich and other Russian ufologists, and not on internal data obtained by the Ministry of Defense…Back to the "Thread-3" documents, it mentions an audio tape of the conversations at 0.14am on June 17 1978 between cosmonauts Vladimir Kovalenok and Alexander Ivanchenko on the Salyut-6 space station and Mission  Control outside Moscow..."

In a second "Open Minds" TV blog dated 26 January 2010, titled "Soviet Nukes and UFOs" is the following:

'The last category of documents obtained by Knapp are not part of the old Soviet Ministry records kept by Col. Sokolov, but part of the "Thread-3" project undertaken since 1991 by the current Ministry of Defense.

These documents were actually smuggled out of Russia by Knapp, and their style and contents are quite different from the previous project. They consist of a number of reports not so much on individual UFO cases, but on a variety of topics such as the history of UFO research in the USSR and Russia; propulsion and "non-traditional" engines and "the possible application for the creation of military and industrial technical devices;" a brief review of American documents and popular Western ufological research; analysis of the messages and philosophical outlook of some Russian contactees; reports and rumours of UFO sightings by Russian cosmonauts; and so on...'

Closing comment

It would appear that the Russian 'Thread-3' UFO study program probably ran between 1990 and 1995. Knapp/Gresh were able to secure 'several dozen pages' of the study documents. An image of only one page of these documents has been publicly released. It would appear that only Gresh/Knapp have a full set of these documents.

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Dr. Hal Puthoff's speech at the Society for Scientific Exploration 2018 conference


The 37th conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) was held in conjunction with the International Remote Viewing Association conference,  between 6-10 June 2018, in Las Vegas, USA. One of the speakers was Dr Hal Puthoff

Dr Puthoff spoke of his interest in the areas of a) quantum vacuum fluctuations, b) remote viewing, and c) Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. In this latter area, he spoke about his work with the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program. This post will highlight parts of his speech which interested me, and is not intended to be a full report of the speech. Quotes below are from Dr Puthoff's speech.

Name of the program

"The program was nicknamed Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program..."Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application program" is the actual name of the program."

My comment:

The Defense Intelligence Agency's 2008 solicitation for bidders for this contract, states that the program was called Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program.

When did the program begin?

"It began in June of 2007..."

My comment:

Although a number of people have made comments that the program commenced in 2007, I have not before seen a month in 2007 mentioned.

Terms used

I note that Dr Puthoff mostly  uses the term "Advanced Aerospace vehicles "when referring to the phenomenon under study.

Soviet Union

"This is a document in the program we dug out of the Soviet Union ("Thread-3.") It's a very thick document. It shows that the Soviet Union had a massive program also trying to get to the root of all of this. In this document a number of research institutes and military institutes are listed..."

My comment:

1. An Internet search using the term "Thread-3" failed to locate any information.

2. The reference to "a massive program" contrasts with information revealed in one of the UK UAP files released last year. File DEFE 24/3152 pages 219-220, reveals a DI55 paper titled 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)" dated 19 June 1995.

Paragraph 26 reads:


26. [Redacted] have confirmed that at least until the early 90's a small team studied UAPs at Ramenskoye."

Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs)

"So, I let out 38 contracts over a two-year period. I'll show you what the studies were on. You can read them there: positron aerospace propulsion, IEC fusion as a compact energy source, warp drive, dark energy, extra dimensions, metallic glasses for aerospace use... Here are some of the papers I commissioned: negative mass propulsion, antigravity for aerospace applications, programmable matter, invisibility cloaking..."

My comments:

1. Although the titles of seven of these DIRD's are known, only copies of three have been released.

2.  A search for the words "positron aerospace propulsion" brings up a number of articles including this one.

3. A search for the words "IEC fusion as a compact energy source" brings up a number of items including this.

4. Several articles appeared when the words "metallic glass for aerospace use" were searched. Here is one.

 5. The authors of the above papers, and other articles, may suggest some of the authors of the other DIRDs
Unusual materials
"...there's lots of materials that have been picked up or provided even in the public domain...This is an open source sample. It was sent anonymously to talk show host Art Bell....It was a multilayered bismuth and magnesium sample...Nowhere could we find any evidence that anybody ever made one of these... Well, years later, decades later actually, finally our own science moves along. We move into an area called metamaterials, and it turns out exactly this combination of materials at exactly these dimensions turn out to be an excellent microscopic waveguide for very high frequency electromagnetic radiation.."
1. See my previous blog post about these materials.
2. For additional background on the material see here and here
I wish to thank Paradigm Research Group for publishing the entire transcript.
Update 15 June 2018

Correspondent "Parabunk" suggests that another DIRD might be this one:

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Over 150 issues of VFSRS/VUFORS periodicals now digitally available

The Archives for the Unexplained

Last August I announced, that following work by Sweden's Archives for the Unexplained (AFU) ; UK researcher Isaac Koi; myself; Keith Roberts of Tasmania, and Bill Chalker of New South Wales, that a digital archive of Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre (TUFOIC) Newsletters, and periodicals of the UFO Investigation Centre (UFOIC) had been created and was available for access.

Victorian UFO periodicals

Today, I am pleased to advise that following work by the AFU; Isaac Koi; myself, and a former official of the Victorian UFO Research Society (VUFORS), many digital copies of periodicals of VUFORS are now available for access.

VUFORS started life, as the Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (Victorian Branch) on 17 February 1957. Later that year it was renamed the Victorian Flying Saucer Research Society (VFSRS.) In 1968 VFSRS became the Victorian UFO Research Society.

The group published a number of periodicals, specifically the Australian Flying Saucer Review (AFSR) (joint editions with the UFO Investigation Centre (UFOIC) of News South Wales, and then separately as  AFSR (Victorian edition). In 1972 when high costs forced the closure of the AFSR, it produced issues of the Australian UFO Bulletin.

Thanks to the work of those cited above, the digital collection now contains all of the Victorian produced issues of the AFSR and most of the Australian UFO Bulletins (1968 - 2007.)

How to access issues

To access an issue of the VFSRS/VUFORS periodicals, simply click here, or paste the link below into a web browser, which will take you to the collection. If you click on any issue and open it up, then click on the ... symbol, you will then be able to download that issue. If you are unable to download for any reason then email me at and I will WeTransfer you that issue(s).

Coming soon - another new type of Identified Flying Object

Airbus, a European aeronautical group, will soon be flying unmanned, Zephyr, high altitude pseudo satellites (HAPS) over Northern Australia. They will be based at Wyndham Airport, in northern Western Australia.

Each Zephyr aircraft weighs under 75 kilograms, and operates by charging its solar powered batteries during the day, which enables it to operate 24 hours a day.


It is projected to fly at 65,000 feet, with a flight duration measured in weeks.

It has been designed for a multitude of roles, including precision farming guidance; internet coverage in isolated localities, and military surveillance.

The anticipated date of deployment of the first operational aircraft is given as mid -2018, i.e. about now.

Yet another IFO to watch out for.

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A UFO film - "The Nullarbor."


There are two Australian UFO cases, of which almost all researchers have heard. The first is the 1978 disappearance of Victorian pilot Frederick Valentich. The second, is the 1988 Knowles family encounter on the Nullarbor Plains of Western Australia, which is the subject of this post.


In the early morning hours of 20 January 1988, members of the Perth based Knowles family, were travelling by car from Perth to Melbourne, driving through the night over the isolated Nullarbor Plains near the Western Australia/South Australia border. They reported seeing an unusual light, near ground level, which they believed then attempted to lift their car off the ground, during an extended encounter.

Their story made headlines around the world, and locally was investigated in depth by members of UFO Research of South Australia. Now, the story is to be told in a full length feature film.


The International Movie Data base shows that a film titled simply, "The Nullarbor" is in pre-production. It is scheduled as a 90 minute, "action, drama, sci-fi." The plot given there is, "On a dark and lonely road an ordinary family encounter something extraordinary. This is their story."

The IMDb provides the following information regarding cast and crew.

Main cast

Jane Badler plays "Helen Fields," Jane is an American actress who relocated to Australia and is best known for her role as the evil reptilian Visitor leader "Diana" In the NBC mini series "V.""

John Brumpton plays UFO rsearcher "Keith Basterfield."

Katherine Grinlaw plays "vic."

Paul Todd plays "Patrick Knowles."

Marty Rhone plays truck driver "Porky."

Tony Markulin plays truck driver "Graham Henley."

Adam La Rosa plays police Constable "Dean Matthews."

John McCullough plays "Professor Glen Moore."

Isaac Still plays "Sean Knowles."

Serge De Nardo plays police "Seargent Trebilcock."

Director is Matt Poidevin.

Writers are Kerryn Markulin and John Smithers.

I am unaware of when production will commence.

"Westall the movie"

While on the subject of UFO cases from Australia; what news on a possible full length movie film based on the 6 April 1966 Westall incident?

I am aware of at least three individuals, all Victorian based film makers, who have shown interest in this subject.

One such film maker, who coincidentally was born in 1966, who is also a film director and film producer, has long shown an interest in making a "Westall the movie." I understand that a script has been finalised.

The second individual, a Melbourne based film maker, is looking for their next project, after completing a series for pay television.

The third individual is Matt Poidevin, director for "The Nullarbor." A search of the IMDb found that Matt's "Westall" is "In development,"

Does any blog reader know of other Australian films being made, based on local UFO cases? If so, please share your knowledge with us by sending an email to

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Those Defense Intelligence Reference Documents

Eric W Davis interview

In a Coast to Coast radio interview on 28 January 2018, between journalist George Knapp and Eric W Davis, Davis outlined his sub-contractor role within the Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS)  program for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP.) At the Institute for Advanced Studies, based in Austin, Texas, his job was to provide broad scientific advice, and recommendations. He did not get into any data analysis, video analysis or witness interviews.

He was tasked with looking into the future - around 2050 - to set up a series of expert studies - and produce a series of Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs.) To look at a variety of topics and get experts to write a DIRD on that subject. Authors were asked to imagine our earthly technology, extrapolate it to 2050 and compare what we might have by then against what we see of the phenomenon today. Davis stated that 38 such papers were produced, with two being classified.

Hal Puthoff interview

In another 28 January 2018 Coast to Coast interview by George Knapp, this time with Hal Puthoff, Puthoff stated that his role within the AATIP was mainly to look at the physics. He had had 38 papers written

Six DIRDs by Eric W Davis 

On the Earth Tech International Inc. website there is a list of six DIRDs prepared by Eric W Davis. These are:

1. Davis, E.W. (2010), "Laser Lightcraft Nanosatellites," Defense Intelligence Reference Document, Defense Futures, DIA-08-1011-001, Technology Warning Division (DWO-4), Defense Warning Office, Directorate for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC.

2. Obousy, R.K. and Davis, E.W. (2010). "Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions," Defense Intelligence Reference Document, Acquisition Threat Support, DIA-08-1004-001, Acquisition Support Division (DWO-3), Defense Warning Office, Directorate for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC.

3. Davis, E.W. (2010), "Concepts for Extracting Energy from the Quantum Vacuum," Defense Intelligence Reference Document, Acquisition Threat Support, DIA-08-1004-007, Acquisition Support Division (DWO-3), Defense Warning office, Directorate for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC.

4. Davis, E.W. (2010), "Antigravity for Aerospace Applications," Defense Intelligence Reference Document, Acquisition Threat Support, DIA-08-1003-018, Acquisition Support Division (DWO-3), Defense Warning Office, Directorate for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC.

5. Davis, E.W. (2010), "Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy," Defense Intelligence Reference Document, Acquisition Threat Support, DIA-08-1004-004, Acquisition Support Division (DWO-3), Defense Warning Officer, Directorate for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC.

6. Davis, E.W. (2011). "Quantum Tomography of Negative Energy States in the Vacuum," Defense Intelligence Reference Document, Defense Futures, DIA-0801102-007, Technology Warning Division (DWO-4), Defense Warning Office, Directorate for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington, DC.

Have we seen any of these 38 DIRD's?

We have seen three. Two written by Davis, namely, DIA-08-1004-004 dated 6 April 2010; and DIA-08-1004-001 dated 2 April 2010. The earliest appearance of these two documents can be traced back to a website operated by US researcher Corey Goode. They appear in an item written dated 18 December 2017.

How do we know these are copies of the real, original documents? Isaac Koi posed this question to Eric W Davis by email; together with a copy of the two documents. Davis confirmed they were his documents.

The third DIRD, this one written by Hal Puthoff surfaced on 5 May 2018 as a link within a report by George Knapp and Matt Adams  It was DIA-08-1003-015 titled "Advanced Space Propulsion Based on Vacuum (Spacetime Metric) Engineering" and dated 29 March 2010.

How do we know this is one of the 38 prepared DIRD's? I emailed Hal Puthoff; sent him a copy of the document, and he confirmed by return email that it was his original DIRD..

In summary

In summary, we know there were 38 DIRD's prepared. We have the titles of seven of these, and a full copy of three.

Have we knowledge of any other information on these DIRD's?

1.On his website Corey Goode stated that at one point he had the two Davis DIRD's above, plus three others (not described) but these three others had been stolen from him (no others details given.)

2.A search of the Internet brings up copies of the two Davis DIA-08-1004-004 dated 6 April 2010; and DIA-08-1004-001 dated 2 April 2010.and one Puhoff  DIA-08-1003-015 DIRDs already described above.

3. Hal Puthoff published a paper with the same title as his DIRD, "Advanced Space Propulsion Based on Vacuum (Spacetime Metric) Engineering" in 2010 in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society.

4. In a talk entitled "Empty Space: The Multilayered, Multicolored Superconductor," by Eric W Davis at a conference titled "Modern Topics in Energy and Power", US Army Research Laboratory, in August 2016, referenced two DIRDs, namely DIA-08-1004-007 and DIA-08-1102-007, both of which we were already aware of, from Davis' Earth Tech DIRD list.

5. I searched the US website for the Defense Technical Information Centre for any of these DIRDs. There were two documents, dated 2004,  by Eric W Davis concerning "Teleportation Physics Study" and "Advanced Propulsion Study." However, I was unable to locate any of the six 2010/2011 Davis DIRDs or the one by Puthoff on this website.

Update: 12 June 2018

A correspondent asked me what questions I would like answered about these DIRDs? My reply was:

1. Where did the funding come from for the work on the DIRD's? Was it directly from the DIA? From BAASS? From some other source?

2. When was the request received for the DIRD work to commence? Who asked for the work to be undertaken?

3. How many DIRD's were completed? How many were classified?

4. Who gave a number of DIRD's to Corey Goode? Why?

5. Who gave a copy of one DIRD to George Knapp? Why?

6. Who has a complete set of the DIRDs? Hal Puthoff? Eric Davis? Anyone else?

7. Has anyone obtained copies of all the DIRDs via an FOIA request?

8. Who are the authors of the non Puthoff; non Davis DIRDs?

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Aviator Francis Chichester's classic sighting - is the date wrong?


On a flight between New Zealand and Australia, in 1931, the famous aviator and sailor Francis Chichester, reported an unusual observation. This has become somewhat of a classic "UFO" story on the Internet and in various books.


The story which is related, is as follows:

10 June 1931, Tasman Sea

"Suddenly, ahead and to the left, there were bright flashes in several places, like the dazzle of a heliograph. I saw a dull grey-white airship coming towards me. It seemed impossible, but I could have sworn it was an airship, nosing towards me like an oblong pearl. Except for a cloud or two there was nothing else in  the sky. I looked around, sometimes catching a flash or glint, and turning again to look at the airship. I found it had disappeared.

I screwed up my eyes, unable to believe what I was seeing, and  twisted the seaplane this way and that, thinking that the airship must be hidden by a blind spot. Dazzling flashes continued in four or five different places, but I could not pick out any planes.

Then, out of some clouds, I saw another or the same airship advancing. I watched it intently, determined not to  look away for a fraction of a second. I'd see what happened to this one, if I had to chase it. It drew steadily closer, until perhaps a mile away, when suddenly it vanished. Then it reappeared, close to where it had vanished. I watched with  angry intentness. It drew closer, and I could see the dull gleam of light on its  nose and back.

It came on, but instead  of increasing in size, it diminished as it approached. When quite near, it suddenly became its own ghost one second I could see through it, and the next it had vanished. I decided it could only be a diminutive cloud perfectly  shaped like an airship and then dissolving, but it was uncanny that it should exactly resume the same shape after it once vanished.

I turned towards the flashes, but those too had vanished. All of this was many years before anyone spoke of flying saucers. Whatever it was I saw, it seems to have been very much like what people have since claimed to  be flying saucers."

[Source: Chichester, Francis. 1964. The Lonely Sea and the Sky. Coward-McCann. New York. p.165.]

Is 10 June 1931, the correct date?

Every source that I consulted, including The OzFiles (page 34) by Australian author Bill Chalker, and the Lord Howe Island Museum, cites the sighting as taking place on 10 June 1931. Did anyone consult contemporary newspapers to check on this date?  It appears not.

I therefore conducted a search of contemporary digitised newspapers in the National Library of Australia's TROVE collection. I put together a timeline of the trip.

Left Auckland, New Zealand at 11.30am on Saturday 28 March 1931.
Arrived Norfolk Island 4.45pm 28 March 1931.

[Source: Advocate, Burnie, Tasmania. Monday 30 March 1931 page5.]

Left Norfolk Island at 10am on Wednesday 1 April 1931.
Arrived Lord Howe Island at 4.30pm on 1 April 1931.

[Source: Advertiser & Register, Adelaide, South Australia. Thursday 2 April 1931 page 19.]

Left Lord Howe Island on the morning of Saturday 6 June 1931 bound for Sydney. Arrived Jervis Bay, New South Wales at about 3.30pm 6 June 1931.

[Sources: Sunday Times, Perth, Western Australia, Sunday 7 June 1931 page3;  Chronicle, Adelaide, South Australia 11 June 1931 page 39. Daily Examiner, Grafton, NSW, Monday 8 June 1931 page 3.]

Therefore, according to contemporary newspapers, the cited date of 10 June 1931 is incorrect, as the flight was over by 6 June 1931.

What is the correct date? Well, this depends on which part of the trip did the sighting occur? If it was between Auckland and Norfolk Island the date was 28 March 1931. If between Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island 1 April 1931, and if  between Lord Howe Island and Sydney, the 6 June 1931.

As an aside, the paper reports that Chichester flight between Lord Howe Island and Sydney was  delayed due to the fact that his aircraft had to be repaired after his aircraft sank in a lagoon on Lord Howe Island. See interesting historical photographs. This source also has a map of the entire trip.

Does an account of the sighting appear in any contemporary newspaper?

I conducted a search using TROVE and could not find any account prior to 1950. In the Goulburn Evening Post dated Thursday 2 November 1950 there is an account of the sighting from 1931, as recalled by Chichester in his book "Alone Over the Tasman Sea." This book was first published in 1945. The newspaper article includes the sentence "At the time he dismissed them as unexplainable phenomena."


There exists a short Youtube video of an interview (in black and white) with Francis Chichester about the sighting. However, in does not assist with either the exact location or indeed the date.

Check the book

I therefore acquired a copy of  Chichester, Francis. 1964. The Lonely Sea and the Sky. Hodder and Stoughton. London. Seventh impression 1967.  Page 106 features a map of the flight. According to this:

* Chichester left New Zealand on 28 March 1931 and landed at Norfolk Island on that same day.

* He flew from Norfolk Island to Lord Howe Island on 1 April 1931.

These dates are both in agreement with contemporary newspaper accounts.

Here on page 165 of the book, I found:

"Suddenly, ahead and to the left, there were bright flashes in several places, like the dazzle of a heliograph. I saw a dull grey-white airship coming towards me. It seemed impossible, but I could have sworn it was an airship, nosing towards me like an oblong pearl. Except for a cloud or two there was nothing else in  the sky. I looked around, sometimes catching a flash or glint, and turning again to look at the airship. I found it had disappeared.

I screwed up my eyes, unable to believe what I was seeing, and  twisted the seaplane this way and that, thinking that the airship must be hidden by a blind spot. Dazzling flashes continued in four or five different places, but I could not pick out any planes.

Then, out of some clouds to my right front, I saw another, or the same airship advancing. I watched it intently, determined not to  look away for a fraction of a second: I'd see what happened to this one, if I had to chase it. It drew steadily closer, until perhaps a mile away, when suddenly it vanished. Then it reappeared, close to where it had vanished: I watched with  angry intentness. It drew closer, and I could see the dull gleam of light on its  nose and back.

It came on, but instead  of increasing in size, it diminished as it approached. When quite near, it suddenly became its own ghost - one second I could see through it, and the next it had vanished. I decided it could only be a diminutive cloud perfectly  shaped like an airship and then dissolving, but it was uncanny that it should exactly resume the same shape after it had once vanished.

I turned towards the flashes, but those too had vanished. All of this was many years before anyone spoke of flying saucers. Whatever it was I saw, it seems to have been very much like what people have since claimed to  be flying saucers.

...After six hours and five minutes in the air I saw land again, and it was still there ten minutes later...Well, this was Australia."

In short

This description of seeing Australia shortly after his sighting, places the date of the sighting as 6 June 1931 and not 10 June 1931.

Where did the error arise?

The map of the book on page 106, states the following. "June 10 1931 Lord Howe Island Jarvis Bay."

So, it would appear that the error lies with whoever drew the map and inserted the 10 June 1931 date, and everyone since has simply assumed this was the correct date.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

When did Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies start and where is the AAWSA contract?

Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program

In a previous post, I established that former Marine Corps aviator, Douglas Kurth, one of the witnesses to the 2004 USS Nimitz, "tic tac" UFO, commenced working for Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) in December 2007, some nine months before that company is said to have been awarded a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) contract under the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications (AAWSA) program.

Part of Kurth's LinkedIn profile page stated that he was "Program lead - novel and emerging space technologies targeting operational deployment in 2040" and that he "Directed and managed a team of 40 scientists, engineers, analysts and researchers" and that he was a "Technical expert in advanced aerospace concepts and aerodynamics."

When did BAASS start?

I went looking through official records of the US state of Nevada, for clues as to when BAASS came into being.

I found a website which allowed me to conduct a search using the business name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies. This led me to business entity E0056412008-7, namely Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies. This in turn led me to another area of the site providing numerous details of the business. 

It can be seen from this, that BAASS commenced on 29 January 2008, some eight months before being awarded the AAWSA contract, and up to two months after Douglas Kurth commenced work. 

What is also of interest is the section labelled "Officers." here, where you would expect to find the name of an individual, instead it reads " Managing member - International Space Hardware Services LLC."

I looked up International Space Hardware Services LLC. I found that the file date for this business was 31 October 2007. 

Who were the officers of this entity? "Managing member - Bigelow Aerospace SPC, In."

You guessed it, I looked up "Bigelow Aerospace SPC, Inc." The file date for this entity was 18 January 2005.

When I looked at who the officers were for this third entity, I found the names were:

President - Robert T Bigelow; Treasurer - Robert T Bigelow; Director - Robert T Bigelow; Secrtary - Rickie Lee Golightly.

The AAWSA contract

Having failed to locate any documentation that the AAWSA DIA contract was awarded to  Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies as suggested by numerous Internet sources; in such places as usaspending or the Department of Defense's contract awarded site; of on the Federal Business Opportunities 2008 archive website, I wondered if the contract had been awarded to International Space Hardware Services LLC or Bigelow Aerospace SPC, Inc?

However, a search of all the above websites for any contract awarded to any of these entities, failed to find any such documentation.

FOIA request

I thought that the next step was a request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to the US Department of Defense. I realize that this is likely to be a lengthy process, and that dozens of other researchers have already bombarded the DID through the DoD. I even know that some have asked for a copy of the DIA Bigelow contract, which is the same thing I am searching for. However, it is worth the effort, so today I submitted the following request:
A copy of the contract resulting from solicitation number HHM402-08-R-0211, dated 18 August 2008, issued by the Virginia Contracting Activity, on  behalf of the Defense Intelligence Agency, for the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program.

Now for the wait. Or do we need to wait?

George Knapp

On 4 May 2018, KLAS TV in Las Vegas carried a news item, and written report by George Knapp. 
Among various documents flashed across the screen was the image below:

This partial document would appear to show that Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies LLC was the "Contractor/Offeror." However, it is possible that this is a copy of part of the submission for Bigelow for the AAWSA contract, and not part of the contract they were awarded. However, seconds later another part image appears as below:

As you can see, section 26 of this form "Total Award Amount (For Govt. Use only) shows a figure of $10,000,000.00 which seems to indicate that this is indeed an image of part of the awarded contract.

So, does KLAS TV have a copy of the actual contract? Perhaps a concerted campaign of emails to the station might release a copy? Over to blog readers to see if they consider whether this approach is worthwhile.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The BAASS team - some of their roles and some of their names

MUFON Journals

I have been reviewing copies of the MUFON Journal for the period April 2009 to February 2010, to further explore what is known about the MUFON STAR Team Impact Project, and its interaction with Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS.)

Source: MUFON
The first page of the April 2009 Journal shows: "STAR Team Impact Project - a bold and aggressive step forward in tracking the alien presence among us."

James Carrion, the then MUFON Director, in the "Director's Message" announced that "it has been subcontracted to provide rapid response UFO investigation services to Bigelow Aerospace Advances (sic) Space Studies (BAASS) and has initiated the STAR Team Impact Project (SIP)to provide these services...BAASS will pay for laboratory testing of physical evidence collected..."

Pages 3-5 of the Journal has an article by James Carrion included "Last year MUFON announced the formation of its Strike Team for Are Research...Data gathered from cases that we feel warrant a deployment will be shared with BAASS, and physical or trace evidence will be lab tested by BAASS. BAASS will share lab results with MUFON and MUFON is free to publish its own related research a or to seek independent testing...The SIP Coordination Manager position was filled by Richard Lang from North Carolina, and Jessica Johnson of Fort Collins, Colorado was hired for the SIPM Operations Manager position...The Director of research determines what experts and consultants should be involved in the analysis phase and coordinate with BAASS personnel. The raw data is summarized in a report to BAASS along with corroborative data, lab analysis submittals and research implications and recommendation."

STAR team cases

I took the time to compile a spreadsheet of the 69 STAR team investigated reports in the relevant time frame (ie April 2009 - January 2010.)  I did this by searching through the MUFON Journal issues, which contained some summaries of the sightings involved; then obtained additional information from the MUFON database (CMS.)

The 69 cases were divided into two categories:

Category two - The unidentified light(s) or object(s) is observed to have landed on the ground or in some ways affected the immediate physical environment.

Category three - The witness also experienced one or more of the following during or after the event: A) Observations of beings or entities B) Interactions with nonhuman entities C) Episodes of missing time D)Wounds or trauma to body of unknown origin E) Taken onboard a craft F) Telepathic communications G) Out of body experience H) Encounter with an unknown animal."

I wanted to get a "feel" for the types of cases which MUFON were documenting, and then passing to BAASS.


After the official MUFON STAR Team date (January 2010) when MUFON ceased sending their reports to BAASS, there were indications that BAASS continued to investigate US sightings:

1. The 27 March to 26-27May 2010 Isles Of Capri sightings. MUFON CMS - Marco Island, Florida.

2. The Lake Erie area sightings - MUFON CMS has reports spread between 14 March 2010 and 15 June 2010.

I wrote about these two cases and BAASS involvement in a previous blog post. There may well be other examples which I have not come across.


So, we know BAASS was investigating UFO reports within the USA. Who was doing the investigation? Using the resources of the LinkedIn website, I found numerous individuals who said that they had worked for BAASS during the relevant time frame. The following information, shows the roles of some of those within BAASS, which these individuals said they undertook. A number of individuals have already been publicly identified with the BAASS program and I use their names here. Others, have not yet been publicly identified, and out of respect for their privacy I have not named them. I have been trying to reach out to these unnamed individuals via LinkedIn. 

Law Enforcement Professional

Las Veags, Nevada Area
Specialties Clandestine Operations/Covert Operations * Intelligence Operations
* Criminal Investigations * Tactical/Special operations * Analytical Investigations
* Technical Surveillance/Electronic Surveillance operations* Technical
Surveillance Counter Measures * Personal Protection
Company Name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Dates Employed June 2009 - Oct 2009
Employment Duration 5 mos
Conducted Classified Investigations

Research Scientist

Company Name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Dates Employed Jul 2009 -Jun 2010
Employment Durations 1 yr
Location Las Vegas, NV
Classified Research

Research Engineer

Worked in an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers studying advanced aerospace weapon system applications including lift, propulsion, control, power generation, signature reductions, materials and armament.Further tasks included:

* Develop company research topics requiring ANSYS FEA calculation and carry out research within the fields of aerodynamics, heat transfer, stress analysis and chemical reaction

* Perform field measurements collecting data regarding ionizing radiation as well as performing chemicals/metal/soil and spectrum analysis across the united States in accordance with the code of federal regulations, ANSI, IEEE and ASTM standards and EPA, USGS, DOE and DOD procedures.

* Responsible for training engineering/scientist team on proper use of equipment safety/procedure guidelines

* Responsible for compiling, formatting and ensuring technical accuracy of completed scientific analysis reports

Field investigations

Hernandez, Gary
Bigelow Advanced Space Studies
Jan 2009 - May 2010
1 yr 6 mos
Classified investigations.

Field investigator

Experienced Investigator, Homeland Security, Emergency Preparedness &
Training, Emergency Management
Field Investigator
Company Name BAASS
Dates Employed May 2009 - June 2010
Employment Duration 1 yr 2 mos
Location Las Vegas, Nevada Area
Working through Department of Defense contractor, facilitated/directed security/field investigation operations at Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) under Top Secret SSBI Security Clearance.
Managed contract associated with other Government or associated (classified) agencies.
Managed a team of investigators, Mechanical, Electrical and Nuclear Engineers who were responsible for the design, development and maintenance of specialized equipment of a classified and clandestine nature.

Deputy Administrator

Colm Kelleher
2008 - 2014 4 yrs

* Interviewed, hired and trained a team of 50 scientists, engineers, analysts, and created the classified security infrastructure for an IC contract to study proprietary advanced aerospace technology and threat analysis

* Briefed government department undersecretary and senior United States senators on threat analysis and advanced technology programs

* Worked closely with IC to develop and execute multiple programs involving advanced aerospace technology including negotiating and executing multi-disciplinary subcontracts for database creation, physics and engineering analysis and medical science studies

* Led in the creation of all scientific programs and strategic initiatives for the company

* Interfaced with Congressional staff, political consultants, Washington DC think tanks and other organizations in the furtherance of company goals

*COMSEC Custodian and Facility Security Officer for the IC latter contract period.

Senior Investigator/Team Leader

Experienced Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the law enforcement, security and investigations industry. Skilled in Crisis management, Emergency management, Police Leadership, Tactical Operation, Criminal Investigations
Senior Investigator/Team leader
Company name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Dates Employed Jan 2009 - Jul 2010
Employment Duration 1 yr 7 mos
Provide direction and supervision to a squad of professional investigators tasked with conducting investigations into threats against National Security
Clearance TS SSBI 6/4, Secret.

Program Lead

Douglas Kurth
Enthusiastic and results-driven former Marine Corps Senior Officer, Commander and Naval Aviator with a diverse background in program management, aviation, safety, training,  maintenance and administration.
Program manager.
Company name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies.
Dates Employed Dec 2007 - Jun 2013
Employment Duration 5 yrs 7 mos
Location Lase Vegas, Nevada

* Program lead - novel and emerging space technologies targeting operational employment in 2040

* Directed and managed a team of 40 scientists, engineers, analysts, and researchers

* Business Development - initiated, developed, and directed critical collaborative contracts

* Tasked with international marketing of Bigelow Aerospace private space station

* Technical expert in advanced aerospace concepts and aerodynamics.

Equipment Manager/Lead Investigator

Company name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Dates Employed Mar 2010 - Sep 2011
Employment Duration 1 yr 7mos
Managed investigative and scientific efforts involved in the highest profile case in the company.
Managed contract associated with other Government or associated (classified) agencies.
Managed a team of Mechanical, Electrical and Nuclear Engineers who were responsible for the design, development and maintenance of specialized equipment of a classified nature.
Compiled technical reports and proposals and created quality assurance procedures for fieldwork, operations and troubleshooting of equipment.
Managed the procurement of a wide variety of electronics, materials, thermal night vision equipment and detectors for the purposes of completing interdisciplinary experiments and/or gathering of necessary quality affecting scientific data.

Senior Scientist Microbiology

Company Name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Date Employed Jan 2009 - Jun 2010
Employment Duration 1 yr 6mos
Location Las Vegas, Nevada

Project/Duties Lead biological senior scientist at BAASS. The primary duties involve responsibility for the development of laboratory capabilities for the evaluation of novel aerospace technologies including novel materials and propulsion systems for possible detrimental effects on humans and the environment. Additional duties involve the development of research protocols and techniques in support of ongoing research projects and oversight of daily science operations which include supervision of BAASS technicians. The project required employees to obtain government security clearances which preclude precise discussion of objectives.

SCIF/Dod Contractor

Company Name Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Date Employed Sep 2008 - Aug 2010
Employment Duration 2yrs
Location North Lase Vegas, Nevada.

Senior Data Analyst

Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Date employed Mar 2009 - May 2010
Employment Duration 1yr 4mos
Locations Las Vegas
Database developer, tableau evaluation & reports.


Eric W Davis
Chief Science officer
EarthTech Int'l Inc. and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin
Nov 2004 - present - 13yrs 7mos
EarthTech Int'l Inc.& the Inst. for Advanced Studies at Austin is a privately funded research organization dedicated to the exploration of new frontiers in physics. Our activities primarily center around investigations into various aspects of the Zero-Point Field. We routinely perform evaluations of reported "over-unity" energy devices. We specialize in performing accurate power-balance measurements using calorimetry.

Additionally, ETI supports academic pursuits via the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, its theoretical and publications division.
CEO?Chief Scientist
Warp Drive Metrics
January 2002 - present - 16 yrs 5mos

Director of aerospace physics/and astrophysics research
NIDS/Bigelow Aerospace Co
June 1996 - April 2002 5yrs 10mos
Design, develop and conduct research on sensor system discrimination of unique target signatures embedded in traditional background environments (collaborations: IASA, DSP-Sandia Nat'l Lab, Geoanalysis & Meteorology-LANL).

Phenomenology research on unique uncorrelated and correlate target events.
Conducted forensic science and field investigations of unique target events.

Hal Puthoff
President & CEO
EarthTech International inc.
1991 - present - 27 years
Directing research into advanced energy and propulsion for spaceflight.

The Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin was founded in 1985 and later incorporated under Earth Tech International 1991 as an innovative research facility with high-powered creative staff dedicated to exploring the forefront reaches of science and engineering. ETI and IASA are engaged in many collaborations with industry, the US government,scientific research foundations, and academia in order to implement our organization's mission: Shaping the future by innovating breakthroughs that inspire new modes of space transportation and new sources of energy.

In summary

We now better understand the nature of the roles undertaken by some of the BAASS personnel.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

A new type of IFO (Identified Flying Object)

Hi all,

Australian UFO groups and individuals are constantly receiving digital photographs and videos showing what are, to the photographer, unusual images. Groups and individual researchers are asked to comment as to the nature of the object.

The "UFO" in the picture/video frequently turns out to be an out of focus bird/insect; a sun dog; searchlights on clouds; internal lens reflections of such sources as the Sun and Moon; and of course, fake, computer generated images.

Plastic bag - to the right above the lampost

Searchlight on clouds above houses (Moon in top centre)
Sun dog to left of Sun plus internal lens reflection below sun dog

Internal lens reflections from the Sun  at two o'clock position
Out of focus bug - top right in sky
An out of focus bird

A new report

In March 2018, UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated received the following sighting report:

"Central Coast, NSW. 11 March 2018. 11am.

I was in my garage searching for some information about my car when I heard the local bird life in an uproar. I went outside to see what was disturbing the birds, thinking it was the resident sea eagles or maybe a falcon flying about.

The majority of birds were magpies, 10-20 in all, crows and a couple of curruwongs with a few silver eyes.

What struck me as being unusual is the number of magpies. Usually you see them in a family group of 2 adult birds with 2-3 young ones flying around them.

On further investigation to see what had made them become so distressed I saw an object drifting away from me at about 60-80 metres above the ground travelling at about 1-2 metres a second. It was travelling in an easterly direction and did not change course or alter its height above the ground. There was no noise. Thinking it was a drone no change of direction. When I first saw it, it was probably 200 metres away. It was a dark colour with a round appearance in the top half with a ridge around this section and the lower section looked like a hoop hanging below it with some sort of grey object attached to the lower section of the loop. I managed to get some pictures of it and the best one is attached to this report. Do you think this is a UFO?"

What was it?

Immediately upon seeing the pictures I thought that I knew what it was. Anthony spoke to the witness and emails were exchanged between the two of them. Here are the pictures.

Close-up of object

Do you know what it was?

It was a Mylar, helium filled party balloon! The witness himself arrived at the same conclusion.

Another IFO (in this case an Inflated Flying Object) to add to our list.

P.S. A check of the weather for the location from where the photographs were taken, revealed that on that day, at that time, the wind was blowing at 9km/hr from the West, which would naturally cause the balloon to drift gently to the east.


I would like to thank the individual who took this latest photograph, for their permission to reproduce the photos and the text of their report to UFO Research (NSW) Inc.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The tale of three BAASS field investigations


There are some, who are saying, that although they accept the fact that Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) received a contract from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)  regarding the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications (AAWSA) program, there is no mention of UFOs or UAPs in that solicitation/contract. The contract was granted sometime after the solicitation closing date of 5 September 2008.

As early as 13 September 2008 Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies was advertising jobs which are directly related to the AAWSA. I have identified at least four individuals who were employed as investigators (one as "senior investigator/Team Leader;" (employed January 2009) ; two as "field investigators; (one from January 2009 the other from May 2009); and one as "investigator/security officer" (from June 2009.)

I explored the Internet looking for some evidence that these field investigators for BAASS actually conducted UFO investigations.

Taking a step back

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) after negotiations with Robert Bigelow and BAASS, entered into a joint contract to work together. There were two main results arising from this. Firstly, that BAASS was given access to the MUFON CMS UFO reports database; and secondly that MUFON formed their STAR group. An individual named Richard Lang acted as the STAR Team Manager between February 2009 and January 2010.

In a 6 March 2011 blog post Lang provided detailed information about the relationship between BAASS and MUFON.

"The STAR Team Impact Project (SIP) was a MUFON project funded in part by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) where MUFON was subcontracted to provide information from the CMS data base (website) and witness reports related to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) directly to BAASS."

"BAASS investigators were given full access ( password and user ID) to the CMS database, in all cases where the witness answered "Yes" to the "third party release question" BAASS personnel and investigators could see all case information in CMS including witness contact information."

"MUFON also provided data to BAASS about significant events that were reported in CMS."

In short, BAASS were able to monitor almost all of the reports being received by MUFON CMS; had access to witness contact details, and could undertake their own investigations into any of the cases which they deemed of interest to them.

So, to critics who maintain that the AAWSA program was not about investigating UFO reports, the answer is, that it was. From the dates obtained from LinkedIn profiles there was at least, a team leader,/senior investigator and a field investigator in place with BAASS by January 2009. The arrangement with MUFON came into place from February 2009.

A BAASS field investigation in 2009

On 25 November 2009, an anonymous male was driving a four door sedan on the Port Jervis area of Orange County, in the state of New York, in the USA. He reported seeing strange lights in the sky, then it became a cigar shaped object with five lights across it. The object was moving slowly and rotating clockwise. It was gun grey metal in colour, and made s a sound like a "purring cat."

As the object passed directly over the car, the car's electrical functions failed, including the  electric windows which did not work when he tried to open the windows. His cell phone also failed to function. The lights on the object turned off and his car suddenly was running again. He was unable to say if the object left or the lights just turned off. He later reported his observation to MUFON by phone, who were on the scene within two days.

MUFON STAR team members Chuck Modlin and Vicki LeBlanc investigated. Later, Richard Lang and and Chuck Modlin conducted a second interview. "Using a tri-field meter near the vehicle, a 2009 4-door sedan, the meter maxed out indicating a very strong magnetic field."

Comparisons were made of the affected car's magnetic signature with that of car of an identical make and model, but this control car did not register any significant electrostatic , or electromagnetic fields. "In a follow up investigation 20 days later, the fields were still present but had dissipated by approximately 60%."

In a blog piece dated 1 March 2018, Australian researcher Bill Chalker, who had been looking into this case, says that "Bigelow was keen to buy the car involved, but I gather the witness did not want to part with it....The Port Jervis case is a striking example of a case that might yield possible 'disruptive technological breakthroughs.' Yet it seems that the details of this may have been passed on to BAASS, rather than being a part of the public MUFON report."

A BAASS field investigation in 2010

A 20 May 2010 report stated that MUFON investigated sightings over the Isles of Capri, Florida, USA, which occurred between 27 March 2010 and early May 2010. The report goes on to say:

"Gary Hernandez, field investigator with Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies, is interested in follow-up studies on the Capri UFO reports."

"We have a highly sophisticated system of investigative tools that can help led insight into strange phenomena such as those seen by the residents in your area." Hernandez said in a telephone conversation on May 13.

"I was down in your area several years ago investigating similar sightings, and would very much like to return and speak with eyewitnesses there now," Hernandez said.

"I'll do my best to objectively research and investigate each occurrence and gather as much supporting information to come to a potential conclusion." Hernandez wrote in an e-mail on May 13.

"Hernandez said he did not agree with MUFON's conclusion that the photo captured by the Isles of Capri Fire/Rescue Department's webcam was likely the moon setting."

A second BAASS field investigation in 2010

In a blog post dated 27 January 2015, an individual named Michael Lee Hill advised that an investigator from BAASS contacted him in 2010 concerning sightings in the Lake Erie area.

"In August of 2010, Hernandez sent a message on Michael's Face Book page, inquiring what Michael knew about the Eastlake UFOs."

"In November, curiously enough, Investigator Hernandez, in a face book message I have in my possession, told Michael there were certain things he couldn't tell him due to the nature of a contract Hernandez had signed..."

Another individual named Eugene Ehrlikh filmed lights over Lake Erie, but MUFON suggested they were aircraft. On 8 April 2010, Ehrlikh reportedly received a telephone call from someone who identified themselves as an investigator from BAASS. Hill identifies them as being Hernandez and goes on the say that Hernandez believed the lights were of extra-terrestrial origin.

LinkedIn profile

I looked in LinkedIn and found a Gary Hernandez whose profile in part says:

"Field Investigator
Bigelow Advanced Space Studies
Jan 2009 - February 2010 1 yr 6mos

It should be noted that although details available on the Isles Of Capri sightings mention Hernandez's involvement on 13 May 2010; and his involvement in the Lake Erie sightings as being on 8 April 2010 and August 2010, Hernandez's LinkedIn profile states he was employed by BAASS only between January 2009 and February 2010. These sets of information can not be reconciled. By February 2010 Hernandez himself, says he was not working for BAASS.

In summary

A number of UFO investigations were reportedly undertaken by BAASS field investigators, after BAASS received the AAWSA contract. 

I would welcome hearing from any reader who may be add to the above. 

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