Sunday, January 10, 2016

Project Newsprint - Victoria - update

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Three Victorian Newspapers (the Mildura Sunraysia Daily; the Swan Hill Guardian and the Wangaratta Chronicle) have now carried detailed articles about Project Newsprint's search for past and current sightings in that state. Many others have carried my letter to the editor requesting sightings. Some 40 plus newspapers have also published my appeal on their newspaper Facebook pages.

Local sighting

Yesterday, I received my first sighting report from a Mildura man, who had read the article in the Sunraysia Daily. He started off by telling me that he had never mentioned this event to anyone outside the family until now.

A 64 year old Mildura man, and his wife were camping at Menindee Weir, near the town of Menindee, New South Wales (latitude 32.4 deg south; longitude 142.4 deg east) on a summer's weekend day in 2013.

At about 2.30am he went to the toilet and glancing in the northern sky, at a low angular elevation, just above the tree tops, he was startled to see an elliptical, cigar shaped object, moving slowly backwards and forwards in the very dark sky. It was moving towards Broken Hill. It had round windows in it, and light could be seen streaming out of these windows.

He described the object's movements as moving forwards a little, then backwards a little, then forwards again, but with a general movement towards Broken Hill, which was to their north-west.

He woke up his wife and asked her to look in the sky, without prompting her with what he had seen himself. She said she could see a cigar shaped object with windows. They watched it for a total of 30 minutes and then went back to bed. In the morning they mentioned it to their son, who was also with them. He told his parents that he had heard of similar local sightings.

He also told me that about a month later, a grazier, on a property north of Menindee Lakes had captured a similar object on their camera. He could not recall further details of this.

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