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Solar warden

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In a post yesterday, I referred to an article in the Australian "UFOlogist magazine, July-August 2010 edition, titled "The secret of solar warden," by Kathleen McErlain.

In the article, McErlain boldly states that "Solar the secretive project name for eight large Starfleet carriers which sit in our orbit, owned and operated by the secret government elite of Earth." McErlain goes on to provide further unsubstantiated and unsourced information about "Solar warden." The claims being made are incredible, so I went to look for the original sources myself.

Michael Salla's article

On 15 April 2009, one of the leaders of the Exopolitics movement, Michael Salla, wrote a piece titled "Reagan records & Space Command antigravity fleet" (Click here to go to the piece)

He bases the article's conclusions on five lines of evidence:

1. An entry in ex-president Ronald Reagan's diary dated 11 June 1985 which said "I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people." Salla argues that our current shuttles do not seat that many, then asks the question "Was Reagan revealing the existence of a highly classified space program that could accommodate hundreds of astronauts in orbit?"

2. Edgar Fouche - a whistle blower, a former contractor with the US Department of Defence. Fouche spoke of the supposedly non-existent high speed Aurora aircraft "The Aurora comprises the SR-75 capable of speeds above Mach 5, and acts as a mother ship for the SR-74 that can travel at speeds of mach 18 or more into space to deliver satellites."

3. Ted Twietmeyer claimed that a citation given to the "Human Spaceflight Support Team", by NASA for assisting NASA vehicles to avoid space debris, " circumstantial evidence for the existence of antigravity vehicles with advanced particle-beam weapons that could remove orbital debris from the path of NASA vehicles."

4. Clark McClelland. A former NASA employee who claims to have seen an 8-9 foot tall "astronaut" and a delta winged ant-gravity vehicle. He believed the "astronaut" to have been an extraterrestrial.

5. Gary McKinnon. A hacker who claims to have come across secret Pentagon and NASA files which "Contained a list of 'non-terrestrial officers' and a spreadsheet detailing "fleet-to-fleet transfers.""

Salla uses the above lines of argument to make his point that:

"Hidden within one of the ten unified combatant commands of the U.S. military, Strategic Command, is a highly classified fleet of aircraft carrier sized antigravity vehicles that operate in outer space."

Second Salla article

On 6 May 2009 Salla wrote a second article on "solar warden" titled " NASA decline and antigravity space fleet" (click here for the full article) which included the comments:

"If Reagan's comment and whistle blower testimonies are correct, then the operational home of this secret antigravity space US Strategic Command."

"The first reference to Solar Warden occurred in March 2006. A reliable source, according to administrators of the Open Minds Forum, revealed its existence and capacities." Salla's source for this statement was (click here)

"Originally passed to the OM Research Team in March 2006


"I have been instructed to pass the following information on to you per my dear friends last request. You must bear with me as the information was relayed to me in his final days while on various medications and a morphine drip. Many words were slurred and his memory was failing, so he referred to a journal at times, which I now have in my possession. He kept dozing and I would have to remind him where he left off. May God rest his soul.

You may come to find the information somewhat shocking and unable to understand as ****** has. I pray the Almighty will look out for the inhabitants of this planet as the coming years will bring much misery. I pass on this information in the hope that you, as an unbiased observer, will make sure the public learns the truth.

All space programs are a cover that exists to deceive the people of this world. We have a space fleet, which is codenamed” Solar Warden.” There were, as of 2005, eight ships, an equivalent to aircraft carriers and forty-three “protectors,” which are space planes. One was lost recently to an accident in Mars' orbit while it was attempting to re-supply the multinational colony within Mars. This base was established in 1964 by American and Soviet teamwork. Not everything is, as it seems.
...My dear friend has passed. He did leave much more information to send to you at a later time. This includes copies of his journal. For my own safety, I have copied all information and sealed them in accordion folders and have given them to (removed) people who I can trust. You will be #(removed) if you so desire, but I must warn you, it could cause you serious harm if a certain group was to find out. [...] All information from me will have this included as a code to let you know it’s me ------ "

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"If you could flick a switch and open your third eye, you'd see that we should never be afraid to die. Rise up and take the power back, it's time that the fat cats had a heart attack. You know that their time's coming to an end, we have to unify and watch our flag ascend." - Uprising - - -"

The key point of interest to us is "All space programs are a cover that exists to deceive the people of this world. We have a space fleet, which is codenamed” Solar Warden.” There were, as of 2005, eight ships, an equivalent to aircraft carriers and forty-three “protectors,” which are space planes. One was lost recently to an accident in Mars' orbit while it was attempting to re-supply the multinational colony within Mars. This base was established in 1964 by American and Soviet teamwork. Not everything is, as it seems.

Who posted it?

It was apparently posted by one of the Open Minds Forum co-administrators, who joined in October 2004, is male, and had posted 6,564 posts as at that date. The particular topic of the thread was "T.C. Group-The seinu Disclosures." The thread was started on 13 May 2006. The first post is by the same co-administrator who says it is now time to post material they have had since March 2006. The second post in the thread is the one sourced by Salla.

The post starts with the sentence "I have been instructed to pass the following information on to you per my dear friends last request." Information apparently was being given from a dying person to the author of the post while the individual was on medications including a morphine drip. There is mention of reference to an indivdual's journal which the poster now has. References are made within the post to visits to all planets bar Mercury; World government; Bilderbergers; ALFs; contact with four EBE civilisations; sixty-eight dead EBEs; Charlie and EBE crash survivor; and a 1951 EBE crash survivor Lucy.

A second source mentioned in Salla's second article is "Henry Deacon," a pseudonym for a physicist working at Laurence Livermore laboratories. The Project Camelot team are said to be aware of "Deacon's" true identity. According to Project Camelot, "Henry confirmed the existence of a large manned base on Mars, supplied through an alternative space fleet (codename SOLAR WARDEN)."


So, we have tracked the origins of the term "Solar Warden" back to a 2006 post by a co-administrator of the Open Minds Forum. However, the original source of the information is anonymous.

Thus the term "Solar Warden" originated from an anonymous Internet post, and has the reliability of any anonymous post - that is, very little.

UFO hackers

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An article in "The Australian Financial Review" (AFR) magazine of August 2010 in the AFR dated 30 July 2010, caught my eye.

It was a piece which starts off talking about the construction of new headquarters for the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO.) The new building is priced at A$M598.

The article goes on to describe a current debate about the role, and increasing cost, of Australia's intelligence agencies.

Australia's intelligence agencies are ASIO; ASIS-Australian Secret Intelligence Service; ONA-the Office of National Assessments; AFP-Australian Federal Police; DIGO-Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation; DSD-Defence Signals Directorate; and DIO-Defence Intelligence Organisation.

Professor Hugh White, head of the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Australian National University (ANU) is cited as expressing concern that Australia " lagging on recognising and acting to deter the threat of 'cyber-spying' ..."

"Emeritus Professor Paul Dibb, head of the ANU Strategic and Defence Studies Centre advisory board,...says the Defence Signals Directorate-which collects electronic intelligence by monitoring telephone, internet and other communications...should be at the centre of an evolving security and intelligence blueprint..."

The article goes on to examine the "cyber threat" from China, organised crime and hackers, and suggests the need for an increased role for the DSD.

I was mulling over the AFR article as I digested the current issue of the Australian "UFOlogist" magazine (Volume 14 number 2, Jul-Aug 2010.)Here I read a piece by Kathleen McErlain about "Solar warden." McErlain writes that Solar warden " the sensitive project name for eight large starfleet carriers which sit in our orbit and operated by the secret government elite of Earth."

I thought to myself, How did we learn of the existence of "Solar warden"?

According to McErlain, "Gary McKinnon in the UK has made headlines the world over for using a pathetically simple PC... to hack into files carelessly left unprotected on a U.S. military computer. He found information on the Solar Warden project...What he found was the names of captains of three of the eight space carriers, and the hull numbers of the carriers."

So, here we have:

(1) The "Australian Financial Review" reporting on the views of those who believe that the Australian Intelligence agency, Defence Signals Directorate should be given an increased role in monitoring "cyber threats" from such people as hackers; and
(2) An individual in the UK who claims to have hacked information, revealing a secret US Government advanced space fleet in Earth orbit.

Quite a contrast in views, don't you think?

For more on McKinnon click here.

Rendelsham Forest reunion?

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The English "Fortean Times" magazine number 262, dated June 2010 on page 28 reports that "One of the original witnesses, retired USAF airman John Burroughs, is busy organising a reunion of some of the key participants..." to the Rendelsham Forest UFO case of 1980.

Lt Col Halt also features in the article as "Halt has recently gone on record to announce his new found belief that the UFOs were ET craft, and is working with British ufologist Gary Heseltine to produce a screenplay for a movie based on the case."

Interesting developments!

Aliens plus

Hi readers

The "New Scientist" magazine volume 207, number 2769, dated 17 July 2010 page 14 has an article titled "Single star count ups odds of aliens."

"Solitary suns like ours are not as rare as we once thought, boosting the likelihood that there are other planets on which life has evolved.

"Surveys have suggested that most systems containing a star the same mass as our sun have two or more stars orbiting each other. But when Deepuk Raghavan of Georgia State University in Atlanta and colleagues looked at 454 such stars, they found that 56 per cent were single like our sun and just 44 per cent had a stellar companion...Their study will be published in the Astrophysical Journal.

"Single stars provide a stable planetary system where life is more likely to evolve. Planets can form in multiple star systems, but the gravity of the additional stars can hurl planets into their parent star, says John Chambers of the Carnegie Institution for Science, based in Washington D.C."

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UFOs and the paranormal

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I have just been re-reading an excellent article written by Adelaide researcher Keith Basterfield. It is titled "Paranormal aspects of the UFO Phenomenon:1975-1999" and was published in the "Australian Journal of Parapsychology" Volume 1 number 1 pages 30-55. As it is difficult to locate this article I am going to summarise it for you as I believe it makes some important points about the relationship between UFOs and the paranormal, which are still very relevant today.

In the introduction, Keith points out that between the 1960's and the mid 1970's, there was a general reluctance by global UFO researchers to acknowledge that close encounter witnesses/abductees reported paranormal episodes.

It wasn't until 1977 that Jacques vallee wrote "In recent years, too, the report of paranormal events in connection with close encounters with UFOs seems to have become the rule rather than the exception." (Vallee, J. "UFOs:The Psychic Solution" St Albans. Panther. Page 27.)

Also, in 1977, APRO's the Lorenzens wrote "It has been noted by Dr Sprinkle and others that in some close encounters, and especially in on-board experiences, UFO precipients seem to acquire heightened extrasensory perception powers after their experiences." (Lorenzen, Coral & Jim. 1977. "Abducted!" New York. Berkley Medallion. Page 157.)

In the period 1979-1981, US researchers including the likes of D Scott Rogo, Jerome Clark, Richard Haines, Ann Drufel; and UK researchers Jenny Randles and Peter Warrington all commented on the subject of the paranormal and UFOs.

Rogo and Clark noted that some witnesses claimed to have "...developed psychic abilities after chancing upon alien craft." (Rogo, D Scott & Clark, Jerome. 1979. "Earth's Secret Inhabitants." New York. Tempo. Page 39.)

Dr Iris Maack, US researcher wrote "...psi awareness among abductees is very common." (Gansberg, Judith & Gansberg, Alan. 1980. "Direct Encounters." New York. Walker & Co. Page 128.)

In 1983 English parapsychologist Hilary Evans went further by stating "...there are indications in many cases that there exists some kind of psychic link between the witness and the UFO or its occupants...There are many cases in which the psychic or parapsychological link is central to the events and an essential element of the evidence." (Evans, H. 1983. "The Evidence for UFOs." Wellingborough. Acquarian. Page 49.)

1987 saw Eddie Bullard in the USA complete details of 300 global abduction texts. One of his comments was " Too many witnesses related occurrences more often identified with parapsychology than ufology, yet these same witnesses described abductions as valid as any others." (Bullard, T E. 1987. "UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery." Mount Rainier, Md. Fund for UFO Research. Page 152.)

By 1988, Jacques Vallee's thinking had advanced. "The key to an understanding of the peheneomenon lies in the psychic effects it produces (or the psychic awareness it makes possible) in its observers..." (Vallee, J. 1988. "Dimensions." Chicago. Contemporary Books. Page 179.)

Also, in 1988, English researcher Jenny Randles' thinking was that "Another feature which this and many other cases turned up was that, the witnesses who had experienced abductions had an incredible history of what they believed to be psychic phenomena. This was usually so extensive and important that this may be no mere coincidence but a crucial clue to the understanding of why they subsequently went through an abduction." (Randles, J. 1988. "What we know about British Abductions" "International UFO Reporter." Jan/Feb 23(1):5-7.)

Austrian psychologist Alex Keul and British UFOlogist Ken Phillips published a study in 1993 which involved 100 subjects. Included in the findings was "...the strongest and most persistent characteristic to emerge is that the overwhelming majority ...of witnesses surveyed gave a high incidence of self-reported ESP phenomena..." (Phillips, K W. 1993. The Psycho-Sociology of UFOlogy. In Barclay, D & Barclay, T M (eds) "UFOs:The Final Answer?" London. Blandford. Page 45.)

Keith Basterfield himself attended the Abduction Study Conference held at MIT in Boston, USA in 1992 and presented a paper on the relationship between UFOs and the paranormal. Several participants including David Gotlib, Don Johnson, Joe Nyman and John Carpenter confirmed that their case research had turned up a high incidence of psychic phenomena among abductees.

1997 saw a book published in the UK in which English researcher Peter Hough and Moyshe Kalman, cited work by Mark Glover of the UK who looked at the relationship between paranormal, mystical and anomalous experiences. "Two of the main conclusions were that UFO experiences and paranormal experiences are strongly related..." (Hough, P. & Kalman, M. 1997. "The Truth about Alien Abductions." London. Blandford. Pages 88-89.)

In the discussion section of his article, Keith looked at the question of "...whether the psychic experiences preceded or followed a witness' interaction with the UFO phenomenon?" After examining the work of 15 different researchers, Keith noted that "...11 of the 15 indicate quite clearly that the psychic events only followed after the UFO experience."

Keith then examined a second question "...does the UFO phenomenon happen only to people who are already psychic?" A number of researchers including Kenneth Ring, Jenny Randles and James Harder provided responses on this question. Ring, for example stated " individual who as an adult reported UFOs is more likely to have a childhood history of psychic experiences." (Ring, K. 1992. "The Omega Project." New York. William Morrow. Page 137.)

A third question, about the type of paranormal phenomenon experienced by UFO witnesses revealed the full gamut of (non-UFO) paranormal experiences.

In the conclusion to the article, Keith explores potentially useful areas for further investigation.

It's a very useful article, and completely still relevant today. I have checked with Keith and if you'd like an MS Word version of the full article, send him an email request to and he will send you a copy as an email attachment.

Well, dear readers, do you think there is a connection between UFOs and the paranormal? If so, what?

"Talk to the aliens"

I always look forward to an issue of the English "New Scientist" magazine. The current issue, Volume 206, number 2767, pp26-27 was no exception.

SETI researcher Seth Shostak writes:

"Stephen Hawking is worried about aliens. The famous physicist recently suggested that we should be wary of contact with extraterrestrials, citing what happened to native Americans when Europeans landed on their shores...For three years, this issue has been exercising a group of SETI scientists in the International Academy of Astronautics...In truth, banning broadcasts would be impractical...such considerations motivated the SETI reject a proscription of transmission to the sky..."

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"The true believers"

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Adelaide's Mediterranean style climate is spot on this winter. A Mediterranean climate is one which has hot summers and rain mainly in the winter. Today it has been raining steadily since the early hours of the morning. Now to the subject of this post.

Belief in the paranormal has been examined from a number of directions. In a recent issue of "Australasian Science" (Volume 31 number 6), Krissy Wilson, who is a Psychologist lecturer at the University of Tasmania, looks at yet another direction.

The article, which is titled "The true believers" poses the question "Are we pre-programmed to believe in weird and wonderful things that lack any significant scientific basis, and are some of us more likely to believe than others." (p.18.)

"...we have recently examined the relationship between emotional intelligence, self-esteem and belief in the paranormal. One hundred and fifty one students from the University of Tasmania between 18 and 49 years of age took part in the study. Each participant completed a battery of self-report questionnaires to assess paranormal belief, self-esteem and the ability to understand, regulate and reason with emotion. We found that paranormal belief correlated moderately with emotional intelligence, which in turn correlated with self-esteem...preliminary findings suggest that belief may act as a coping mechanism enabling modern humanity to deal with the rigours of life..." (p.19.)

I wonder if there is any relevance to abductions here?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Can researchers spot an IFO?

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It was a wet and windy night last night in Adelaide. Travelling from home to the local library this morning there were broken tree branches littering the roads. Still, it is winter.

I was browsing a number of blogs the other day and came across one where the blogger was lamenting that today's UFO researchers cannot properly investigate cases.

Looking at the websites of Australian UFO groups I quickly saw cases listed there as "UFOs", which clearly, had conventional explanations e.g. the recent observations of the Falcon 9 rocket launch. There were others that were clearly aircraft and even satellites.

I thought back to the recent seminar of the Australian UFO Research Association where researcher Keith Basterfield spoke of his belief that Australian UFO researchers today have an IFO clear up rate of about 10%, compared to the generally accepted 90-95% clear up rate showing cases due to mundane explanations.

I then thought back to some of my earliest days reading my first UFO books - mainly bought in second hand bookshops here in Adelaide. One book should be on every UFO re searcher's bookshelf -or in my case by my bed.

The book was written by one Allan Hendry, who was employed by the J Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies in Chicago, USA, as an investigator for the Center for one year. The publisher was Doubleday, New York, 1979. ISBN 0-385-14348-6. You can still find the odd copy through secondhand bookshops, ebay or Amazon.

Hendry spent one year looking in to 1,307 US UFO cases- a typical sample of incoming raw UFO reports. What did Hendry's diligent research find?

88.6% of all the reports did have a conventional, non ETH cause.

Using the Hynek UFO classification system, Hendry categorised the reports, as Nocturnal Lights etc. Many of the NLs were due to stars, planets, advertising aircraft, meteors etc.

The daylight discs were mainly caused by advertising aircraft, stars and general aircraft.

He had some CE2s which turned out to be due to stars and aircraft.

There were even some CE3s reporting the observations of entities. One woman watched the planet Venus and thought she could see a lighted object with occupants inside. Another was an advertising plane perceived as a dome with little men inside.

Hendry's meticulous work revealed that a large percentage of raw cases were indeed attributable to mundane causes. Everyday citizens reported conventional objects as UFOs due to a variety of causes e.g. objects seen from unusual angles; glimpsed for short periods of time; noted when people were tired; and attributed actions such as stationary objects appearing to move; satellites appearing to deviate from a straight line etc.

It seems to me that today's UFO researchers could learn many lessons from reading how Hendry went about his task.

What do you think, are we collectively in need of some good investigatory skills? Have we become complacent in our research?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Contactees - abductees of their time?

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It was in the 1950's that Contactees were one of "the" topics of UFO research. These were the "abductees" of that era. They were people who claimed to have met and interacted with aliens.

One of the books which has been sitting in my "must get around to reading" pile by my bed is Nick Redfern's "Contactees: A history of alien-human interaction." The book is published by The Career Press Inc of Franklin Lakes, NJ this year 2010. I had to get my copy through special order via Dymock's Bookshop in Adelaide. I couldn't see any copies on any shelves of my usual bookshops.

On page 15 Redfern sets the scene. "The aliens in question are usually seen dressed in tight-fitting one-piece outfits while sporting heads of lush, long, and flowing blond hair...they are deeply concerned by our warlike ways. They wish us to disarm our nuclear arsenals, live in peace and harmony with one another, and elevate ourselves to whole new spiritual levels."

Comment: As a passing note, this reminds me somewhat of the current arguments of the Exopolitics movement - disarm, have peace and you will be welcomed into the Galactic Federation.

Redfern looks at the stories of such famous contactees as George Adamski; Truman Berthurum; Orfeo Angelucci and George Van Tassel. Their stories make fascinating reading, with some of Redfern's source material coming from FBI files.

After reviewing the accounts of these and other lesser known contactees, Redfern writes " of the most significant aspects of countless contactee driven accounts is the fact that the experiences at issue occurred in significantly altered states of mind, and while the contactees were often situated in distinctly isolated locations." p163.

Redfern then reviews scientific information on hypnagogic states; channelling; meditation and mind altering substances and how these topics might relate to contactees.

Following this, is a look at US Government files that were kept on contactees such as George Adamski. Redfern comments that the threat of communism and possible infiltration of contactees and their followers, and flying saucer groups "...may help to explain why a significant degree of concern was shown at an official level about the politics of the players on the scene..." p177.

In the United Kingdom Redfern found that the Special Branch of the British Police Force kept files on "George King of the Aetherius Society..." pp177-178.

In chapter 19 titled "Manipulating the mind" Redfern says "Although many UFO researchers who have immersed themselves within the world of the contactees have been content to conclude that the claims at issue are either basically untrue or manifestly bogus, there is yet another avenue that may have a key bearing ...namely, that of U.S. military-sponsored "mind control." p181.

Refern ponders whether U.S. Government agencies' concern about contactees acting as "mouthpieces for communism" (p186) might have closely investigated contactees and perhaps went so far as to, for example "...seduce Angelucci into a drug-fuelled state..." p186.


Many UFO researchers of today will probably not have studied the contactee era, seeing no value in these stories. I must say, I was one of these researchers. However, Redfern's work has given me a starting point for examining the accounts from that time.

Project Galileo

Project Galileo Or to give it its full name, "The Galileo project for the Systematic Scientific Search for Evidence of Extraterrestrial...