Sunday, August 28, 2011

Looking through old newspapers

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Long-term readers of this blog will be aware that one of my current projects is the examination of "cold cases" e.g. Port Augusta, South Australia 1947 (click here.)

This project has been aided in recent times by the availability of digitised newspapers in the Trove collection of the National library of Australia (click here.)

I have been able to locate some 20 reports of "flying saucers" reported in old South Australian newspapers dated between 1950 and 1954, of which I was previously unaware. Details of these have been added to the catalogue of South Australian UFO reports which I have been compiling for several years.

In addition, I have been searching earlier South Australian newspapers, using the keyword "meteor" as that was the only description for unusual sky phenomenon prior to 1947. Between 1861 and 1950 I have found about 50 newspaper accounts of meteors, some daylight, some extremely bright nocturnal ones. Almost all of these accounts are readily identifiable as meteors. However, there are some oddities such as a 1932 report.

On 22 December 1932 a man named Harvey was driving a harvester at 3.30pm. He looked up into the cloudless sky and saw "...a comet shaped mass of brilliant flame apparently falling away from the Sun...this huge ball of electric-like fire rushing towards the earth at a terrific pace...about 200 feet from the earth it suddenly broke into shower of fragments and disappeared." (Source: The Adelaide Advertiser newspaper Monday 26 Dec 1932 page 10.)

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Clare 'window' area part two

The June 2011 bedroom event (see previous post) immediately reminded both Kathy Dickmann and I of an earlier event from Clare.

At 5.40am on 10 July 1989 Stephen and Fiona Longman of Clare, awoke to see a one metre diameter very bright, yellow-white light, hovering 10 metres away in their lounge, above a sofa. The light was self-contained and did not illuminate its surroundings.

Strangely, although their feet were covered by a sheet, two blankets and a thin quilt, the top five or six centimetres of both their feet were "glowing." Like an x-ray, it was possible to see individual toes.

While looking at the ball, suddenly, as if a light switch had been pressed, the ball of light simply disappeared from their view. It was no longer there.

The total duration of the event was three minutes. Despite the very unusual nature of what had just happened, both of them simply fell back asleep.

The Clare "window":

In the late 1960's and early 1970's the Clare region of South Australia saw large numbers of UFO reports coming forward. A number of colleagues and I spent our weekends interviewing witnesses, and conducting sky watches in the hope of seeing something ourselves.

There were reports of unusual red lights floating over isolated hilltops. I recall one puzzled farmer I interviewed who told me he had been inside a shed when a voice in his head told him to look at the sky. Going outside, in broad daylight, he saw a pearl shaped, shiny object travelling slowly across the sky.

In addition to the visual elements, there were reports of strange underground noises coming from a disused mine, and vibrations felt inside a house which according to the nearby Seven Hills seismic station were not earth tremors.

My colleagues and I also experienced some odd events on the Camel's Hump, a range of hills outside Clare. On one occasion a ball of light was seen rolling down a hillside from below. However it was not visible from the top of the hills where I was. There was also a column of warm air on a cold hillside, which we were able to walk back and forth through.

Just as quickly as reports started occurring, they died down. The area settled back to generating the average number of reports which could come from any part of the state.

So, the June 2011 light inside a bedroom made me wonder if the Clare "window" is opening up again? Only time will tell.

The Clare 'window' area part one

Hi all

The other day a colleague from the Australian UFO Research Association, Kathy Dickmann, told me details of an event from Clare, South Australia, which she had obtained in a recent interview with the witness.

In mid-June 2011 a woman was woken at about 2am by a high pitched sound, which she had never heard before. It was this sound which had woken her up. After hearing it at this point, she did not hear it again.

Immediately upon waking, she saw an intense white light on the ceiling of her bedroom. The width of the light was about half a metre, and the length was about twice the length of a large fluorescent tube. The illumination seemed to be similar to the light which remains after a fluorescent tube is switched off. She could see the outline of the object but nothing else.

After watching for some time she fell back asleep.

One after effect which she noticed involved her watch. It had been keeping good time but after this event it continually ran slow.

Recently (August 2011) the woman noticed that her husband had been getting out of bed in the middle of the night, opening the curtains and looking out of the window for a while before returning to bed.

When she asked him about this behaviour, he had nor recollection of the incident.

Monday, August 22, 2011

"Beyond the Matrix" part four

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This is the last of four posts, being selected interviews from the 2010 book "Beyond the Matrix" by Patricia Cori. The reason I have written these notes from the book is that they represent first hand interviews with relevant experts in their fields. The last post is from the interview with Andy Thomas re crop formations.

Andy Thomas is said to be "a ...researcher of unexplained mysteries and founder of Changing Times." (p157.) (click here for more on Changing Times. )

On crop formations:

"Their origin and purpose remain a complete mystery. Despite attempts to dismiss them as the work of human artists, some believe the evidence points to a much stranger explanation." (p158.)

"Certain formations have appeared within very short periods of time and the geometrical calculations and construction required for some simply could not be carried out in one night." (p159.)

"Laboratory evidence on circle-affected crops has identified biological changes taking place at a cellular level, suggesting the partial involvement of microwave energy." (p159.)

"I would have to ask how anybody could possibly know that all crop circles are man-made, because that view, I believe, can only be an opinion." (p160)

On why most appear in England:

"One factor that has been clearly identified is that they seem to cluster in areas of geographical strata that hold a lot of water." (p161.)

On explanations:

"Even after an involvement with crop circles for nearly twenty years now, I have to say that I don't yet see absolute evidence in any one direction to support a specific viewpoint... one of the observations that can be made is that the complexity of at least some of the designs seems to suggest some level of intelligence at work. What level of intelligence we are talking about, and whether it is extra-dimensional, extraterrestrial or indeed human work is a big question." (p.165.)

Friday, August 19, 2011

"Beyond the Matrix" part three

Continuing my notes from reading the 2010 book "Beyond the Matrix" by Patricia Cori.

Stephen Bassett:

Bassett calls for "...ending the sixty-two year, government imposed Truth Embargo regarding the extraterrestrial presence on Earth." (p.131.)

He argues, that from 1947 the US government's intentions were " some point, was to eventually let the people know." By US government he means "...the military: the people inside our government that had to deal with our national security." (pp132-133.) However, the Cold War, and the military's relationship with a variety of US presidents meant it has not yet been revealed.

"What am I saying here? This is what most people need to know: most of the people in government today, people in high positions, know there is an extraterrestrial presence." (p.137.)

On disclosure. "I happen to believe that there is reason why disclosure has to happen now. It has to happen pretty soon, and it's very possible the ETs feel the same way. If we continue to drag our feet and find excuses to put it off, they may be forced to do something dramatic." (pp148-149.)

When asked why it has to happen now, Bassett responded "Yes, I have an idea but I can't specifically say what. We are up against the wall in a lot of areas. I can't point at one of them and say, we have to disclose by a certain time." (p.149.)


This to me, is not a very satisfactory answer. At best, it is a personal opinion of Bassett's.

Later, Bassett is asked about ET concern over the Earth. "Yes, they are completely concerned about earth events. The evidence for that is fairly overwhelming." (p.151.)


Bassett does not provide examples of this evidence. Is it, for example, based on the testimony of abductees?

Asked about crop circles, Bassett states: "The one message that I get from crop circles (and it's an extremely important message) is that this is the most dramatic and compelling evidence that we can look to for the ultimate outcome of this which help us realize it is not going to be bad... that we will be relatively pleased with the post-disclosure reality, and even with formal contact." (p.152.)

To be continued.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Beyond the Matrix" part two

This post continues my notes from the 2010 book "Beyond the Matrix" by Patricia Cori.

Thomas J Carey:

Since 1991, Carey has specifically looked at the Roswell incident. Asked about witness' accounts, Carey responded: "Many of them couldn't talk years ago because they did feel constrained by the menace and threats to their families' welfare - especially military personnel, who felt they were under some sort of security oath. Now, with the passage of time, many of the principals or the participants have passed away, and their children no longer feel such a threat to their families."

Questioned about whether anyone found and kept a piece of debris, Carey answered: "...civilians got to both sites first. We talked to a number of witnesses who saw the wreckage, who actually handled the wreckage, and we know that, at one time, some of them had some pieces, but they all denied having them. The military came out and ransacked ranches looking for pieces of the metallic objects." (p.119.) "...there are still pieces in the possession of civilians. We know that for sure." (p.120.)


Why doesn't someone offer US$1million for a piece? That would probably draw someone out.

Carey recites research undertaken by Anthony Bragalia (click here) who located details of a contract between USAF and Batelle Memorial institute to re-engineer "memory metal" suggesting that the "nitinol" we invented was based on the knowledge of the Roswell "memory metal." (pp120-121.)

Carey quotes receiving an email from a "...fellow who was in one of the Batelle labs working on this stuff," and later of receiving a photograph of an alleged piece of the original Roswell debris.


I wonder, if by now, this Batelle (click here) person has been investigated and if he now has turned over the piece of debris to Carey? Do any readers have an update on this?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Beyond the Matrix" part one

Dear readers,

After a delightful weekend, visiting a number of art venues here in Adelaide as part of the South Australian Living Artists program, and indulging a little too much in the excellent wines, we have here in South Australia, it is back to the blog.

Patricia Cori hosts an Internet radio talk show (click here ) titled "Beyond the Matrix" and last year published a book of the same title. It was published by North Atlantic Books. Berkeley. ISBN 978-1-55643-893-6. I missed the book when it came out, but recently had the opportunity to read it, courtesy of my local library.

The book is a series of interviews with individuals such as Dr Michio Kaku; Dr Edgar Mitchell; Dr Mario Beauregard and many others. Five of the interviews specifically appealed to me and I thought I would make myself some notes here of points I found of interest.

Dr Edgar Mitchell:

On the way back from the Moon, astronaut Mitchell experienced a state "...the ecstasy of bliss." After returning to Earth he researched the subject and the closest he could find in the literature was Savikalpa Samadhi (click here .) This transformational experience led Mitchell to form the Institute of Noetic Sciences (click here ) in 1975. "I was working and interested in so called "parapsychological phenomenon," although I don't like the term 'para.'" (p.65.)

Asked about life beyond Earth, Mitchell notes "We have been visited; I have no doubts about that. The evidence, my knowledge, my research are there, and I have been well briefed. In fact, by what I call the 'old timers' who were involved in the Roswell incident - both in military and intelligence circles...From what I have been given from the old-timers who were involved with the Roswell incident sixty years ago, I know that was a real visitation and there have been many since then." (p.72.)

Stanton T Friedman:

Asked "What do you think will happen when we have global contact "Friedman responded "...I don't think they are going to send fleets over our cities..." (p.99.)

Turning to the government, "I know it may come as a shock, but there have been occasions when the government has lied about UFOs." Later, "Most media people, in my acquaintance anyway, are totally unaware of this vast amount of information that has yet to be released." (p.102.)

Continued in part two.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crop formations and physics

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In December 1973, Adelaide based researchers Keith Basterfield and Garry Little investigated seven, circular, flattened, swirled areas in an oat paddock near Bordertown in South Australia. The sizes of the marks ranged from 2.1 to 4.6 metres in diameter. The oats had been swirled in an anti-clockwise direction. No explanation put forward, satisfactorily explained the marks. However, Keith noted that a real-life, rare tornado had passed through the area some two weeks before the farmer found the circles, suggesting that, perhaps, there was a meteorological explanation. This was years before English researcher Terence Meaden raised the meteorological possibility for UK crop circles.

Move forward to 2011 and once again science is taking a look at the subject of crop circles. The 4 August 2011 issue of physics carried an article covering the research of Richard Taylor of the University of Oregon, in the USA.

After providing a brief history of pre-1980's circles; Taylor outlines the meteorological approach of Terence Meaden, which evolved into electromagnetic-hydrodynamic 'plasma vortexes.'

Taylor goes on to relate the 1991 work of astronomer Gerard Hawkins, who, after analysing 25 crop formations believed he had uncovered 'construction lines.'

Noting that recent crop circles are extremely complex, Taylor automatically assumes they are man made. He poses the question " do you imprint patterns in crops that are a challenge even to draw on paper?"

"One such team is known as the circlemakers, and when - in a rare breach of security - it allowed BBC filmmakers to document its construction of a 100 circle roulette pattern in 1998, team members were observed physically implanting circles at the remarkable rate of one every minute."

Taylor then goes on to say that "There are further signs that traditional imprinting techniques are reaching their limits."

"If artists want to maintain the movement's secrecy and anonymity it is clear that they will need to exploit more efficient construction methods."

Taylor moves on to 'Biophysical speculations,' covering the work of Eltjo Haselhoff, "a medical physicist' and William Levengood, a biophysicist. "Levengood interpreted his results as evidence of Meaden's plasma vortex theory, while Haselhoff proposed that the sources of radiation were the mysterious balls of light that some observers have reported hovering over formation sites.

Then Taylor poses a question. "Might some artists therefore be supplementing physical implantation with mircowaves?" Intriguingly, he says, a group of crop circle enthusiasts called the BLT Research team claims to be able to replicate the observed changes to crop pulvini using 30s exposures to microwaves generated by magnetrons from readily available microwave ovens."

Taylor's full article may be read at (click here - you will need to register on the site.)

Aerospace companies and UFO research

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It seems to me, only logical that aerospace companies would conduct research into the UFO phenomenon.

I previously posted on this subject (click here, here, and here ). In summary, I was aware of three studies of UFOs undertaken by aerospace companies:

1. McDonnell Douglas study 1966-1970. (Source: MUFON Journal Oct 2008 - article by Dr Robert M Wood.)

2. Douglas Aircraft study 1955. (Source: Vallee, J. 2008. Forbidden Science Volume 2. Documatica Research, LLC. p.335.)

3. McDonnell Douglas study 1974-1978. (Source: Vallee, J. 2008. Forbidden Science Volume 2. Documatica Research, LLC. p.277.)

Recently, when re-reading Vallee's book Forbidden Science volume 1, page 286, I came across mention of yet another study, in a diary entry dated 30 Jun 1967.

"Now I am reading a letter to ATIC signed by A. H. Rochlen, public relations vice-president, summarizing an independent analysis that was done by the Douglas Aircraft Corporation 'within the framework of a study...having to do with unconventional propulsion methods.' The study was headed up by Dr W B Klemperer, chief engineer of their missile division. The report was distributed to R. M. Baker and A.M. Chop, the same man who was in touch with Keyhoe in the early years and eventually became the spokesman for Project Blue Book. What was he doing on the staff of Douglas and what was this study of 'unconventional propulsion?"

Have readers come across any other aerospace study of UFOs?

Where did Allen Hynek's interest come from?

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Adelaide has just been through 6 days in a row where it rained - a bit of a winter record for us.

In a recent post about Jacques Vallee on Peter Sturrock, I noted that both Vallee and Sturrock, had early on in their lives, seen a UFO. I also noted that I didn't know where J Allen Hynek's interests came from.

Upon re-reading Vallee's book "Forbidden Science-Volume 1" I came across a diary entry dated 13 Nov 1966 which might answer my question (p.227.)

Hynek says to Vallee "Did I ever tell you how I became interested in science?"

"Wasn't your mother a schoolteacher? You told me she once gave you a book about astronomy that fascinated you."

"That's not what made me decide to take up science as a profession. So many people get into science looking for power, or for a chance to make some big discovery that will put their name into history books...For me the challenge was to find at the very limits of science, the place where it broke down, the phenomena it didn't explain."

"Had you studied the paranormal before you decided to become an astronomer?"

"I had spent a great deal of time reading about esoteric a student I read everything I could find about the Rosicrucians and the hermetic philosophers...I never cease to be fascinated by the limitations of our science...Now we are about to see how it handles this phenomenon of UFOs that has become so familiar to you and me..."

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vallee on Sturrock - part three

On an October 1972 visit to the offices of NICAP, Vallee met John L Acuff. "Acuff had a letter from Sturrock on his desk, so he asked if I knew him, which showed how uninformed he was. I urged him to cooperate with Peter's project." (p.159.)

Feb 1973. "Over lunch with Sturrock and Harder on Thursday I was finally able to see and touch the famous sample of tungsten silicate that got Allen so excited he wanted to start a new company." (p.180.)

March 1974 saw a joint meeting of the AIAA's UFO sub-committee and Cufos. Present was Peter Sturrock. "Sturrock suggested organizing a workshop of academics at Aspen. We spoke of international cooperation. " (p.241.)

Aug 1974. "A symposium on UFOs and radio astronomy organized at Stanford University by Peter Sturrock and Ron Bracewell has gathered a select group of specialists for the last three days." (p.265.)

Jan 1976. "Peter Sturrock, who came over to our house for breakfast, is preparing a UFO questionnaire aimed at scientists. Cufos proposed to publish it. Peter wisely prefers his independence. 'There is a need to separate this research from Cufos, which promotes a belief in UFOs,' he said. He argues that professional scientists are more likely to respond to a questionnaire from Stanford." (p.324.)

Apr 1976. "Peter Sturrock, who is quietly setting up a real scientific group as a committee of the AIAA, sought my advice about the agenda. I said I would stress physical effect cases and avoid pointless quarrels with Menzel and Klass. " (p.332.)


Although the last three posts may seem old history to some, I find they help me understand where Peter Sturrock was coming from.

Vallee on Sturrock - part two

In May 1972, famed French researcher Aime Michel visited Vallee. "I introduced him to Peter Sturrock, who started arguing about UFOs. I tried Poher's recent argument on Peter.

"If one assumes that these objects can bring their mass down to zero, don't you think a lot can be explained? No sonic boom, time relativity effects, ionization..." Peter smiled.

"Next Aime tried Plantier's theory. Again, Peter shook his head skeptically. 'You're looking in the wrong direction,' he said softly. 'Antigravity, electromagnetisim, relativity, magneto-hydrodynamics, all that is irrelevant. What's at stake is much more fundamental.'

"'More fundamental than relativity?' asked Aime, looking around him to make sure he was actually speaking to a Stanford professor."

"He seemed reassured by the long shelves loaded with physics publications, the photographs of the solar corona on the walls. 'That may be a shock for your physics colleagues,' he continued. 'It won't be a shock,' Peter said in his restrained English manner, 'only a revolution.'" (p.133.)

Sep 1972. "Peter Sturrock has written a proposal for the evaluation of UFO phenomena. His idea is to gather a team of objective experts and bring before them the serious people who have something to say on the subject."

"I called Allen: 'Will you cooperate?' I asked. 'Peter is serious; his name carries a lot of weight.' 'I have reservations about the whoel approach, Allen answered. 'Sturrock is setting himself up as a referee for the whole field..."

"The truth is that Allen is fearful to see a scientist with greater clout emerge as a focus for the UFO community. This is a petty reaction, but Peter would have been well-advised to anticipate it, and to enlist Allen's help beforehand." (p.152.)

Continued in next post.

Vallee on Sturrock - part one

Dear readers

Yesterday, Adelaide's maximum temperature for August, our winter, hit an all time record 25 degrees Celsius. Today, however, the usual cold front and rain has reduced it to the more average 17 degrees.

I have just posted a review of Peter Sturrock's excellent book, in which he laments science's inability to come to grips with the UFO phenomenon. The book also mentioned that Sturrock at one time recruited Jacques Vallee as an assistant. I thought I would delve back into Jacques Vallee's "Forbidden Science Volume 2" to see what mentions there are of Sturrock.

In December 1970, Vallee writes "During my visit to Santa Cruz an astronomer told me that professor Peter Sturrock, a Stanford physicist engaged in pulsar research, was looking for computational help. I decided to go see him." (p.61.)

"I have programmed some pulsar computations that Peter Sturrock had requested to test my skills. They revealed an intriguing periodicity in the frequency of three pulsars, and this could lead to determining their diameter. Peter Sturrock will talk about this result at an astronomy conference in Austin. We are thinking of co-authoring a note about this result." (p.62.)

In a diary entry dated 28 Dec 1980 Vallee writes "I have moved to an office in the electronics laboratories, where I am now consulting for Peter Sturrock's Plasma Research Institute." (p.62.)

In November 1971, "Last Tuesday Peter and Marilyn Sturrock came over for dinner with Larry Berman...Peter encourages my work on UFOs...I found out about his private interests when he asked me to computerize an index to his personal collection of reprints. It contained the keyword "ESP" which could have applied to such topics as Elementary Statistical Projection or Electron Spin Potential. When I inquired about the meaning he said 'Extrasensory perception, of course!' It was my turn to tell him of my interests, which led to his requesting a copy of my books." (p.108.)

7 Feb 1972 "When Allen Hynek came over on Wednesday I introduced him to Peter Sturrock. The two men offer an interesting contrast because Peter is intensely focused, a theoretical physicist, a British academic to the top of his fingernails...Allen informs and entertains but he has missed the opportunity to build a consensus among scientists. In contrast, it is precisely such a movement that Peter Sturrock tells me he intends to form, a true scientific society dedicated to frontier topics. " (p.113.)

Continued in next post.

Project Galileo

Project Galileo Or to give it its full name, "The Galileo project for the Systematic Scientific Search for Evidence of Extraterrestrial...