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Did someone remove data about the 2004 Nimitz encounter?


Thanks to a lead from US researcher Curt Collins, I have located some older material concerning the reporting of an incident, which most researchers have suggested was a slightly veiled reference to the 14 November 2004 Nimitz encounter. However, in view of recent discussions about the "seizure" of data about the 2004 event, it seems relevant to now revisit this older material in light of these recent claims.

A post, dated "5 years ago" appeared on the reddit website at the link shown above. It was posted by username "u/anon-402." It read:

"My UFO Encounter/Exposure While on Board an Aircraft Carrier in the Military (No Pics, Only story.)

I decided to create an account to tell this story of my experience I had while onboard an aircraft carrier far from the coast of California in the Pacific.

*FIRST OFF, I am relaying information and supporting circumstances, I did not see a UFO personally. However, it is an interesting story.

I am intentionally going to be vague about certain specifics just to protect my identity, although this information was never told to be kept secret and was widespread.

During a one or two month work-up on an aircraft (word missing -KB - carrier?) in the Pacific Ocean we encountered a UFO. For those that are unfamiliar "work-ups" are training exercises in preparation for deployment. So, the ship will deploy for anywhere from 2-8 weeks, and let the pilots get aircraft carrier experience.

So, we were on a routine "work-up" in the Pacific Ocean. However, this work-up involved multiple carriers and battleships in a rather large exercise. I have zero recollection of the time in the work-up that the encounter occurred, but I believe it was a few weeks in.

I was attached to an F-18 squadron and worked in a technical capacity, as opposed to working on the flight deck. For 3 days in a row now, an Operations Officer noticed an aircraft breaching our restricted airspace. The aircraft was travelling at a low speed at around 20,000 feet. The first 2 days the aircraft was observed, it disappeared from radar after a few minutes before being able to investigate. In preparation for this aircraft, the carriers had F-18s ready to scramble.

On the 3rd sighting, a formation of around 10 (very rough guess but it was a large group) F18c & d's scrambled to the location to investigate including my Commanding Officer.

This is where the story becomes hard to believe and almost silly to tell.

According to the pilots and confirmed by a friend in intel, when they encountered the aircraft it had disappeared from sight. However, there was a large disturbance in the ocean below and it was assumed that the aircraft crashed. So, the strike group circled the area and inspected the scene. Ok, crazy part now, an object that was described by multiple pilots and a friend in intel, as resembling a very large "tic-tac."

Sounds like the ultimate troll job, I know. So, the "tic-tac" oval object lifted from the water. Out of fear or impulse (I have no idea) our pilots decided to engage the object. After lifting from the water and sitting briefly, the object flew at a speed that none of the pilots had ever encountered. It was just gone."


1. Could one deduce that anon-402 was a member of Strike Force Squadron 41, and that the mention of "Commanding Officer" refers to David Fravor?

2. You can see why most researchers who have come across this account suggest that it is a slightly distorted version of the November 2004 Nimitz encounters.

Seizure of data

"The incident was not classified in secrecy. The entire carrier was buzzing with rumours. I was not able to see the CON/NAV actual flight recording, so I was very skeptical. Things get dull in the middle of the ocean and it is not uncommon for troll jobs. So I wasn't exactly sold.

That night in the berthing I asked a very close friend in intel if he could confirm the legitimacy of the film. Without speaking, he gestured that it was correct. So, my skepticism began to fade and the next day a group of individuals were "cod'ed" onto the carrier and they retrieved all the tapes. I can confirm that they cod'ed onto the ship, but the seizure of tapes came from people that work in those shops...(bit about Russian fighter sightings omitted - KB.)

I don't want to go into details about dates, ship-name, my job etc although I don't think it matters, we weren't told to be quiet and it was pretty wide-spread (minus certain details I acquired through discussions.)


Note that anon-402 states that "a group of individuals were "cod'ed" onto the carrier" meaning they came in on a daily light aircraft flight that brought people to and from the carrier. Also that  "we weren't told to be quiet."

Later, in "Comments" on the reddit site about this post, anon-402 added:

"The individuals that took our data were American and not in military uniforms. They were also very well dressed. My shop personally had pertinent data that was collected. They did not personally collect it from me, but it was given to my supervisor and after he brought the required data, he was pretty vocal on his return about how unusual this is/was.

In another "Comment":

"I didn't talk to any radar analysts. I believe (not positive at all) that we only had 1 radar analyst's position in my squadron...this is our Ops O or  Operations Officer...My Commanding Officer put our squadron into formation and our Ops O and CO explained that the numerous rumours were accurate. The description of "tic-tac" was directly from my Commanding Officer's mouth...just to give more specific information, I was onboard the USS Nimitz during the encounter. My job was to strip the black boxes from every plane...Although I did not see the actual film, I replayed the flight in a 3d computer generated re-enactment. All of the evidence I could gather from my technical position verified the story."

In summary

Make of the above account what you will. On the surface it seems to be a recall of the events of the November 2004 Nimitz encounter, but anon-402, although giving some excellent clues to their identity, never revealed their real name.

Can any blog reader who was on the USS Nimitz comment on any aspect of the above account?

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