Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Two AATIP related conferences in March 2019

Scientific Coalition for UFOlogy

The Scientific Coalition for UFOlogy will hold a conference on the subject of Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena, between 15-17 March 2019, in Huntsville, Alabama, in the USA.

The SCU's website states that the "SCU is an organization composed of affiliate members from science, engineering, astronomy, psychology, chemistry, military and other disciplines with many holding PhDs, BS, BA degrees.

"SCU seeks to hold this conference in the hopes of bringing together other serious minded attendees from Redstone Arsenal, NASA, military defense contractors and academia in order to have serious dialogue about the subject and how science can progress in studying the phenomena."


The keynote speaker is Luis Elizondo, former program manager for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP.)

Other speakers are:

Dr Travis Taylor, Department of Defense: "A scientific approach to analyzing and preparing for an alien invasion."

Mr Philippe Ailleris, Project Controller, European Space Agency. "Detection and characterization of anomalous aerial objects using satellite data imagery."

Mr Robert Powell, SCU: "2004 USS Nimitz case report."

Mr Peter Reali, SCU: "2004 USS Nimitz case physics."

Mr Richard Hoffman, SCU: "2013 Aguadilla Puerto Rico case technical review."

S A Little, SCU: "Unidentified submersible object (USO) reports, creating a database for cluster analysis."

Additional panel members include: Dr C Powell, Senior Engineer/scientist at Davidson Technologies, Inc.

This conference will be held between 24-30 March 2019 in Laughlin, Nevada, and is being organised by a group including Robert Brown, Lorien Fenton and Gordon Pekrul.

There are currently 42 "speakers & guests" listed on the website, including UAP researchers; experiencers; military witnesses and others.

On the topic of military encounters/AATIP related speakers and guests, these include:

Gary P Voorhis who was a fire control-man and Aegis technician aboard the USS Princeton in November 2004, who will be interviewed as part of a panel of military witnesses.

Kevin Day, radar operator on the USS Princeton in November 2004 during the Nimitz encounters. Day will present a talk titled "The Nimitz Tic Tac encounter revealed -the incredible behind the scenes story."

Daniel Sheehan will speak on "To the Stars Academy quandary" Should the UFO community support a national security state-staff who seek to convince the world that UFOs are "real" but constitute " a threat to the national security of our country" in exchange for these government experts finally "giving credence" to "the reality of UFOs."

Patrick "JP" Hughes was a second class Petty Officer attached to the VAW-117 squadron onboard the USS Nimitz in November 2004. Hughes will be interviewed as part of the panel of military witnesses.

Robert Kiviat

Now, regular blog readers will be familiar with Voorhis; Day; Sheehan and Hughes. However, there is an additional speaker of interest, Robert Kiviat.

According to the UFO MegaCon website, Kiviat worked with the FOX network to "establish its alternative TV department" which produced a range of paranormal and UFO documentaries.

Of interest to me, is the following UFO MegaCon website writeup about his recent research:

"Currently, Robert is developing an unprecedented TV docu-series that expands on a December 17, 2017 New York Times "Front Page" investigation which ushered in a new UFO era by reporting that the Pentagon firmly believes UFOs recently filmed by military cameras might be alien spacecraft posting a real and present global danger.

New "official" era of UFOs exposed: An "Embedded" TV journalist on the Trail of Truth.

Network TV investigative producer Robert Kiviat, best known for creating widely-watched Prime Time documentary TV specials concerning UFOs, ETs and other unexplained phenomena, reveals shocking discoveries he made while working under contract for a CIA supported operation tied to the December 2017 New York Times Pentagon UFO disclosure story that essentially confirmed UFOs are real and could be a global threat.

Kiviat, who was recruited in 2018 by a company backed by a top CIA scientist to create entertainment products aimed at extolling the virtues of anti-gravity development and UFO research, explains how he was  soon manipulated to refocus his efforts on competing with the To The Stars Academy (TTSA) for Hollywood projects, with the gaol of making people believe UFOs (or UAPs) are related to interdimensional "portals" and human consciousness rather than beings from distant planets.

Via a riveting, play-by-play account, Kiviat takes the audience through his harrowing 18 month odyssey filled with intrigue, deceit, obfuscation and incredibly, the eventual realization that rival factions within the US Defense Department and U S Intelligence agencies are battling each other for dominance to the public what UFOs represent.

Are they harbingers of doom, the Apocalypse or heaven on Earth? Maybe something in between? Find out for yourself, as Kiviat unveils stunning new video evidence of mysterious activity, occurring at locations around the world, provided by official sources and independent "experiencers.""


I read this, in short, as Kiviat saying that in 2018 he was recruited by a company, backed by a top CIA scientist, to create entertainment products about anti-gravity and UFOs. He did this in competition with the TTSA, in support of interdimensional portals and consciousness as the source of UFOs. What to make of the above, ahead of his actual presentation?

In a blog post dated 2 January 2019 I reported on the interests and research of one Joseph P Firmage, and his International Academy of Science and Arts (IASA.)

I located a January 2018 IASA media release speaking of the launch of its Studios Division. The Division was reportedly making a "Prime Time"TV docu-drama series about X-files type events. In addition, IASA's research was said to have the "backing of a top U.S. Intelligence agency..."

I wondered, if the company which recruited Kiviat, was none other than Joe Firmage's IASA?

Jimmy Church interview

My attention was drawn to a reference to an interview between Jimmy Church and Robert Kiviat, on episode 953 of "Fade to Black" dated 19 November 2018.

During this interview, Kiviat said that the mainstream media had picked up on the December 17 2017 New York Times article, and that was a good thing. But the thought that the article failed to follow up on such things as:

* If money went to Bigelow, why the lack of interest by the NYT in the Skinwalker Ranch?

* The NYT did not look into the background of Hal Puthoff, and Puthoff's connections with the CIA.

* If $22M was spent, what other moneys are there out there?

* What about private industry and black budget money?

His research led him to the same old names - Hal Puthoff; Kit Green; Ron Pandolfi and Joe Firmage.

Speaking of the TTSA, Kiviat said that he didn't understand the focus on TTSA; when they were just an entertainment company. Why are they holding back information?

Kiviat went on to say that at the same time as the TTSA launch (17 October 2017-KB) he wanted to find a company involved in ant-gravitic research. He found one. He found they had no funding, but they were led by a very good visionary. Looking around for a possible helper for that company. He came across Joe Firmage. "I contacted Joe" and asked him what is your company about? Firmage said anti-gravity device. I have good support from an intelligence agency, support from them for 20 years.

Joe said to Kiviat; I'd love you to join the company and help us with communications and help us build an entertainment studio that will dole out content, movies, TV about anti-gravitic physics; might lead to other forms of propulsion and energy. Kiviat stated "I bought into that" and signed a contract with Joe Firmage.

Kiviat then said that he couldn't talk about his relationship with Joe Firmage over the past year. The company is having financial difficulties. I am trying to find out if there is support for Joe's device. I think Joe will step up eventually.

Kiviat said that he had contacted TTSA but that TTSA never got back to him, and they did a deal with another TV network.

In summary

Here then, you have quite a bit of detail as to what Kiviat's MegaCon's talk will be about.


  1. Wow. I found that most interesting - the part about different govt. factions competing about what the phenomenon is actually about. Sounds like either legit camps with 2 diff. beliefs, or a disinformation campaign to discredit Luis Elizondo and the team. Possibly that was the plan all along. Once Luis comes out with this, TTSA gets going... have this other competing idea to take the steam out of it. Or, this other group really understands at a deeper or altogether different level what is actually happening. Portals and other dimensions is next level stuff. The public could almost get on-board with anti-gravitics. They certainly aren't ready for portals and dimension talk.

    Anyway, should be an interesting year.

    Thanks for your excellent site. I started ufoscoop.com thinking I'd bring news to the space but you're really doing a great job.


  2. Going to be interesting to watch the TTSA space this coming year. Good to know Elizondo is out the in the 1st 1/3 of the year. Intrigued how they are pushing the inter dimensional subject heavily. I can only imagine that in fact both an ET presence and inter-dimentional are most like so common place that the 2 not only go hand in hand, but in fact one indeed watches the other............ let alone watching us.......!!


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