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"Antennas" and Dr. Viola Pettit Neal


A few days ago, researcher James Iandoli published an article titled "Is the Caudate-Putamen an antenna for anomalous information?" and Twitter user Jay@09784691 published a similar piece titled "Experiencers, Unique Intuition and Biomarkers." 

Both articles focused on work undertaken by Garry P Nolan, and Christopher (Kit) Green, as reported at the 2018 Space Genetics Symposium, held on 30 November 2018 at Harvard Medical School. The schedule showed a talk by Garry Nolan, titled "Can genetic differences in intuition and cognition drive success in space?"

The Nolan/Green study

Iandoli reported that he had communicated with Nolan who provided the following information. The talk reported on a study of 105 patients, 60% male and 40% female. Iandoli goes on to say:

"The study involved, among others, a group of individuals termed these days as "Experiencers:" individuals experiencing Anomalous Mental Phenomena perceived through the senses including hallucinations, seeing beings and orbs, or hearing messages. One potential goal of the study involved identifying personality commonalities and, maybe, if "experiences" followed families - implying there might be a component that genetic plays in the experience process itself. Nolan and Green insisted that the study was not about determining the factual nature of the experience, just to determine if there were medical or familial relationships."

As to the study's findings, Iandoli cited Nolan as stating:

"We had groups of patients who objectively had a higher density of neuronal connection between the head of the caudate and the putamen" as opposed to a control group of 100 randomly selected people.

Nolan cautioned that these are simply preliminary findings and that much more work needs to be undertaken in this area.

In jay@09784691's article, he mentions that:

"A question asked in the talk is whether there are forms of inherited intuition that are handed down across families that allows for distinct forms of intelligence and which are correlated, roughly by contributing to higher IQ (later referred to those with .140). ...It would appear these indicators are present in the patients included in the trial..."

Earlier work on the Caudate area of the brain

Iandoli remarks that Nolan, in his talk, referred to two earlier pieces of research. One was by Oleg Sergeivich Adrianov, a Soviet Union neuroscientist, whom Iandoli cites as saying:

"Our interest (in Caudate-Putamen over expression) is based on the literary data (sic) participates in higher intergrative activity..." and " Numerous clinical data suggests direct relation of the human brain to a higher psychic function."

The second was the work of Viola Pettit Neal, whom Iandoli cites as stating:

"The caudate nucleus deals with the head antennae - millions of antennae which in the future will deal with the ability of all the extrasensory perception abilities, such as the ability to see events at a distance and the ability for telepathic contact."

Dr Viola Pettit Neal

As Neal specifically refers to the concept of "antenna," who has been banded about a lot in recent times on the Internet, with suggestions of something in the human brain which receives and transmits information; with the additional suggestion that "experiencers" might be receiving information from 'somewhere else,' I thought it would be useful to see just when Neal's information was coming from?

I found a copy of a book titled "Through the Curtain" authored by Dr Viola Pettit Neal and Dr Shafica Karagulla; published in 1983 by De Vorss & Co., Marina del Ray, California.

Shafica Karagulla was born in 1914 in Turkey and received an MD from the American University in Beirut. She became a neuro-psychiatrist "who spent eight years researching ordinary people who appeared to have extraordinary abilities." These abilities were in the area of psychic research. She went on to found the Higher Sense Perception Research Foundation. In 1967, she published a book "Breakthrough to Creativity". Kargulla died in 1986.

Dr Viola Pettit Neal was born in 1907 in Virginia, and obtained a PhD at London University. She became a lecturer and a writer. She exhibited premonitions and the ability to see events at a distance from an early childhood. She founded the Biometric Research Foundation in Los Angeles.  Neal died in 1981.

In the Introduction to "Through the Curtain" Karagulla writes that she met Dr Neal in 1938 and corresponded with her from that date onwards. However, it wasn't until 1956 that:

"For the first time Dr Neal revealed to me her own personal experiences, one of which was that as she was falling asleep she would see in her mind's eye, in a miniature form, frames like a moving picture of beautiful flowers, places and people in very sharp, bright colors." [See hypnagogic imagery -KB]

In addition, Karagulla states:

" A second experience was that when she went to sleep she was aware of being on another dimension attending lectures on many subjects dealing with both science and philosophy. She referred to these experiences as Night Classes. Upon awakening, she could recall the lectures the following morning if she so wished."

"Neil could both perceive at a distance, and communicate telepathically with the Ashram of the Master Jupiter..."

In Neal's sleep state, Karagulla was able to directly ask questions and received answers from this "other source." The book is full of transcripts of this Night Class information. Some of these sessions are taped transcripts, while others are cited as "recalled by Neil."

Neal's information about the Caudate

So, what information, derived from this "other source," did Neal say about the Caudate? I found the answer in a chapter titled "Esoteric Embryology of the centers (Chakras.)" In a Night Class session dated 15 May 1962, "Recalled by Viola Pettit Neal" ie. written down by Neal the following morning there is (pages 86-87):

"The caudate nucleus deals with the head antenna - millions of antenna which in the future will deal with the ability of all the extrasensory perception abilities, such as the ability to see events at a distance and the ability for telepathic contact. The sending and receiving station for telepathic contact is located in the caudate nucleus. This nucleus is the mechanism that would be activated and used as the race develops. Some people have a certain amount of development. The ability to read the planetary records (Akashic) has something to do with certain antenna activated in the caudate nucleus."

On page 88 there is also:

" Each circuit has a sending and receiving station. With some people, certain circuits are connected. For example, in those who have telepathic ability - the circuit is connected with higher hearing."

End notes

1. I would once again, remind blog readers, that these findings of Nolan and Green are of a preliminary nature only. They are certainly intriguing, but much more work needs to be undertaken by future researchers. 

2. For further reading on the caudate and putamen areas of the brain click here.  

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