Sunday, October 31, 2010

More on Operation Crowflight

Further material:

For those interested, the Australian War Memorial website has an image labelled " East Sale, Vic-1961-05-02 Lockheed U-2 high altitude reconnaissance aircraft of USAF preparing for take off from RAAF base East Sale during Operation "Crowflight."" Click here to see the image.

Terence Gallacher has a two piece story on Crowflight and how he filmed U-2s in Australia in December 1960. Click here to go to his blog.

Further searches:

To check for further possible Crowflight UFO reports I also checked:

* The UFO reports listed for 1960-1966 on the AUFORN website
* Various catalogues of specialised UFO reports which I have previously published
* The website of the Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre (they have no lists for 1960-1965.)

I found no further UFO reports which had the characteristics of Crowflight aircraft.


Interestingly, I have now found that a single U-2 aircraft returned to Australia in 1966.

The HICAT program, investigating clear air turbulence, flew a U-2 between 19 July and 11 Aug 1966 over various parts of Australia.

It conducted 11 flights in all, based at RAAF Laverton, flying during daylight hours, up to 1200 miles from base, above 50,000 feet. Click here for a paper describing results.

I found no UFO reports in the RAAF UFO files which could be matched to this aircraft.

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