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More on aerospace companies and UFOs

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Aerospace companies and UFOs

In earlier posts I looked at information I'd come across regarding aerospace companies and UFO research. I am going to continue my wanderings through this area, in this post.

In the 1966-1970 era, Dr Robert M Wood, working for the McDonnell-Douglas aviation company, ran a project which looked at the UFO phenomenon and the possibility that "gravity control" was involved. (See Wood's article in the MUFON Journal, October 2008.)

The diaries of Jacques Vallee suggest that there was continuing UFO research by Mc-Donnell Douglas in the period 1974-1978 ("Forbidden Science " Volume 2. 2008. Documentica Research, LLC. pp277 & 439.)

What of earlier times?

I have been re-reading the book "The hunt for zero point" by Nick Cook, published by Arrow in 2002. ISBN 009 941 4988.

Cook, employed by the English journal "Jane's Defence Weekly" became intrigued with the concept of gravity propulsion - anti-gravity. He came across the fact that in the mid -1950s a number of aircraft companies were conducting gravity research.

One of the most prominent figures involved in the research was "George S Trimble, head of Advanced Programs and Vice-President in charge of the G-Project at Martin Aircraft." (pp3-4.)

Cook found that "The Glenn L Martin Company became the Martin Company in 1957. In 1961, it merged...becoming Martin-Marietta..." (p11.) In 1994 it changed to Lockheed-Martin.

Cross back to Jacques Vallee's "Forbidden Science" Volume 1. 1992. North Atlantic books. Berkeley, Ca, page 135, and a diary entry dated 17 May 1965.

"A curious incident recently took place during a conversation with a Martin Marietta engineer who says he is compiling a reference book on UFOs..." The engineer circulated a black binder with material in it, and when someone turned a page "The engineer leapt out of his chair like a tiger and tore the binder away, tersely spitting out "...the other papers have nothing to do with that! We were left fairly shocked at the violence of his reaction. Of course we began to wonder what else might be in that binder. There are rumours that major aerospace companies are conducting their own secret studies of UFOs."

There is also a reference to an earlier date. In Vallee's diary Volume 2 page 335.
"I got an interesting call from a vice-president with Environmental Systems in Van Nuys. As early as 1955 he belonged to a UFO group at Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica...They were asked by Douglas management to assess cases from Blue Book."

What of George S Trimble?

When Cook wrote his book in 2002 he found Trimble was still alive. However, Cook's efforts to interview Trimble were defeated. Cook's contact at the company told him "He doesn't want to speak to me and he doesn't want to speak to you, not now, not ever. I don't mind telling you he sounded scared and I don't like to hear old men scared." (p17.)

Back to Cook

As he was an aviation journalist, Cook went on a journey to look into the possibility that anti-gravity research went underground in 1957. His search took him through the work of Thomas Townsend Brown; German world war 2 research; the AVRO aircraft; NASA's breakthrough propulsion physics program; and Dr Evgeny Podkletnor's claims about discovering an anti-gravity effect.

As to aerospace company employees, his interviews included with Jack Gordon, head of Lockheed's "Skunk works." "Whatever was going on here, however many secret programs the Skunk Works had on its books, none of them had anything to do with anti gravity." In addition he spoke to Boyd Bushman, senior scientist at Lockheed-Martin, who gave Cook a files of papers which contained, among other things, a grainy photograph of a UFO flying low over a straight stretch of road with a hand written caption, Santa Ana, California, 1966.


It would seem logical to me that aerospace companies would spend a small percentage of their budget on "way out" ideas. It is therefore not surprising that UFO study programs have existed within aerospace companies, over the years.

Today, I am aware of only BAE Systems' Project Greenglow which monitors any developments in the field of anti-gravity research.

Readers, are you aware of any other aerospace companies, who today, are conducting research into the UFO phenomenon?


  1. Aerospace and technology research center-Kaipo Forrest SA
    You wont find it on the map and Google earth wont show it, but if you look into old maps, you will find it. 1957 in the heart of Kaipo Forrest SA
    I cant tell you what the program was called, but if you can find a map you can still visit the area, but careful as its still very active.
    You wont find Aliens just Anti-gravity flying devices and holographic technology implementations, look to the Heart of the Forrest and do not trust your eyes, only then will you find what your looking for

  2. Aerospace and research center-Kaipo Forrest SA
    Look for a 1957 map of Kaipo Forrest, you will find the Aerospace and research center, you wont find it on any modern maps.
    The Center has been researching Anti-gravitational propulsion systems for 50+ years, but its there holographic systems that make the center difficult to find..
    Still if your interested, i suggest look the the heart of the Forrest and dont believe your eyes as the truth has been hidden


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