Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Staying sane 1

From time to time people have asked me how I have kept my interest alive across a 40 year time span of research.

I thought about this again recently and came up with a few ideas, which I'd like to share with you.

1. Have some guiding principles.

One of my main guiding principles has been to simply "follow the facts." If a UFO case turned out to have a mundane explanation, then I said so!

I believe that UFO investigators should weed out as many identified cases as possible, leaving only good quality "unknowns" to work with.

I have found this consistency of approach to be invaluable. It can, however, lead to differences of opinion with other UFO researchers who have a non-negotiable belief system.

One example of this occurred after I appeared on an ABC (Australia) television Health program. I suggested on the show that some UFO abductions have their roots in terms of 'sleep paralysis.' A well known Victorian (another Australian state to that where I live) UFO researcher took me to task for daring to suggest an alternative explanation to the Grays.

Another example, based on exhaustive research, was my suggestion that the 1988 Mundrabilla car/UFO encounter had a non-extraterrestrial cause. Some American researchers took a dim view of this, despite the fact they had not conducted any first hand research.


  1. Good post. I look forward to seeing more of the same. The difficulty, as I see it, is that there are areas around the fringes of the mundane where accepted theories start grasping for a hold. Is it unreasonable to consider possibilities beyond those which can be demonstrated in laboratory conditions?

  2. Hi

    As a layperson, since the 1970's I have worked with (to varying degrees) hundreds of experiencers. My overall sense is that all of the scientific explanations which are put forward, still do not explain the totality of the abduction phenomenon.

    I can vividly recall the one time I woke during the middle of the night, paralysed. I have an intense sense of fear, and a total belief that there was something evil in my bedroom. So, there is a world of difference, even for me, in telling myself that this was only 'sleep paralysis' and not an alien encounter.


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