Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Staying sane 5


More musings.

5. Like Kylie Minogue or Madonna, periodically re-invent yourself

At various stages, over 40 years, of my interest I was:

* One of the two Co-ordinators of the Australian Centre for UFO Studies (ACUFOS), which was initiated at the request of Prof. J Allen Hynek in 1974

* Research Director for the group UFO Research (South Australia) (UFORSA) one of the first Australian UFO organisations to move away from the then norm for UFO groups to have large formal committees; large public meetings and magazines. All of which took many members of these groups away from the real work of researching the UFO phenomenon. UFORSA is still in existence today

* Founder of the Australian Centre for UFO Abduction Studies. I saw a need for a national centre which conducted serious, scientific research into the topic. I ran the Centre for three years and published a great deal of research findings

* Facilitator for the Secretariat (the Australian UFO Research Association) (AURA) for the Disclosure Australia Project. This was a very successful five year project locating, documenting and publishing material from Australian Government files relating to UFOs.

Each of these roles enabled me to focus, for a fixed period of time, on one specific aspect of the UFO phenomenon. it brought me into contact with different groups of individuals, including health professionals and academics. I accumulated a range of skills during this time.

I would strongly recommend that you do not spend all of your UFO related time, on the one aspect, e.g. abductions, physical trace cases.

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