Friday, October 22, 2010

Australian crop formations

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Well, Spring is in the air in Adelaide, and I have been taking a look at the net, for material dealing with Australian crop formations.

The best data I found was actually material gathered together by my co-blogger, Keith Basterfield. It can be found at

It is a catalogue of over 100 Australian cases where physical traces were found. These traces range from disturbed plants, damaged trees, to circles in crops. The date range is between 1927 and 2004. The association with the UFO phenomenon varies between direct and implied.

It we look for events which are similar to the basic English crop "circle" we find entries such as:

Dec 1973 Bordertown SA (Latitude 36:18, Longitude 140:46)

Seven circular shaped, flattened swirled areas were found in an oat paddock. They ranged from 2.1-4.6m across and were of different ages. Oats had been swirled anti-clockwise. The police forensic squad were unable to explain the marks.

Nov 2001 Tandarra Vic

Mr Donald White was moving sheep when he discovered a number of circular marks in his wheat crop. James Kennedy of AUFORN visited the site and found that "The actual wheat was 'combed' in an anti-clockwise direction." The stems of the wheat had not snapped. "In the middle of the majority of circles there was differentiating amounts of untouched wheat growth." There were one group of three circles basically adjoined and another circle was very close to a fence line, and completely flattened. All the circles were at least 2m in diameter.
(Kennedy, J. 2001. "Tandarra Crop Circles. The Australasian UFOlogist. Vol 5 No 5 pp8-10.)

There is even a relatively large formation, found in Adelaide:

Dec 1994 Northfield, Adelaide, SA (34:56, 134:36)

A 15.3m diameter, swirled, flattened circle with run-offs at each end was found in a wheat paddock in suburban Adelaide. The stalks had been flattened in an anti-clockwise direction in the main circle. Information to hand suggests it was a hoax.
(1. M & K Maros.
2. K Basterfield personal investigation.
3. Adelaide Advertiser 15/12/94, 17/12/94, 22/12/94.)

However, looking through the entire listing, there is nothing remotely like the complex formations reported from the United Kingdom over the last 10-15 years. Nothing at all, which is very surprising given the vast quantity of land in Australia devoted to wheat production alone.

What could this lack of complex Australian crop formations tell us? Perhaps:

1. the crop formatiopn phenomenon avoids Australia for some reason, because the crop formation phenomenon is not really a global phenomenton?
2. That hoaxing crop formations is not in the Australian psyche?
3. some other reason that I cannot think of?

Dear readers, have you any ideas?


  1. Dear Pauline:

    If You come across evidence of radioactive emissions from crop circles or "coming down hard" deep impressions into hardened clay soil from UFO landings, please let us know.



    P.S. We expect much more aggressive UFO activity and quite natural weather war in response to human nuclear and human military plans.


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