Friday, October 29, 2010

Sleep and abductions


Since the 1970's I have been interested in the boundary of being asleep and awake. This state gives rise to hypnagogic and hypnopompic imagery, and gave me the idea for my first UFO book.

Like Pauline, I read a lot of science magazines and one of my favourites is "New Scientist." In the 10 October 2010 issue, number 2729 appeared an article by Laura Spinney which mentions the work of David Dinges, a Psychiatrist at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Dinges is looking at the sleep disorders which occur on the boundary of sleep and being awake. Disorders such as sleep paralysis, hypnagogic imagery, sleep walking, night terrors and narcolepsy, and interestingly for us, alien abductions!

"It is no coincidence he says that alien abductions almost always occur in the recumbent position, in the transition from wakefulness to sleep.'

My comment

From my research I can say that it is true that many abduction reports occur at this boundary. I can also say that from my own research working with abductees, that many episodes happen while the individual is lying on their back. I seem to recall that many sleep paralysis episodes are reported when a person is lying on their back, as opposed to lying on their side or stomach. However, much more research needs to be undertaken in this area. It would be helpful if sleep researchers would take the time to study abductions indepth.


  1. I have had hypnagogic imagery. I totally agree with you that that people believe they are being abducted by aliens. I have seen a grayish figure standing over me and actually with long fingers or claws scrape across my stomach. I actually felt the sharpness on my skin. At least my brain thought so. It was frighting because your paralized and can't move, but as quickly as that appears its gone. I know I am awake. I also have out of body experiences. I thought I was just going nuts or something but I knew it was in my head. I found out I was experencing normal halusinations. Ok can't spell it but you know what I mean. I do think it's odd that this is a common hypogogal dream senario. I do believe there must be life on other planets and maybe they have even visited, but they haven't visited me.

  2. Hi

    Thank you for your comments. Much appreciated.

    I wonder how many other people experience these events and keep it to themselves?


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