Sunday, October 24, 2010

Staying sane 7

More reflections across 40 years of research.

7. Publish your research

I find no value in coming up with some valuable insight or series of pieces of data, and then not telling anyone about it. Over the years, some of the publishing I have undertaken has included:

* A series of National newsletters documenting abstracts of several hundreds of UFO sightings from all over Australia. This helped others to look at patterns in the incoming data.

* A series of newsletters from the Australian centre for UFO Abduction Studies. These provided information for both experiencers, academics and health professionals interested in this topic.

* Two books.

* A series of 31 newsletters for the Disclosure Australia project. These described both the methodology of the project, and and the findings from examining Australian UFO Government files.

Publishing of this kind of material has distributed my ideas and data, to a range of people, for discussion and debate. This is the standard methodology in science, allowing for peer review of one's work.

Today, of course, there is electronic publishing, like this blog, which is open to anyone.

All in all, I would encourage you to conduct original research and then publish your data/findings.


  1. Your site is very well done and I am am glad someone else it trying to do some serious research into the phenomena. I am glad you came over to my site and let me know about the book on Migraines.

    So far the only thing I can do is catalog my experiences to the best of my ability, and go over how certain things can be done scientifically in a way of prevention and understanding. You blog i awesome and has given me a lot to think on. Keep up the great work.


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