Saturday, October 16, 2010

Staying sane 3

More of my thoughts on how to retain a long term interest in UFO research.

3. Read widely

I read a lot of different books and magazines, as well as frequently browse the Internet. My reading covers topics such as astronomy, biology, physics, the paranormal, UFOs, mathematics and biographies to name but a few genres I cover. Like Pauline mentioned in one of her previous posts, I too have a pile of books by my bedside. Some I read once, some I read several times.

I find this constant searching for new material keeps my mind active. When reading, I am always trying to think about how the content of the material might relate to the topic of UFOs.

For example, I once read a book on the topic of the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (click here for details). Hardly the type of thing which you would think would relate to UFOs. However, the author happened to be working in the intelligence area of the Australian Government's Department of Defence (DOD) at the time. A portion of a single page mentioned UFO research being pursued by a member of the DOD. I started up a two year correspondence with the Office for the Minister of Defence, which ultimately lead to the release of a formerly secret intelligence file on UFOs. This file ( click here for Archive details) is now available to anyone in the National Archives of Australia. If I hadn't read that book the file would never have become public knowledge. For the full correspondence between myself and the Minister's Office, click here.)

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