Sunday, October 17, 2010

Staying sane 4

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4. Don't separate research into UFOs from research into the paranormal

In my opinion, you shouldn't study the UFO phenomenon in isolation from other areas of knowledge. To me, UFOs are part of the topic of the paranormal. I believe that much is to be learnt by studying UFOs, together with the paranormal.

Why do I say this? For example, the after-effects of some UFO close encounters include a range of effects, otherwise labelled 'paranormal' if they took place without a UFO sightings. These effects include an increase in a witness' extra sensory perception (ESP); or the reporting of a "poltergeist.'

In addition, recent scientific studies on the topic of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) are relevant to potential non-extra-terrestrial explanations for some UFo abduction accounts. Science has been able to create OBEs on demand, by electrically stimulating the human brain. There are UFO abduction accounts where experiencers relate that they found themselves floating above their physical bodies, just like in an OBE.

There have also been laboratory experiments in which it has been possible to demonstrate that one's sense of self can be transferred to a point outside the physical body.

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