Wednesday, January 4, 2017

NICAP - UFO Investigator - Australian material - 1957 to 1971

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Following my recent posts about references to Australian material in both the English Flying Saucer Review, and the APRO Bulletin, I checked out all the digitised  issues of NICAP's 'UFO Investigator.' which I had access to.

Here, we find references to various Australian sightings, including:

* Meekatharra, Western Australia - 'Angel hair fall.' (January 1962 p.6)

* Eton Ridge, Queensland - 'Close encounter.' (June 1965 p.1)

* Boyup Brook, Western Australia - 'Car stop.' (July 1968 p.6.)

The September 1971 issue, highlights a one day symposium on UAP, which was held in my home town of Adelaide, South Australia, on 30 October 1971. The aim of this symposium was to encourage scientists to take a look at the UAP issue, and was organised by the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science. To read more about this Symposium, click here.

As with my previous two postings, if you'd like a copy of an Excel spreadsheet listing these references, simply drop me an email to

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