Sunday, January 1, 2017

Felix sit annus novus

Hi all,

A New Year's tradition for me, has been to go to the website of the National Archives of Australia (NAA) just after midnight on 1 January each year, and look for any newly available UAP files.

The tradition continued this year, and I was rewarded by locating two new files in the A9755 NAA file series. This series number, was given to a group of about two dozen files, passed to the NAA by the RAAF, when it closed its UAP program in 1994. This year, two newly available A9755 series files surfaced. They are:

1. A9755 control symbol 23, titled 'RAAF Headquarters No 82 Bomber Wing Amberley Queensland [Unusual Aerial Sightings] [UAS]  [UFO-Unidentified Flying Object].' The barcode is 3533584, with a date range of 1992-1994. The file's status is currently 'Not Yet Examined.'

2. A9755 control symbol 9, titled 'RAAF No 92 Wing Headquarters, Edinburgh, South Australia [Unusual Aerial Sightings] [UAS] Administration [UFO-Unidentified Flying Object].' The barcode is 3533451, with a date range of 1992-1994. The file's status is 'Not Yet Examined.'

I have submitted a request to have the two files examined, and when their status is changed to 'Open,' I will pay for a digitised copy to be placed on the NAA website for anyone to read.

Unfortunately, from October last year, until 1 July 2017, the NAA are moving some 15 million files from multiple repositories, to the newly established National Archives Preservation Facility, thus causing delays to the access process. It will therefore be some months before the digital copies will be available.

I am also currently waiting on the NAA to digitise another file, found last year. This is NAA file series J229, control symbol 5/13/Air, titled 'Sighting of Unidentified Objects.' This file is barcode 21290309, date range 1956-1996. This file originated with RAAF No 10 Squadron, Edinburgh, South Australia.

Update as at 18 April 2017

The National Archives of Australia is still in the process of moving millions of files to a new repository building, and advises this will not be complete until 1 July 2017. I have still not received access to files A9755 23, or A9755 9.

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