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Valerie Ransone - a 1970's contactee



One of my current research projects is looking at contactee/abductee accounts (the other is researching Australian UFO "cold cases.") When I read in a recent post by Pauline on this blog, that in May 1978 Dr Christopher (Kit) Green was visiting Houston "...where Valerie Ransone and a group of contactees have promised he would witness materializations..." I became intrigued and decided to undertake a little research on Valerie Ransone.

Why would I be interested in a 1970's contactee case?

(1) It was many years ahead of the Internet which clouded the issue with an overload of material.
(2) Unlike many other contactee cases, it involved some high profile people, e.g. US astronaut Gordon Cooper.
(3) The contactee herself was said to be high profile, although until I conducted this research I can't say that I had heard of her.

The Hawaii-Five-O connection:

I initially found a reference to Ransone in 1976. The located document stated that it was from the Hong Kong TV Times (18-24 June 1976.) The piece (found at

"The day began with breakfast, early for the locals but late for the visitors, at the Furama with Chun Kam Fong, Five-O's super sleauth, Chin Ho, who is as celebrated here as MacArthur.

"Other members of the party included MacArthur's friend, the lovely Valerie Ransone, former CBS correspondent and Washington power broker, who was putting together the Far Eastern Links in a new alternative radio service, The Information Network, of which she is President, principal shareholder, chief correspondent and board chairman. It also included the Dutch photographer Hugh Van Es ( see piece in New York Times KB) who speaks American English with the tones of a Five-O villain...It had been noticed that during the run from the jewellers, Valerie was limping. Unlikely as it sounds for such a beautiful and healthy young lady, she seemed to be suffering from the gout."

The MacArthur in the piece was James MacArthur, the actor in Hawaii-Five-O, a police drama set in Hawaii.

Enter Jacques Vallee:

I next picked up the story in Jacques Vallee's book "Forbidden Science Volume Two" where I located six diary entries between 19 May and 14 October 1978.

19 May 1978

"Upon my return from Los Angeles I met with Ira Einhorn at his hotel. We spent several hours discussing Bob Beck, Puharich and Valerie Ransone, a contactee who has worked in Washington for Nixon's WIN (anti-inflation) campaign. She is active in high-level circles, organising trips to the desert in hopes of watching UFOs.

" Confirming what I'd heard from Kit, Ira told me that Valerie and Puharich had gone over to see Beck in March or April 1977. Beck claims he can take his ELF generator to a coffee shop, turn on the device and cause every child in the place to start crying; conversely he'll tune it to a frequency that includes euphoria...

"Some German executives are said to have a device that shields a person against such waves. In a letter to Ira, Beck writes that 'competent authorities' have asked him not to reveal the frequency in question."

My notes:
(1) Ira Einhorn according to Vallee was a "radical thinker...a youth leader turned management guru whose destiny would include an ugly accusation for murder..." (p.9.)
(2) Dr Andrija Puharich was a "New Age researcher." (p.164.) (See his son's website.)
(3) Bob Beck "researches brain wave entraining..." (p.426.)

11 June 1978

"Valerie Ransone is setting up a company to disseminate messages she believes to be of extraterrestrial origin. Since networks are now at the cutting edge of information sciences, she's also building up a Center for Advanced Technology that plans to use conferencing. The whole thing is reportedly financed by Security Around the Globe, an industrial protection and private detective firm.

"Valerie is an attractive 28-year old woman with a brilliant mind. She's being helped by high-powered executives, captains of industry, impeccable business leaders she calls her "silver foxes." One of them arranged for her to meet the director of the Scripps Institute and Gordon Cooper, who's made curious statements lately about witnessing the retrieval of crashed saucers. She's also in touch with a fellow who owns a lot of real estate in San Francisco,

"Journalist West Thomas who heads up Valerie's computing center, has called from her office to enlist my help. Valerie got on the line to assure me of the seriousness of her project. I declined to become involved, bothered by all their pseudo-science."

9 July 1978

"Wes Thomas was waiting for me at Kennedy. He spoke about Valerie. He';s known her for several years, having met her when she was the public relations person for an energy information group. Her family came from the Chicago area and she studied journalism at Northwestern. Wes introduced her to Puharich two years ago. She spent several months with him, exploring every site where ELF research was going on. This particular topic of extremely low frequency seemed to fascinate her. "I think Puharich convinced her that she was a contactee," said Wes. "I'd never heard her mention it before she met him.""

12 July 1978

Kit was waiting for me at Dulles, driving a Volvo full of kids, so we were not able to talk seriously until after dinner. Once we were alone I brought up my concerns. "It's obvious there's a secret project somewhere," I insisted. "Take a case like Tehran...someone must be working on it, even if you guys don't. Also, I've been thinking about our discussion with Jim Irish. He evaded all our questions about the death of his colleagues on Mount Baldy, didn't he?

'You may be right," Kit finally said, "about a secret project."

"What about Security Around the Globe? Where does Valerie come into all this?"

"SAG is owned by a lady and her two sons. They've had a private detective agency in Nevada for 15 years. She has lots of contacts."

6 August 1978

"On Friday I set up a computer conference with Valerie Ransone in Houston, Wes Thomas on Long Island and Brendan O'Regan in San Fancisco. It took a curious turn when Valerie announced that her purpose was to select 13 individuals who would be invited to her "Signs of the Spirit" conference in Washington next December. She said "My goal is to establish a foundation for those who will meet space people in December." I reminded her that two years ago Puharich had already predicted massive landings "within 18 months." Later on he revealed that "The Direction" had decided to land invisibly! Always the same absurd stories."

14 October 1978

"The Valerie Ransone saga continued. The woman who owns Security Around the Globe"" became intrigued and upset when she saw the folders Valerie brought to her for safekeeping, like "Soviet Research" and "Military intelligence." So she called the Houston office of the FBI, who went through the papers. They initiated an investigation that reached into every corner of Washington.

"Among the papers in question was a letter claiming that Earth was now under control of the aliens...On Wednesday evening I had a cup of coffee with Valerie at the Capitol Hilton. She was with Jill Duvall, a level-headed woman. They've opened an office in Washington, and their "Information network" is now registered as a Californian company thanks to money invested by a friend of hers in California. Valerie told me the Aliens didn't want me to call my next book "Messengers of Deception." I answered, "Let's see how they will stop me."

Enter Gordon Cooper:

Vallee's reference to astronaut Gordon Cooper brought up two internet pieces. The first I found on James Oberg's website.

"There could be trouble with the space shuttle."
It was December 1978.

"What kind of trouble? I asked her [Valerie Ransone] over the phone. Valerie was at her office in Washington. I was at mine in California.

"Technical flaws," she said. "Something to do with the heating or cooling system. It's pretty sketchy."

"The warning had come during one of her 'transmissions.' She had no idea when they would arrive--the telepathic messages she believed were from extraterrestrial source of intelligence...She made a point always to document the details as soon as possible, usually typing up the complete messages.

"Four months after mentioning the vague possibility of a problem with the space shuttle, Valerie was in Los Angeles and came to my office. She was worried about new and more detailed information she had received. She showed me a single typewritten page of notes she'd made after receiving the transmission...The source of information professed to being concerned that the future of manned space travel not be jeopardised by such events.

" I'd been around Valerie long enough to find her knowledgeable and trustworthy, and I wasn't about to discount her transmissions. In addition her telepathic powers had been proved time and time again...I felt certain she was getting good information from somewhere: from where and whom I couldn't say for sure...I flew to Houston to see Bennett "Ben" James, and experienced engineer and supervisor in NASA's Flight Operations...I now told him it was possible that my business partner was in contact with "higher powers somewhere who may have better information than we do..." NASA engineers immediately went to work examining the space shuttle's cooling system,. looking at the detailed scenarios I laid out for them. They quickly identified and within days, fixed the potential problem with the cooling system-just as outlined in the transmissions I carried in my briefcase...Was I surprised that the cooling system fault existed? Not really. With Valerie Ransone, I had moved beyond surprise. But the experience gave me another shot of confidence that the source we were getting technological assistance from was for real."

The second reference was on the website for Bruce Henderson, who, on the cover of "Leap of Faith" is shown as co-author.

" In the late 1970's, Cooper unsuccessfully tried to launch a research company devoted to free worldwide energy transmissions using Nikola Tesla's discoveries, as well as advanced medical devices and other projects. His partner in this venture Valeries Ransone, claims top receive scientifically useful telepathic transmissions from extraterrestrial sources.

"The story gets weirder, as Cooper agrees to joining Ransone in the Arizona desert for a telepathically arranged rendezvous with a UFO. Joining them at this alleged meeting (which was cancelled) was Atlas missile aerospace engineer Dan Fry, who claims to have flown over Texas on board a UFO in 1950..."

My comments:

Are we any further along in understanding the Vallee quote about Kit green going to Houston to witness materializations? Henderson's quote re cooper agreeing to meet Valerie Ransone "in the Arizona desert for a telepathically arranged rendezvous with a UFO" might be a clue. Are the "materializations" referring to a "UFO materializing?"

Alternative views:

As with any area of knowledge there are alternative viewpoints and I came across a suggestion that "Were the "higher powers" mentioned by astronaut Gordon Cooper spies, feeding him information in a counter-intelligence scheme..." (See the website here.)

Before dismissing this suggestion out of hand, take a look at Nick Refern's book "Contactees: A History of Alien-Human Interaction," referred in a post by Pauline on this blog on 25 April 2010.

Information timeline:

From the information gained we are able to compile the following information:

1950 Valeries Ransone born in the Chicago area.
? Studied journalism at Northwestern.
? PR person for an energy information group.
1976 Introduced to Dr Puharich by Wes Thomas.
1976 Spent several months with Puharich exploring ELF research.
June 1976 In Hong Kong with James MacArthur.
Mar/Apr 1977 Ransone and Puharich meet with Bob Beck.
1978 Interactions with Vallee.
Dec 1978 Warning Gordon Cooper about shuttle problems.
Late 1970's Business partner with Cooper.


Has any reader come across any other information about Ransone? If so, please share.

The library system in my home state has one copy in its catalogue of "Leap of Faith," however, when I enquired about access I was informed the only copy was lost. If any reader has a copy, is the material from the book, accurately quoted above?

2016 update


  1. i have the book, your quotes are accurate

  2. You can search her name in the book on Google books;


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