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Christopher (Kit) Green - Part two

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I love Summer in Adelaide. It also helps not to be at work at the moment, being on a vacation break. Lazy mornings enjoying the coolness of the day; lazy, long salad based lunches and a glass of awesome South Australian wine; and lazy afternoons lying on the lounge in the air-conditioning reading a good book and undertaking some research on the net.Enough of that, and on to today's post.

Yesterday's post, on someone I read about in the book "Mirage Men," namely Christopher (Kit) Green, who worked in the CIA between 1969 and 1985, led me to conduct some more research overnight. I looked for other interviews he may have given. I found one from July 2008.

The interview:

The introduction to the interview states:

"Dr Christopher C Green, known to friends and colleagues as "Kit," currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Clinical Research, China for the Wayne State School of Medicine, in Detroit Michigan. He served in the CIA from 1969 through 1985. In the early 1970's, Dr Green's work included involvement in the start of the 20-year government research project into ESP and psychic ability." Click here to see current faculty directory with a Christopher Green listed.)

I'd like to quote Green's own words from the interview:

"I was an "open" employee and able to generally discuss this question for my entire career. My position was as an analyst in the Life Sciences Division, later to become a Science and technology Division, in the part of the agency that examined intelligence data that may affect national security. Most of the data was unclassified. What analyst's "did" was called "All source" intelligence...My primary responsibility was in Physiology and Medicine, life support systems for foreign space and underseas platforms, and a wide range of biological and chemical threat analysis. My speciality was Forensic Medicine; this means trying to figure out diagnoses from very little and often highly incomplete data."

Green estimated that "Overall, I never spent more than 10% of my time on the subjects across any given period of weeks or a month..."

The rest of the interview dealt with the CIA's remote viewing research and not UFOs apart from:

"LTK: Have your views regarding phenomenon such as UFOs, ghosts or ESP changes at all from the time you started with the CIA to the day you left in 1985? If so why?

"CG: Yes. I now believe the phenomenon is much less common that I used to think."

The complete interview may be read here.

Green's part in the CIA remote viewing program:

Apart from the above article I came across a reference to this in a book.

"On June 27, 1972 Puthoff wrote concerning the magnetometer experiment to CIA scientist Kit Green, who occupied the Life Science Desk in the agency's Office of Strategic Intelligence (OSI), starting a long-term relationship with one of the most important figures in the CIA to support the SRI remote viewing program." (Smith, P.H.2005. "Reading the Enemy's Mind." Tom Doherty Associates. New York. ISBN 0-312-87515-0 page 64.)Click here for Smith's website.

Bruce Maccabee:

UFOlogist Bruce Maccabee investigated the New Zealand UFO sightings of December 1978. It is reported that Maccabee met with Kit Green at the CIA in 1979 when he briefed a number of CIA personnel on the New Zealand events. (Source: click here.)


I seem to recall that the diaries of Jacques Vallee contain some entries about Kit Green. I will dig out my copy of Vallee's book and report.


Green seems to have retained his interest in UFOs since his CIA days in the 70's and 80's. Have any readers information on what he was doing between 1985 and 2008? I'd appreciate anything you have.

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  1. "Have any readers information on what he was doing between 1985 and 2008?"

    Yes, I am a contact of Dr. Green's. Kit has been (allegedly) involved in various defense-related pursuits,including the use of fMRI brain imagnig for lie detection (I have copies of proposals). I am the person who introduced Dr. Green (via the Internet) to Dr. Shan Gao in Beijing.

    For more see


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