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Christopher (Kit) Green - Part four

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In this post I will be continuing entries from Jacques Vallee's diaries about Green.

16 June 1974:

"Wearing a colorful shirt and a vibrant tie, Kit met me at Dulles last Friday in his little yellow sports car...Kit and I drove over to the Marriott to meet David M and "Sams," who was introduced to me as a member of the new "Group of twelve," which sounded exciting until we sat down in the bar area and I realised they were all space cadets, talking about pedestrian research worthy of the old NICAP.

"Sams is a 20-year veteran of the agency, manager of a project that flies "secret vehicles often confused with UFOs." A solid fellow with brown hair and thick glasses, he said i should write a proposal with him for an ambitious effort with a big budget, but he had no answers to my questions about scientific objectives...We went over to Kit's pleasant house int he woods where I met his cheerful wife and their two sons, who made me feel at home. We spent all of Friday evening arguing, all Of Saturday morning as well. I failed to convince him that UFOs were real."


1. I don't recall coming across a 1974 Government study group before? Do any readers know of this?

2. I assume the quote about a project that flies secret vehicles is referring to either the U-2 or more likely the SR-71 aircraft. Click here for more on the SR-71.

3. One wonders what "Sams" thoughts were on his proposed project. What was he looking to achieve?

21 July 1974:

"Kit just left, along with Hal, Russell and two of his kids. We had a long discussion after a demo of my landing catalogue. Kit has dropped out of Sam's covert "Group of Twelve."

10 December 1974:

"Over lunch kit told me he'd been able to reconstruct all the data alluded to by Emenegger. "Everything checks out, but I can't find out if the Holloman movies actually exists."

"...Kit reluctantly confirmed there was a group of 15 engineers in the Midwest (I assumed it was McDonnell in St Louis) secretly doing UFO research for CIA under cover of "aeronautical research." They're getting data through leaks from CUFOs and other amateurs. I congratulated myself for working alone, keeping my own counsel."


1. There was an alleged UFO landing at Holloman Air Force Base. Click here for more.

2. Re the quote re McDonnell see a previous post here.

19 February 1975

"Kit came over for a long talk about Lopez Rega, the cults of California and my theories of control systems. He was flying up from Los Angeles where he'd met Sandler and was thrilled."


1. "Lopez Rega." p264 states "A former law enforcement officer, Rega was succeeded in convincing his followers that subterranean ectoplasms were living under Buenos Aires and that he was in contact with them." It seems a strange topic for Green to be interested in, even if he was the CIA's "biological intelligence" area.

2. "Sandler" refers to Allan Sandler who was making a UFO documentary - see the link re the Holloman film, above.

23 March 1975

"A couple of weeks ago Kit met in Virginia with Russell in Hal's hotel room. They had started to discuss a case in which a mysterious mechanical arm appeared out of thin air int he bedroom of a Livermore engineer when the four of them suddenly heard a key turn in the door. Hal and Kit positioned themselves on either side and jumped on the intruder as soon as he pushed the door in, grabbing a little fellow with only one arm! The poor man swore he had been given the wrong key. They called the front desk. Indeed he had gone to the wrong room, but why did his key open Hal's door?"

26 April 1975

"Kit is now talking to every ufologist worth his salt. Last night he told me that the Holloman film that Sandler was trying so hard to locate had been withdrawn from the library by a Captain Harner who has since been transferred! But he can't find any trace of any Harner, or any such film at the Pentagon."

1 June 1975

"Over lunch Kit said that a friend of his recently attended a witchcraft session in San Francisco, where he actually saw the devil. Later he was shown a tiny pipe connected to the central cauldron. It gave off a gas which made the participants susceptible to suggestion...some of their adepts swear they have received communications from higher beings."

26 March 1975

An entry about animal mutilations. "From my own analysis, which runs contrary top Kit's conclusions, only a small number of cattle mutilations can be attributed to cults or predators."

Overall comments;

As can be seen from the above, Green was taking an interest in a broad range of topics, including UFOs.

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