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Christopher (Kit) Green - Part six

The final part of entries from Vallee's diaries re Green.

11 December 1977

"When Kit got back to his office after his stay in Texas he was annoyed to discover that the UFO files he had collected had been scattered by Agency attorneys in answer to FOIA requests. he had difficulty gathering them again. His boss called him on the carpet: "You're supposed to cover life sciences," he told him, "this stuff has nothing to do with it."

"The Agency allowed him to pursue the topic privately. He told me that something curious was happening in Mexico, with rumours of multiple UFOs seen on the ground and mysterious deaths of animals...Unfortunately we don;t have any real facts."


Here then, is another indication that Green's interest in the UFO subject was personal rather than a mission of the CIA's.

21 January 1978

"Some of the theoretical papers I'd sent Kit have disappeared from his home study, just like Poher's photographs vanished from Bourret's apartment."

28 January 1978

"Kit and I met at Dulles airport on Thursday. Again we spent the evening arguing. I asked him what he thought of the Soviet psychotronic work..,"We began our first really serious analysis of Soviet parapsychology work about 1970," he said..."

29 January 1978

"A similar situation exists in Washington. Kit has been told that the Agency didn't have a mission to monitor the subject. His personal notes and files have been returned to him with instructions to take them home. Which brings us back to the big question: If those guys actually know nothing, who the hell is in charge?"

16 April 1978

"Some brave researchers are trying to extract UFO data from the government through the FOIA. "All they'll get is a lot of garbage," Kit told me. "The government no longer files anything under the UFO label. All personnel have been told to drop any research, direct or indirect, about the subject. I got mad at this. I told them they had no right to tell analysts what they could and couldn't, look at...what do you know about Wilbur Franklin?" Kit asked...The poor guy died last week in rather strange circumstances," he told me..."

"We spent the rest of the evening arguing about close encounters. When we spoke again the next morning after breakfast Kit told me he had spent most of the night reading my analyses.

"I've drawn a number of lessons from this," he said. "For me, all the physiological effects you describe appear to belong to the autonomous sympathetic nervous system which relates to the rhinencephalon in terms of smells and feelings of nausea. Those are tow features often noted by your witnesses."

"Does that lead you to look for psychiatric explanations, then?" I asked, already on the defensive. "Psychiatric explanations won't explain these cases you know."

"No, I've become skeptical about psychiatric hypotheses," he announced to my relief. "Psychiatric effects are present , but there may be a physiological cause that triggers them."

18 May 1978

"I finally took Kit over to Jim Irish's lab. As we drove through the L.A. traffic Kit told me about his meetings with Bob Beck, who researches brainwave entraining. I think beck managed to convince him that entraining was possible, but he remains skeptical of Bearden's notion that the Russians are using it as a weapon."

About Jim Irish. "I think the fellow is exactly who he says he is." Kit told me once we were back int he car, driving along Sunset. "He must have worked as a private contractor for ASA and later for NSA...I suspect NSA wanted to find out if it was possible to detect specific systems aboard satellites. If Jim Irish could pick them up with his Polaroid plates, it's likely the Russians do it to...We finally discussed cattle mutilations, which left him fairly stumped. Kit leans towards the theory that witches are responsible."

23 May 1978

"Kit is in close contact with most of the UFO groups, so his interest is only confidential among the uninformed. Right now he is on his way to Houston where Valerie Ransone and a group of contactees have promised he would witness materialization. But what are his true intentions? He belongs to a small cadre of very bright intelligence types who are looking for elements of truth...It is becoming obvious to both of us that some of the rumours about extraterrestrials have been planted, perhaps as a cover to esoteric weapons systems, or as part of psychological warfare exercises in which ufologists are a convenient test bed."


"some of the rumours about extraterrestrials have been planted." It would be nice to know what hard evidence this is based on.

14 June 1978

"Evidently the CIA had a contact inside CUFOs, as it does among most UFO groups. Someone close to Allen in Chicago has leaked a pile of internal documents to Dave M. Another curious episode as soon as Dave got the CUFOS papers his secure phone rang: a Colonel requested to see them. Now Kit himself is wondering who could be watching them..."

12 July 1978

"Kit was waiting for me at Dulles, driving a Volvo full of kids, so we were not able to talk seriously until after dinner. Once we were alone I brought up my concerns..."You may be right," Kit finally said "about a secret project."

5 January 1979

"I've confronted kt with the fact that, according to the top-level Spanish officials I met in Mexico, the Spanish Air Force reported all their UFO data to "the Americans" - yet another indicator that a secret channel does exist. Kit denied knowledge of the sightings I recounted for him. He recently had the same conversation with John Schuessler, who thinks the secret project isn't at CIA but at NRO..."

5 March 1979

"I won' see Kit on this trip. Sadly, in spite of my admiration for his sharp intellect, there's a barrier between us. He's cleared for all kinds of secrets to which I share no access. It's pointless to talk, and I can't trust his bosses with my information."

8 October 1979

"In the meantime Kit has hired Rommell, a retired FBI agent charged with a formal study. H is spending his time and much CIA money in New Mexico."

22 November 1979

"Kit has come to the absurd conclusion that those mutilation reports that are not simply misinterpretations of predator actions are the product of schizophrenia in witnesses... I have cured myself of the fascination I once felt for the Intelligence Community."


1. Volume two of Vallee's diaries ended in 1979. No more have yet been published.

2. I make no apologies for quoting at length, about Green, from Vallee's diaries. I think the entries do allow us to see Green and his thinking in the 1970's, and add to what has been published in the last few years.

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