Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Life with the aliens Part 4."

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Oh, for more Sundays, when you can lie in for a while and not have to rush. Then off to my local library to browse the magazines area. While there, I found the December 2010 issue (FT268) of the English Fortean Times, which contained another in a series of articles by Jenny Randles.

Part four of the series "Life with the Aliens" commences with the account of "Graham" who wakes paralysed, and then with an "explosion of light" found himself "inside a room filled with bright, soothing light." "In a blink, he found himself sitting up wide-awake in bed."

Jenny poses the question, "How do we interpret something like this?" She mentions OBEs, NDEs and alien abduction experiences as contexts within which to consider the answer.

"The links between these supposedly divergent phenomena is obvious, in my opinion, and suggests that an NDE and an alien contact might simply be two sides of the same coin, the context and the disposition of the witness or investigator determining how they are pigeonholed."

Jenny then recounts the story of "Eileen Arnold" who, in 1942, looked up to see "...a large oval mass with light pouring from the sides." To Eileen, time stopped.

Later Eileen "...began to have intuitive experiences or visions of other realms." Messages poured in. Jenny "asked Eileen how real were these 'communications' and she confirmed my suspicion that they seemed hallucinatory..."

Jenny recalls her communication with American Kenneth Ring. "I argued that these alien contacts might be 'living daydreams,' technically a form of lucid dreaming."

"My suspicion is that alien contacts happen similarly, but not always during sleep. Instead, while awake, the subconscious mind takes control of the waking conscious landscape...transforming it into images that are then reported as a close encounter."


A perceptive interpretation by Jenny, given the latest work of American neurologist Kevin Nelson, see Keith Basterfield's post at

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