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Christopher (Kit) Green - Part five

Continuing with Vallee's diary entries re Green.

20 March 1977

"I plan to come home through El Paso where I'll meet with Dr Green, still in medical school. I expect we will argue again about the reality of UFOs and mutilations, both of which he keeps denying."

24 March 1977

"When I saw him in El Paso Kit was bothered by John Wilhelm, the Time Magazine journalist who wrote Search for Superman and is now hot on his trail. Kit has started to study cases of unexplained deaths and comas that have struck parapsychology researchers..." Click here for some of Wilhelm's work.

11 August 1977

"Kit and I spent two hours arguing yesterday at The Little Store in Woodside, closed for the afternoon. Alain gave us two Napoleons, a pot of coffee and left us alone. I proposed to attack the UFO system by moving upstream along its own feedback loop. I explained to kit how the topology of a control system worked and why we could try and affect it, even if we didn't yet know the nature of the actual agent (extraterrestrial, ultra-dimensional, collective unconscious, human manipulation etc..."

"Something bothered me about such conversations with kit. We speak past each other. I try to make him see the reality of the phenomenon, because he's one of the few people in a position to bring the subject up before decision-makers, but he continues to deny it, in academic terms that son';t take the facts into account."


1. This entry provides me with the answer to a question which had been bothering me, why was Vallee spending so much time with Kit? The answer seems to be "because he's one of the few people in a position to bring the subject up before decision-makers."

2. I would love to know what exactly Vallee meant by "I proposed to attack the UFO system by moving upstream along its own feedback loop."

30 September 1977

"I spoke to Kit at Dulles. We ended up at the coffee shop of the Marriott, where we had once met with "Smith."

"Whatever happened to that guy, anyway?" I asked, "And his Group of Twelve?"

"We never found out why he wanted to know you, did we?" he said, evading me. I have my own idea that "Smith" wanted to make his own assessment, for whatever purpose. Kit was sceptical that NASA could study UFOs."

"They don't have the resources to do a good job," he argued. "They don't have the right psychologists, medical experts, analysts. We're the only ones with these resources,"

"What are you waiting for, then" I challenged him.

"We can't do it until the Executive tells us to study the problem."

"Yet Schneider had just told me he'd never trust the CIA to do a reliable study...I think Kit is a bright scientist with an open mind but he is the exception in a bureaucratic empire that smothers research. Even if he did know something, he couldn't use it, so what good is that?"


"Schneider" refers to Stanley Schneider, assistant director of the Office of Scientific and Technology Policy under President carter. A colleague of Vallee's after meeting Schneider told Vallee that Robert Frosch, of NASA was planning to set up a UFO office. (p.393.)

17 November 1977

"Kit keeps explaining away the sightings by a combination of witness unreliability, fugue states, paraphrenia, or unspecified "anthropological" factors; none of which accounts for the hard core data. As for cattle mutilation cases, which may or may not be related to UFOs at all, he dismisses them as the simple work of predators."


For an explanation of "paraphrenia" click here.

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