Sunday, January 9, 2011

Evidence for the multiverse?

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Some in the UFO research community suggest that the answer to the core UFO phenomenon lies not with extraterrestrials, but with something far stranger.

The concept that there exists other universes, other than our own, has just received a boost.

In an article which appears in the "New Scientist" magazine, 20 Dec 2010/1 Jan 2011 joint issues 2792/2793, is the hypothesis that after the big bang there was a period of inflation in which our universe rapidly expanded in size on a massive scale. Perhaps, it suggests, other universes may inflate, due to inflation. So, collisions between universes might just occur, leaving evidence of this.

Stephen Feeney, of University College, London et al "...say they may have spotted such imprints in the cosmic microwave background..."

The Planck satellite, currently in orbit, may be able to detect other signs in the CMB, "such as a telltale signature in the orientation, or polarisation of CMB photons."

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    not fooled, are YOU? :)


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