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Christopher (Kit) Green - Part three

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In my last two posts I started to explore the UFO related work of American Christopher C (Kit) Green, who, while in the CIA between 1969 and 1985 spent some of his time researching the paranormal, including the subject of UFOs. It seems important to me to explore the work of someone who (apparently) started their interest while working for an intelligence agency, and then continues this interest right up until now. Like my co-blogger, Keith Basterfield, both their UFO interests span 40 years, and anyone who has survived an interest in any field for so long, has some standing in my mind.

I recall that Jacques Vallee in one of his diaries mentions Kit Green a number of times, so I thought it might be good to return to the earlier era of the 1970's to see what Jacques Vallee records about Green and his interest at that time. I think I will provide extensive quotes in order that we can get a good idea of those times. Another reason I want to provide this information, is that while conducting a reasonably complete search of internet sources about Green over the last few days, I have never seen anyone citing this information of Vallee's. So, I will put it on the record.

Vallee on Green:

I'll be quoting from "Forbidden Science-Volume two-Journals 1970-1979 The Belmont Years." Published by Documentica Research, LLC. 2008. ISBN 978-0-615-24974-2.

11 February 1974

"Hal's contact is a boyish fellow, Dr Christopher Green nicknamed Kit, a dynamic bespectacled young man of medium build with alert brown eyes. He holds a doctorate in biology, exudes optimism and refreshing humor.

"Dr Green wasted no time in getting into our first topic of conversation, the Pascagoula case. He knew more about it than the "experts" who had claimed to analyze it. Hynek had interviewed both witnesses with Jim Harder, who made a big show of hypnotizing them. But Dr Green told me that a fortnight after the supposed abduction two other men fishing from a boat in the same river had seen an oblong, torpedo-like craft in the water. It was about one metre long and emitted a cone of light. They touched it with an oar. The light went off, and then came back, suggesting inner control.The coast Guard was called up and confirmed the observation, after which everybody was debriefed by Naval Intelligence and all hell broke loose. Green was alerted by the Navy. 'Nobody has pointed out that Pascagoula is a strategic site,' he said, 'it's the place where most of the U.S. nuclear subs are built. So the Navy surmised the object was a Soviet spying device. But why did it have a light, if it was designed to spy? Furthermore it's difficult to make a robot device that swims under water."

"We went on to discuss computer catalogues. But when I asked if they had any data about the lead mask case in Brazil he had never heard about it. The most important thing I learned was that Green has counterparts in every branch of the Executive. Like Howell McConnell, they mainly operated "out of personal interest," with the blessing of higher-level managers. They occasionally exchanged data, but he claimed little was done with it.

"In my case, I have a perfect excuse for doing this, out of my office at the Central Intelligence Agency:If there are Aliens around, dead or alive, they come under the mission of my group, which is biological intelligence. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't keep my mind open to this possibility."

"Are you involved in longer-term research, looking for patterns?"

"Not the agency. Not until there's clear proof that the problem is real. My bosses have read the same reports you have. They've even read your books, but they simply have never been scared by the problem to the point of setting up a serious project."

"I pushed him a little more: 'Don't you agree there must be a secret effort somewhere?'

"He thought about it for a while. 'Yes,' he finally said, 'I do agree with that statement. In my group we've wondered if it wasn't being run within private industry.'"


1.For more on the Pascagoula case click here. There is no mention of the sighting related by Green. However there are some details on another site (click here) which fits in with Green's comments.

2. I was drawn to the comment: In my case, I have a perfect excuse for doing this, out of my office at the Central Intelligence Agency.If there are Aliens around, dead or alive, they come under the mission of my group, which is biological intelligence. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't keep my mind open to this possibility." My reading of this is that perhaps Green had a pre-existing interest in the topic and was able to use resources at his CIA job to further his private interests.

26 February 1974:

"A temporary clearance is being set up to enable me to visit Kit next month in hopes to better understand the chessboard."

18 May 1974:

Vallee visited the NSA."On the way back I met with Kit at the Dulles airport restaurant. His team remains interested in tracking down rumours but long-term research is simply not their mission, he said in response to my tirades stressing the urgency for science work. If they stumbled on hard evidence, of course they would pursue it and bring their analytical expertise upon it, but he confessed that's unlikely to happen.

"'Damm it,'he told me, 'I've got my people looking deep within the Air Force and we can't find anybody who'll talk to us! I've spent three days with Winebrenner, and brought up the subject as part of our work. He swore to me that FTD wasn't doing anything on UFOs any more. He said they had neither hardware or biological data.'...'The Air Force has unfocused objectives,' Kit went on. 'They have a shortage of scientific brains and they are weakened by the fact that their personnel rotates every two years. So where do they hide the fucking project, if there's one?'"


1. Elsewhere in his book Vallee mentions that Colonel "Winebrenner, the new commander at the Foreign Technology Division..." (p.67.)

2. Winebrenner is also mentioned at:

2 June 1974:

"...we got a call from Hal. He didn't want to talk over the phone, so I invited him over for coffee. "I don't know why Kit hasn't called you himself, except that technically the line of communication goes through me," he began. "He thinks you ought to know there's a group of 12 highly placed people in the Government who've decided to create a focus for the study of UFOs, with full access and funding for researchers like you. One of these people is at the deputy secretary level. He agrees with you that Hynek should be invited.""

To be continued...

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  1. maybe one problem is Winebrenner is really "Weinbrenner" - someone didn't know him very well. B.Emenegger


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