Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Russian intrusions, high speed objects and more


Some more FOIA NSA documents.

30. American Embassy Tunis report-subject UFOs.

A one page teletype. There have been no recent UFO reports and the embassy can shed no light on phenomenon described reftel.

31. Report for Air Force Special Security Office-subject (Unidentified) UFOB NEAC area.

A 26 page document in total comprising four different sections.

p1 From Air Force Security Office to NSA.
p2 dated 18 Jul 1955 cover sheet.
p3 1 Jun 1955 observation by RB-47 aircraft. Radar only contact with unknown aircraft at location 74 deg 40 min N 105 deg 00 min W.
p4 4 Jun 1955 observation by another RB-47. Radar and visual unknown aircraft or object. Location 74 deg 10min N 107 deg 10min W.
p5 7 Jun 1955 object seen by RB-47 at 72 deg o2min N 127deg W. Radar contact.
p6 8 Jun 1955 Observation from RB-47. Radar and visual contact. Aircraft above RB-47 plus contrail. Location 74deg 26min N 163 deg 25 min W.

Comment: A look at the map reveals that these locations are in the far north of Canada. Could they be observations of Russian aircraft? "Russian aircraft regularly probed into North American airspace during the Cold War, and Canadian and American fighters routinely tracked the snoopers and escorted them back into international airspace." Source: click here. See also here.

pp7-14 Harmon Air Force Base. A KC-97 aircraft at 20,000 ft reported sighting. Object appeared to be hovering, then moved slowly, then climbed. USAF aircraft lost visual contact with the object at an estimated altitude of 40-50,000 ft. Object then accelerated to 1600k and raced NE. Radar and visual observation. 7 Jul 1955.

Comment: pp7-14 This is a very interesting detailed set of documents. The 1600k speed is, of course, very high for 1955. For info on Harmon click here.

pp15-21 Air Intelligence report dated 18 Mar 1958 re unknown radar tracks 9-10 Mar 1958 in the Panama Canal Zone. Three unexplainable radar contacts. On two occasions aircraft were sent to investigate. Radar tracks were triangular and of erratic speed. A second tracking radar on Tabogo Island also locked onto object. Persons saw red and Green noiseless lights. On other occasions, searchlights used. "When the light touched the objects they travelled from an altitude of two thousand feet to ten thousand feet in five to ten seconds." p17.

Comment pp15-21. These observations are very interesting, particularly the piece about the searchlights. See Nick Redfern's account here.

pp22-26 An Aug 1969 teletype which is very hard to read but seems to be about sighting at March AFB California.

In summary, document 31 has some very tantalising reports in it!

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