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NSA FOIA documents 32-42

Here are the final batch of National Security Agency, Freedom of Information Act documents listed on the NSA's website.

32 General Accounting Office report to the then Steven H Schiff re search for records re Roswell 1947 crash.

This is a 21 page report. The General Accounting Office advised that "...we conducted an extensive search for government records related to the crash near Roswell." All that was uncovered was a 8 Jul 1947 FBI teletype "...discusses the recovery ...of a...balloon..." and a USAF report of Jul 1994 "Report of Air Force Research regarding the Roswell incident; plus a history of the 509th bomb group Roswell with an item re the "flying disc/balloon."

Comment: This suggests a fairly wide search was undertaken and makes you wonder if there are in fact any other documents relating to Roswell, out there? Click here for the USAF's own website comments.

33 Memorandum and Order -Citizens Against UFO Secrecy v NSA

In the civil action no 80-1562 undertaken by CAUS against the NSA, the court found for the NSA. It decided the public's interest in UFOs was "...outweighed by the sensitive nature of the materials..."

Comment: Interesting that we are here probably talking about such things as the NSA's ability to listen to Chinese intercepts commenting on balloons launched from Taiwan with the help of the CIA!

34 Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Lambros D Callimahos

This is a nine page, 1965 document, stamped unclassified. It discusses how we might communicate with extraterrestrials using coded radio waves.

35 UFO hypotheses and survival questions

A seven page, 1968, formerly secret discussion paper stamped "draft." It looks at the hypotheses that UFOs may be hoaxes, hallucinations, natural phenomena, secret earth projects or related to extraterrestrial intelligence. Each possibility is explored and discussed against the idea of how the hypothesis would affect the human race.

Comment: It is interesting to note that the sources cited as references for this paper are all public documents. If the NSA was hiding something, you might expect the references to be something along the line of (1) NSA file -UFO16 - analysis of 19 physical trace cases or (2) NSA file UFO21 - analysis of case 2346.

36 UFOs and the intelligence community blind spot to surprise or deceptive data

A seven page, undated, document originally stamped "secret" and "draft." Although there are large areas blacked out, the gist is to be aware of novel, innovative or surprise data or tactics.

Comment: The work of Jacques Vallee is heavily utilised in the paper.

37 Memorandum for the record - subject - information request solicitation

This is a five page document dated 29 Aug 1978 from USN to D4. As an NSA employee with an interest in UFOs who was attending a UFO symposium in Ohio in Jul 78 the person discussed this with their supervisor and others at NSA before attending.

At the MUFON Symposium, following a lecture by Mr Leonard Stringfield, the employee gathered copies from a Mr Robert Barry, of some letters the employee thought were fraudulent. Eventually, some agency either the NSA or another, wrote to Mr Barry and advised him that the letters were indeed fraudulent.

Comment: Makes you wonder what was the content of these letters and why they would interest the NSA? A list of papers presented may be found by clicking here. The papers themselves may be read here. Some interesting comments about the talk may be located here.

38 United States Air Force Fact sheet 95-03

A USAF fact sheet about Project Bluebook (current as of Jun 1995.)

Comment: Visit the Project Bluebook archive here.

39 Report on Air Force research regarding the "Roswell Incident."

A twenty-two page, Jul 1994 summary of the USAF's report on Roswell.

Comment: Why was the NSA keeping a copy of this?

40 JANAP 146

An undated, thirteen page document concerning what should be reported as "vital intelligence sightings" to whom it should be reported, and how. Things that should be reported are "Unidentified Flying Objects."

Comment: For more on JANAP 146 click here.

41 Key to the extraterrestrial messages by H Campaigne

"Dr Capaigne presented a series of 24 messages from outer space in "Extraterrestrial Intelligence" NSA Technical Journal Vol XI No 2 pp101ff...the following article develops a key to these messages."

Comment: Apparently a hypothetical ET message!

42 Extraterrestrial intelligence by Howard H Campaigne

A two page, unclassified paper along the same lines as 41. Released by NSA Oct 2004.

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