Thursday, January 7, 2010

New book on MI5 and MI6

I'm back in heaven! I have just found and started reading a new book on the British intelligence agencies MI5 & MI6. For regular readers of my blog you will know about my avid interest in all things to do with intelligence agencies!

The book is "Secret Wars" written by Gordon Thomas, (click here and here for more info) who lives in London and has published several books dealing with the international intelligence agencies. Published by Thomas Dunne Books, New York in 2009. ISBN 978-0-37998-8.

There's lots of behind the scenes, recent information about variously formerly secret operations. Lots of things you have partly heard about are given more detailed treatment in this work.

In any book on intelligence agencies I always keep an eye out for any mention of the UFO phenomenon. Is there any such mention in this work?

Well, yes, a brief one. On page 230 there is a short piece on the NSA's UK based station at Menwith Hill, Yorkshire. "Later there were rumours Menwith Hill was going to track flying saucers. There had been a number of claims of strange objects in the heavens."

For more on Menwith Hill click here

or here

or here

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