Sunday, January 31, 2010

Socorro saucer - man made?

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A fine summer's Sunday here in Adelaide with a top of 34 degrees C, and time to reflect on a note I made to myself several weeks ago.

I have been slowly re-reading Jacques Vallee's book "Forbidden Science " Volume 2, mining it for pieces of his tantilising comments.

A small entry dated 4 March 1971 on page 72, on the 1964 Socorro U.S. case (click here for details) brought me up short and I reached for my notebook to jot it down.

Vallee was lent a copy of The Picatrix, a 12th Century text. He noted that in this text there appeared the exact same symbol as described by the Socorro witness, as being on the UFO!

"Professor Berman has translated for me the part that shows the same sign described by a policeman in the classic UFO landing at Socorro, in 1964. It reads "here are the symbols used to designate the stars among those who are occupied with talismans.." The inverted V with the lines described to Hynek by the witness is clearly there,the character for Venus. Could there be a human factor rather than an extraterrestrial one behind UFOs?"

This deserves some comment. Vallee is stating that the symbol seen on the side of the UFO at Socorro, was a centuries old Earth symbol for the planet Venus. If the object was extraterrestrial why would it have this symbol on its side? Even Vallee seems to indicate by his comment that this made the Socorro UFO man made.

This possibility then reminded me of an earlier Socorro post I made, refering to a suggestion that the Socorro UFO was indeed man made (click here)

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