Monday, January 4, 2010

NSA documents 21-29


More time spent looking at copies of the NSA FOIA documents, this time documents 21-29.

21. Dept of State airogram-Flying saucers are a myth.

DOS airogram dated 22 Mar 1968 from US Embassy, Moscow to DOS, re an article in MOSKOVSKIY KOMSOMOLETS dated 16 Feb 1968. 5 pages.

22. Dept of State -Tunisian fireball.

Two page teletype from Embassy, Tunis dated Jul 1969. Green/blue circular glow, size of full moon seen 13 Jul 1969 plus another phenomenon a few degrees to right of polar star-star like which exploded forming greenish circular cloud.

23. Dept of State -celestial body observed near Antarctica.

One page dated 4 Sep 1965 from US Embassy, Beunos Aires advising that their Office of the Naval Attache had requested info from Argentinian navy re reports of UFOs from Argentinian Antarctic station.

24. Dept of State Airogram-Political report August 1965.

One page from American consulate Mexicall. One line entry "Flying saucers in Mexicall."

25. Dept of State airogram - Unidentified flying objects.

From US Embassy Ottawa, Canada dated 13 Apr 1966. There have been reports of UFOs in Canada. The Canadian Library of Parliament has requested any publications US may have on UFOs.

26. Dept of State airogram -Sighting of object possibly originating from space vehicle.

Dated 18 May 1965 From American Embassy Tokyo. Japanese newspapers carry report of 10 May 1965. No further details given.

27. Dept of State airogram - UFOs.

Dated 15 Dec 1966 From Embassy Montevideo. Had a visit from a local astronomer who had taken 20 colour slides of 12 Nov 1966 eclipse with saucer-like object in them. Offered to Embassy.

28. Dept of State airogram -UFOs reported over Angola.

Dated 23 Dec 1966 From US Embassy Lisbon. Press reporting two flying saucers by crew of an aircraft on 7 Dec 1966.

29. Dept of State. Report of object which fell near Municipio of General Teron, NL. Dated 17 Feb 1967 From Amconsul Monterrey. Attached is a translation of a letter from the major of General Teron to the private secretary of the Governor of the state of Nuevo Leon re unidentified object which fell near GT on 7 Dec 1967. (No attachment.)

Comments on the above:

Between at least 1965 and 1969, the US Department of State was passing back to the US, information from all over the world. Information on fireballs, flying saucers and UFOs. The question is who in the US was reading all this stuff? Someone in the Dept of State was asking for it to be sent in. Then where did it go? As we can see here, some copies ended up with the NSA. Was all this material being gathered fro Project Moondust?

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