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New abductee book published

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23 degrees centigrade here in Adelaide, a low temperature Summer's day. Makes a change from the 43 degree days a while ago. My brain stops working at such high temperatures.

Today's post is about a newly published book by an abductee. It is written by Stan Romanek, titled "Messages: The world's most documented extraterrestrial contact story." Published by Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury, Minnesota. 2009. ISBN 978-0-7387-1526-1. 259 pages.

Stan was born in 1962 and spent his early childhood moving from one USAF base to another as his father was in the USAF.

At age 5, in 1968, his father, brother and others reported seeing a UFO over Northwood, North Dakota. At around the same time Stan had his first of several encounters with a "lady" who had extraordinary large and slanted eyes.

In the year 2000, Stan saw, and video taped a metallic object, segmented into multiple spheres, near Morrison, Colorado. This event was followed by "strange clicking sounds every time I talked on the phone" (page 18.) A man told him "It's not over yet." Electrical equipment malfunctioned around him. Birds seemed to die around Stan.

On 21 September 2001, at about 2.30am, after yet another UFO sighting, Stan was awoken from sleep by knocking at his front door. His sister had answered the door and Stan saw two men and a woman- 4.5 feet tall, the males wore light blue jumpsuits and the woman, a light blue robe. They all had large, almond shaped eyes - with blue irises. He fought the entities but blacked out. He woke next morning "...feeling weak and tired...." with unusual marks on his back. (p34.)

Following more UFO sightings he went public with the story, even being interviewed by Fox News. Strangely the story wasn't used for 8 months and when it was shown locally there was an inexplicable power failure.

In 2002, he was hypnotised by Deborah Lindemann about the September 2001 event, and recalled detailed memories of standing, bound at the ankles and wrists. The three figures from his front door were present and one of them "...appeared that he was scraping tissue from my lower back..." (p58.)There was a flow of information into his head. He then recalled waking in his own bed. Following the regression he drew symbols and equations on paper, seemingly from the flow of information into his head during the experience. Stan felt that he would have been incapable of creating the equations himself.

Then followed video taped red orbs in Nebraska; equations he jotted down while he was asleep; a second abduction on 17 November 2002; his son Jake drew equations beyond his years; there was an unusual figure videotaped looking into Stan's home on 17 July 2003 (click here to see the video) ; another abduction in 2003 which left him outside his house; unusual dreams and an episode in which he went to bed wearing a T shirt and woke up wearing a woman's nightgown (p122) with puncture marks on his hip.

Following the November 2002 abduction Stan noted a "...pear sized lump near my hip..." (p147.) In 2004, following a visit to the doctor a "...tiny tear-drop shaped object (p149) was found. The "implant" was sent for analysis "...that's when they realized that the implant wasn't from around here." "The implant itself was made of some kind of quartz crystal...microscopic fibers embedded...and even what appeared to be tiny microscopic gears and an extremely minute computer chip..." (p151.) The implant "...simply vanished from the research lab." (p151.)

Stan underwent further hypnotic regression, and while under related meeting an alien child which he felt was his. Later, another entity was filmed at Stan's house (pp177-181.)

In 2005, "...the most unnerving element of high strangeness is the appearance of shadow people....simply pockets of darkness that seemed to hover for several seconds at a time before inexplicably dissolving into nothingness." (p184.) There were apparent poltergeist-like episodes and electronic voice phenomena. More pictures of apparent grey aliens watching them (pp192-193.)

2006 saw Stan fall from a ladder and tear his anterior cruciate ligament and hamstring muscle. One night he fell asleep and overnight, a counter clockwise 8 foot circle appeared outside the house. The grass within the circle died, and his injury had fully recovered. however, he was left with "...five perfectly spaced holes running vertically down the right side of the knee" (p208.) Stan said his doctor was puzzled.

Dr Leo Sprinklwe conducted several additional hypnotic regression sessions with Stan and Stan "channelled" some other entity - a grey.

Appendix A to the book is a letter from Dr Jack Kasher about the equations Stan drew. "But several of the equations he wrote were graduate level physics and beyond... " (p249.)

Appendix B is a letter from Dr Sprinkle. "Stan Romanek is neither a psychotic person nor a psychopathic personality; he is not crazy, and he is not engaged in a hoax."

Appendix B is comment by Jerry Hofmann, owner of JLH Productions in Aurora, Colorado. After examining six video clips of Stan's Jerry stated that he found no special effects or computer generated effects present. "Further the noise over the faces of the aliens is consistent with the rest of the videos in these shots."

Comment: I read this book in a single sitting. There is a great deal of details, and reported involvement of other people, other than Stan.

Stan mentions a number of investigators who were involved from time to time, and I would love to see their full investigation report; their affidavit from the doctor involved in the miraculous knee cure; the same from the doctor who saw the implant; the full laboratory analysis report on the implant; etc etc.

Click here for Stan's own website.


  1. Thanks for this nice review. I'd also love to see the full analysis and investigation reports ...

  2. Pauline,
    Thank you for writing such an informative article,it is wonderfully written and detailed.
    A few correction on dates and ages for the article... Stan was born in 1962, and his first meeting of the woman in Northwood North Dakota in 1968 was when he was 5 years old. December 2000, when he saw his first UFO he was 40, as he had recently celebrated his birthday.
    Many Blessing to you Pauline,
    Lisa Romanek


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