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NSA FOIA documents 17-20

17. Joint Chiefs of Staff report concerning the sightings of a UFO in Iran on 19 September 1976

A three page teletype concerning the famous observations in Tehran, Iran in 1976.

Comment. This is a spectacular aircraft encounter case.

18. Exploitation report- a fragment, metal recovered in the Republic of the Congo.

Ten, almost impossible to read pages concerning a metallic fragment from an object which "...exploded and fell to earth..."

Comment. The US had a long term Project, Project Moondust to physically recover fragments of earth made satellites and rockets. For those readers who have never heard of this Project I extract the following from the Final Report of the Disclosure Australia Project (full version may be read here.)

"Project Moon Dust?
The USAF had a Project called “Moon Dust.” A check with the authoritative “The UFO Encyclopaedia” written by US Researcher Jerry Clark, indicated that “In 1961 the U.S. Air Force established the classified Project Moon Dust to “locate, recover and deliver descended foreign space vehicles.”” (20)

A Memo on this file, originally from file SA5492/1/1 Part 1 and originally dated 16 Aug 1962 was to the Supt/Woomera from Controller WRE re identification of space vehicle fragments. It reported that a letter received from the Department of External Affairs relayed that the US Embassy was informally seeking assistance in “…obtaining information which might be used in the identification of space vehicle fragments.” (21) It asked for details of sightings of “luminous objects” and “Observations of Impact(s) and/or recovery of fragment(s).” Observations were requested from members of staff.

In a Memo dated 4 Sep 67 the American Projects Division asked the Assistant Sec (Projects) if the 1962 processes regarding the reporting of space vehicle fragments were still needed? This was followed up in a minute from APD to S/APD, reporting that two avenues of reporting UFOs existed. Firstly, one for sightings at the ranges had the steps PO/Ranges to Supt/Trials to DD/Trials to Regional Security Officer Adelaide to Chief Security Officer to Dept of Air to? The second was for all other sightings. The route was observer to Supt/APD to Head Office to Dept of External Affairs to US Embassy. The Memo was trying to delete input to US Embassy.

A further Memo dated 13 Dec 67 from a/g Supt American Projects Division to Asst Sec Projects again asked for clarification if instructions contained in memo of 8 Aug 62 were still in effect. The 1962 memo stated that the US Embassy. “…had informally sought the assistance of the Department of External Affairs in obtaining information which might be used in the identification of space vehicle fragments…” (22) Subsequently, arrangements were made for Woomera staff to report sightings in that area. Reports outside Woomera details were sent to Head Office for transmission through Dept of External Affairs to the US Embassy as per memo of 8 Aug 62. Reports from WRE would go to the RAAF. It suggested changes to refer all reports to RAAF."

According to some UFO researchers the Project also recovered downed UFOs.

19. Navy report -Country:Cuba. Subject UFOs.

A one page report of a UFO seen 10 Aug 1968 from US Naval Base GTMO. Seen by many local observers. Azimuth north, 60 deg elevation. Glowing brightly and emitting spiral trail of smoke. Possibly a satellite decay.

20. Routing and transmittal slip from Louis E Foster, Defence Intelligence Agency with a DIA summary sheet and attached report on the sighting of a UFO in Iran on 19 Sep 1976.

Page 1 is a routing and transmittal slip, dated 8 Dec 78 To (Missing word/s) Fm Louis E Foster, DIA.

Page 2 is an evaluation sheet with check-boxes "Reliability of information" X "confirmed by other sources." "Value of information" X "High." "Usability of information" X "Potentially useful."

Pages 3-6 are a teletype message re 19 Sep 76 Tehran, Iran aircraft/UFO case. From US DAD, Tehran To DIA Washington.

Comment: Here are the full details of this fascinating UFO encounter. Visible in this copy of the teletype, but missing from the version given in document 17 above is the detail:

"()Actual information contained in this report was obtained from source in conversation with a sub-source and IIAF pilot of one of the F-4s."

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