Friday, January 1, 2010

Further National Security Agency documents

But first, happy New Year from Adelaide!

11. UFOs as advanced technology.

This is another copy of the two page document referred to in a previous post. It has a sub-heading "UFOs in advanced technology."

12. French Government UFO study.

A single, undated 1 page item. Apparently page 6 of a longer item. Headed "French Government UFO Study." It reports on the 1978 GEPAN French UFO study group's findings.

13. Communications intelligence (COMINT) reports-UFOs.

This is a two page teletype message with many blacked out portions. The sense of the document is reporting observations. Bits of text which can be read include "The light was a satellite not an aircraft." "The light was subsequently identified as at least one aircraft." "It was a cargo flight."

14. COMNAVSECGRU visual sighting report.

A two page sighting report dated 30 April 1979 concerning a bright white light bearing 02? el 15 deg. Originally pulsating at approx 1 second intervals, the light pulsed in concentric rings of light "...which flared from the central source...diminishing in brightness as they drew further and further away from the original source." A blue-green beam of light "...appeared from the central core" extending out and down to the left. The beam retracted. Finally, the beam and core formed a "...nebulous cloud-shaped mass..." At the end the city of HAVA. In the text is marked "Posit of Muller 23 17 82-19W.

15. Report bibliography.

A 9 page "Defense Documentation Centre" document listing a few references such as the National Academy of Sciences review of the Condon Report. Nothing startling.

16. Now you see it now you don't.

A three page document, declassified 4 Dec 1981 attributed to Captain Henry S Shields, HQ USAF/INOMP. An account of the 1976 Iranian aircraft case.

Comments on 14. This sounds strangely like the recent Scandinavian Russian missile launch which appeared as concentric rings of light.

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