Sunday, September 27, 2009

UFO Research NSW Inc.

In order to learn more about what civilian organisations are conducting research in Australia, I have decided to take a look at a number of UFO groups and their websites to see what the average "Mary Jo" can find out on the net in this way. I went to Google and typed in Australian UFO groups and the first listed was UFOR NSW Inc.

The website is:

The front page informed me that they are a non-profit organisation and have been around since 1981. "We welcome those interested in the field of UFOs and extraterrestrials..." Next was a piece on meetings, conferences and membership. It was easy to find out when and where their next public meeting was. Finally, down the bottom I found I could download their current Newsletter, which is great to see them sharing a free Newsletter.

Down the left hand side are links to other pages headed:
* UFO Research NSW
* Investigations
* Gallery
* Guestbook
* Links
* Contact

"UFO Research NSW" opens to News, membership and UFO Reporter details. The top page provides details on the organisation's aims and history. Membership allows you to download a membership form. "News" led to a blog style page of conference details; chatty items, DVD reviews etc. "UFO Reporter" led to a page titled "UFO Reporter publication archives 1992-1996" and the last two year's worth of Newsletters. There is a project underway to scan the contents of these UFO Reporter on to the web page. Already selected articles are available. The only links which I found which were dead were under the heading "More information -current activities and what we have done."

"Investigations" has two articles on the use and misues of video in relation to filming UFOs. Then follows a page of UFO sightings reported to UFOR NSW. These are a mix of online form reporting, and summaries from other sources, between 2002-2008 and include some, which if there were detailed follow up available, would be very useful to research! There is a also the ability to download and mail in a UFO report form or email them the details of a sighting. Their previous on-line reporting system has been disabled due to excessive junk mail!

"Gallery" has photographs of various sorts.

"Guestbook" is full of people posting about their UFO sightings, views and opinions. One of the postings is from John dated 6/8/08 and relates a first hand October 1976 observation from HMAS Melbourne about a radar contact. One wonders if it was ever followed up?

"Links" is the usual links.

"Contact" provides contact details for the group as well as a listing of the committee. I'll jot them down here for my record:
President: Wendy Burnham; Vice-president: Hugh Mulgrew; Secretary: Joann Kanda; Media: Doug Moffett; Treasurer: Anthony Clarke; Public officer: Claudia Donlan; Newsletter editor: William Johnson; Members: Michael Handley; Rex Gilroy; Peter O'Brien.

What didn't I find there? I could not find a database of their investigated sightings since 1991. Nor was there a page listed "good cases"- examples of what they considered "real UFOs"
or which provided evidence of a non-mundane phenomenon. Nor was there a live listing of their current research projects or interests.

All in all though, a very good site servicing their members.

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