Sunday, September 13, 2009


I finally finished re-reading the third book in Vallee's trilogy. "Revelations" was published in New York by Ballentine Books in 1991. ISBN 0-345-37172-0.

p6 "The government of the major nations have assembled countless dossiers about the subject. In the course of military and intelligence gathering many remarkable facts have been accumulated...yet officials have never seen fit to declassify most of the files."

pp7-8 "...some of the most remarkable sightings are actually complex hoaxes that have been carefully engineered for our benefit."

p8 "Who is perpetuating such deliberate fabrications and what is their single reason for the deviousness of those military or civilian agencies that are spending our money to conduct secret psychological experiments..."

p8 "Others were found to have been engineered by government agencies engaged in psychological warfare exercises...some ufo sightings are covert experiments in the manipulation of the belief systems of the public...numerous rumours of crashed saucers and burned aliens, were not so much the result of delusions as the product of deception."

pp83-84 "The very fact that the U.S. military has been doing its own secret research, interrogating certain witnesses and conducting discreet laboratory analyses, demonstrates how little, not how much they know."

p84 "My guess is that someone deep within the U.S. government structure is suing the stories of crashed saucers to hide something ufologist friends should awaken to the fact that in one way or the other all the stories they are happily spreading...originate with the Pentagon itself..."

pp148-149 Discussing the November 1979 Pontoise, France alleged abduction. "...I can report that the human kidnapping scenario did lead somewhere-to perfectly tangible organizations and to beings of flesh and blood within the French military and technological establishment..."

p157 Discussing the Rendelsham UK affair of 1980. "To me the most plausible theory is that the US military has developed a device or a collection of devices that look like flying saucers, that they are primarily intended for psychological warfare, and that they are being actively tested on military personnel."

Wow, I need to sit back and digest all of this Vallee material!

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