Sunday, September 13, 2009

Is "The UFOlogist" dead?

I keep up with a few newsstand magazines, namely "Nexus", "New Dawn" and "The UFOlogist."

I divide my money between three large newsagents in Adelaide and a survey of all three shops indicates that copies of "The UFOlogist" just aren't moving off the shelves.

A look at the last three issues shows me why. The material in each issue was very tired. There are lots of stuff from 50 years ago, e.g. photographic catalogues from the 1950's; and the articles from overseas contributors were hardly fresh.

Also there were rarely any in depth articles on recent Australian UFO investigations; and why so much dry astronomy material? Even the regular columnists don't talk of much new stuff!

Perhaps, previous readers have now moved on to the net, are getting their news from blogs, u-tube, websites or even Twitter.

Maybe it is time for a radical revamp of the magazine, or even moving solely onto other than the printed word?

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