Saturday, September 26, 2009

Australian Disclosure programs 2

The second Australian Disclosure program which I came across is run by one Grant Robb in Canberra. The website is:

The home page information says that the website is "...part of the international Exopolitics World Network...These sites are being set up to provide information about exopolitical developments within that country and build connections between nations as part of a growing international exopolitical truth movement."

The theme on the home page is that "...the governments and religions of the world have been tight lipped about the whole UFO and Extraterrestrial topic."

When I recently viewed the site there are two articles by Tony Lambert of Perth. One was the letter to the Governor-General which I commented on in my last post. The other was a letter to the Australian Broadcasting Commission re "Swine flu scam and Disclosure reminder."

In the section of the website labelled "Australian contacts" Grant Robb lists himself as "Researcher, EFT practitioner, events organiser" and shows another website of his at:

On the exopolitics website there are links to EWN affiliates in a number of countries, quite a list in fact.

The purpose of this site is given as:
"To educate the public so they can make up their own mind based on the facts"
"To be a source of information for abductees, experiencers, 'star children' and contactees so they can be supported not ridiculed"
"Be a source of credible facts and information for people in the media..."
"Keep the politicians up to date so they may gauge the level of public interest..."

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