Thursday, September 10, 2009

New book alert

David Clarke is one of the key English researchers who have been mining the UK National Archive UFO files for several years.

Look out for his new book "The UFO files:the inside story of real-life sightings" published by the National Archives. ISBN 9781 9056 15506.

According to David's blog the book features:

- accounts of sightings from the 19th century unto today
- details of classic UFO UK incidents
- the latest material released under the Freedom of Information Act
- "Original records reveal how British Intelligence and the CIA investigated many cold war sightings...the book sheds new light on many famous cases, such as RAF Topcliffe, 1952; the Flying Cross in Devon,1967; RAF West Freugh, Scotland 1957; the Berwyn Mountains crash..."

I went to Borders Bookshop, here in Adelaide, the other day but they have no record of the book so far.

David's blog states the book was due out in July 2009, but I have heard elsewhere that it is now due out this month.

As my earlier posts indicate, I have a particular interest in information about the involvement of intelligence agencies in the UFO phenomenon.

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