Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vallee's new book post three

Later, in January 1978 p417. "Kit has told me that the Agency didn't have a mission to monitor the subject."

October 1978 "A great deal of activity, if not research, is indeed going on about UFOs among government organizations."p438. "McDonnell-Douglas is continuing their quiet but well-funded study with John Schuessler, also monitored by the Agency. They seem to be looking for exotic alloys."

By February 1979 Vallee writes on page 455. "I am not even convinced the government knows much. I have drawn two conclusions from my contacts. First, they are confused about the nature of the phenomenon, they only see the surface. Second, the best data gets lost in a black hole within the military. No group of 'experts' will penetrate it. The only sensible avenue for me is not a crusade, but quite independent research."

Finally, in March 1979 p458."What have I learned? (1) The phenomenon is real but it offers multiple levels. (2) No simple extraterrestrial explanation fits the facts. (3) The governments of the U.S., Mexico and France have a keen level of interest (and the Russians and U.K as well) but no scientific research project seems to exist. (4) Some of the brightest people in Intelligence get involved but the real data must be hidden at a different level. (5) Much of the official involvement is directed at faking data, not at discovering the truth. (6) Animal mutilations are real but probably unrelated to UFOs. (7) No solution will be found by mediocre, amateurish research."

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