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Dan T. Smith - UAP, and the "end times."


Another of the numerous individuals who have inhabited the UAP landscape over the years, is one Dan T. Smith.

As blog readers will be aware, I am continuing to examine the vast amount of information in Jacques Vallee's latest book "Forbidden Science: Volume Four." Here, in Vallee's diaries, I found a series of notes about Dan T. Smith. I will quote Vallee:

(In a diary entry dated ) 22 January 1993

Vallee was talking with Linda Moulton Howe.

"One of her observations concerns the crop circles. She said the CIA had descended on the English fields since my conversation with Kit on the subject and hinted that Pandolfi may have sent George Wingfield along with Rosemary-Ellen Guiley, Robert Irving and Owen Lewis. 'They come straight from Langley,' said Linda. 'The group also includes Dan T. Smith and a Dr Schnabel.' I can't verify any of it."

20 June 1993

In conversation with Linda Moulton Howe.

"She gave me another view of Pandolfi: 'He runs a special project with an interest in crop circles, the paranormal...Rosemary keeps sending faxes to him. She and Dan Smith introduce themselves as 'working for the CIA' They ask questions like: How can Christians help in the coming Apocalypse?"

7 January 1994

"The enigmatic Dan T. Smith is setting up meetings all over the Bay Area, again claiming direction from Pandolfi. He dangles money and rumours, arranging luncheons with people, taking their photographs, taping conversations. He claims that Robert Frosch (former NASA boss, now at GM) ran a secret UFO study at the Johnson Space Center in the mid-1970's along with Kit, using microwaves to study their effects on human behaviour."

4 February 1994

"Kit urges me to meet Dan Smith: why is he pushing me into this mess? Should I mention that Smith spreads the rumour that Kit was involved in MK-Ultra and 'isn't somebody on whom you should turn your back?' Those games are too subtle for me."

11 February 1994

"Dan T. Smith phoned my office this morning, telling my assistant he was referred to me by 'his two good friends Fred Beckman and Kit Green.' I didn't return the call..."

27 February 1994

"Then I spoke with Scott Jones who was scheduling a meeting in Washington with various researchers and Dan Smith. I declined to attend"

25 July 1994

"Now I learn that the source of the rumour about the supposed 'assasination' of Ron Johnson is none other than Dan T. Smith. This episode illustrates of the confusion in the field. Much of it is being deliberately created, to what end?"

1 December 1994

Speaking about Heathen and Bootsie Galbraith.

"Dan T. Smith, too, claims his family was always close to the Galbraiths."

13 March 1995

Vallee is talking with Fred Beckman about Vallee's trip to Brazil and rumours that the military showed Vallee films of alien autopsies.

Vallee: "'Where are these rumours coming from?"

'From Durant, surprisingly, he confessed, 'And Dan T. Smith...Dan Smith got it from Ron Pandolfi at CIA...'

3 February 1996

Discussion between Vallee, Hal Puthoff and Kit Green.

"'Pandolfi's office has antagonized people in Washington' was the answer, 'Dan T. Smith continues to spread rumours and confusion.' 'Why did you push me to meet with that crowd?' I asked Kit. 'I was really impressed with them at the time,' he answered."

'Hal talks to Ron Blackburn, expecting his confidence but Blackburn brags freely to Beckman and McCampbell, who try to impress Dan Smith..."

A search for further information

An Internet search provided me with further information about Smith. 


In a 15 September 2000 interview, reprinted on an Internet site, in 2013, Smith stated:

"My father was involved with the military in WW11 and was later in the government as an economist. He had no interest in UFOs, but was in contact with some influential people who I discovered later had unusual interests. After doing some graduate work in physics I turned to metaphysics. An extended psychic experience led me to contact MUFON and through them I came into contact with Tom [Ronald Pandolfi-KB] at the CIA in '91. He was known as the 'keeper of the weird.'

"...I wanted to find out what take the CIA might have on eschatology [See note below-KB] and possibly provide some input. Discussing the aviary and the UFO community was a good excuse for continuing contact with an intelligence officer who had relevant responsibilities."

"...I began to network with some folks in the UFO community who were interested in sharing information. Through Tom I was in contact with some other members of the aviary...At one point some of my UFO colleagues persuaded the CIA I/G (Inspector General) to conduct an internal investigation of Tom relative to his unusual methods of collecting information...well there was the fact that he was involved in domestic collections. He was making provocative statements to me about the possible presence of ETs. He spoke freely of his involvement with other members of the aviary. On several occasions we met in 'nightclubs.' He had 'indelicate' conversations with a female researcher. It was far from clear what was in the line of duty. He was interviewed by an IG officer..."

"...along with the rest of the UFO community , I believe that we have been visited. I believe that this visitation was in preparation for a messianic event which is imminent. That event will inaugurate our Millennium of preparation leading up to the Eschaton...I am suggesting that the Visitors could be playing several roles that would be relevant to a messianic event..."

My note:

I needed to look up what the word "eschatology" in a dictionary. There it was defined as "a part of theology concerned with the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity. This concept is commonly referred to as the "end of the world" or"end times."


In a 22 June 2011 article.

In part, the article read:

"Smith became interested in what the government knows about paranormal phenomena in the 1980's. In the early 1990's he joined Rosemary Ellen Guily, a famous paranormalist, in an investigation of crop circles in Britain.

Shortly after Smith began looking into government complicity in a cover-up of an eschatological phenomenon problem, he was introduced to a CIA analyst named Ron Pandolfi.

Smith and Pandolfi have been friends ever since, and Smith often blogs about the latest gossip passed on to him by Pandolfi.

Smith has shared numerous communications with Pandolfi and some of his associates, like Dr Kit Green, another former CIA analyst.

In 2006, Pandolfi shared Green's communications with Smith, to facilitate spreading the information to investigators."

Nick Redfern on Smith in 2016

I found a 24 November 2016 article by US researcher Nick Redfern, which mentioned Smith.

"And then there is Dan T. Smith whose father was Harvard economist Dan Throop Smith, the Treasury Department's number-one tax advisor during the Eisenhower administration. Researcher Gary Bekkum said of Dan T. Smith: 'His personal meetings have included former and present representatives of the US government intelligence community and their political associates, like Chris Straub, a former member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Researcher Vince Johnston, who had the opportunity to speak with Smith about his ufological views and insider contacts stated: 'According to Smith, UFOs are primarily a psychological/metaphysical phenomenon which are both preparing us and pressuring us to develop our own PSI abilities. Not that UFOs are a single type of entity; Smith asserts that there are 'powers and principalities' at work - presumably supernatural entities such as angels and demons.

Johnson added: '[Smith] reported that his governmental sources 'hinted at' an eschatological emergency... when I asked why the CIA was interested in eschatology, he replied that the ramifications of the eschaton event represented a serious threat to national security, and thus fell into the purview of the intelligence agencies. Smith also revealed that the eschatological issues he raised related directly to the biblical prophecies of the Book of Revelation."


  1. Smith claims that "Robert Frosh (former NASA boss, now at GM) ran a secret UFO study at the Johnston Spacecraft Center in the mid-1970's along with Kit, using microwaves to study their effects on human behaviour." First, it's "Frosch," and "Johnson Space Center" (as in LBJ).

    What is true is that John Schuessler, longtime MUFON director, worked at the JSC in the 1970s and 80s. He investigated UFOs on his own, not as part of any NASA program. Schuessler was fixated on the Cash-Landrum case (which did not occur until December 1980), in which he was a principal investigator. Schuessler thought this case did involve microwave effects on the witnesses.

    Probably Smith was misrepresenting Schuessler's not-so-secret investigations of supposed 'microwave effects' while he was at JSC in the early 1980s as a secret NASA study.

  2. The relation ship between the phenomenon and the Eschaton is the focus on my book "Apocalisse Aliena". Comparing the messages given by "ET" with the ones from the "Virgin Mary" it is evident to see the similarities, reg. the coming "end times". Clearly also the intelligence community noticed that.

  3. see the Important Memo, to get a flavour of "end of times" from the intelligence community


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